CID Inspectors Purvi and Shreya raped by mafia dons

One day in CID beureu everything was normal. Suddenly landline rang. Daya lifted it up. It is from CBI.

CBI:- I am senior inspector Rajit from CBI. You will recieve a fax now. Read the fax and call me again.

ACP:- Who called Daya? Do we have a new case?

Daya:- It is from the CBI. They told me that we will recieve a fax shortly. They told us to read the fax and call again.

Purvi:- Must be something important.

Then the fax arrives. Daya takes the fax and gives it to ACP. It read like this:-

” This is from Central Beureu of Investigation – Crime branch. Your team of CID cops need to catch a dangerous mafia don. He is in paris right now. He also knows nuclear science. He can start nuclear war with India. We know your determination and courage so we are handling this case to you. His bio data is given below.

Name:- Andrew

Age:- 25 years

City in which he lives (present):- Paris

Illegal activities:- Drug smuggler, Mafia leader, Murderer and kidnapper.

We have only this much information about him. Please contact soon.”

ACP calls to CBI.

Rajit:- Hello, Sr.Inspector Rajit speaking…

ACP:- I am ACP praduman from CID. We received your fax. What should we do now?

Rajit:- Indian govt. is sending your team to Paris. You and your team must catch him. You will go to paris in five days. So prepare.

ACP:- Yes sir.

ACP puts down the phone.

ACP:- We are all going to Paris in five days. So prepare.

They all packed their cloths. They have done necessary shopping. After four days of shopping on fifth day they boarded the plane. It was a first class plane. But it was a small plane. It can carry up-to 20 members. This plane is especially for them. At evening six the plane took off. They saw out and were enjoying beauty of skies. After some time they were busy talking about criminal. After one hour the air hostess brought them food and they ate. After eating their food they started to sleep. After everyone slept Daya couldn’t sleep. He always had his eye on shreya’s ass. Shreya was in deep sleep. Daya went to shreya and wanted to touch shreya’s ass. But he controled himself. He went to his seat and he also slept. After the night journey they reached paris. They were tired after the night journey and wanted to fresh up. After searching for a hotel they found a star hotel.
They reserved a room for themselves. Each one had their own room. There are bellboys for each room for service. After all went to their own room they all wanted to fresh up.
Purvi also wanted to fresh up. She called the roomboy and asked him a towel. He was astonished by her beauty. He was looking at her boobs greedly. After coming back to his senses he went down and brought the towel. But purvi was not there in her room. There is shower sound coming from the room. The bellboy said that he had brought the towel. She said him to keep it near the bathroom and go. The bellboy making sure that no one is watching him peeped through the door a little.Purvi was busy bathing.He saw her sexy figure. He loved her frim boobs. He got a hardon. He wanted to go inside and just fuck her. But he controlled himself as he was told by his manager that they belong to a powerful government organisation so he controlled himself. After all bathed they wore their dresses and went out. They went to a police station and brought all the information relating to this criminal. They found that he had two brothers. Their names were Alex and Jhon. They again went away to their hotel room. They went inside and and were discussing about the criminal’s next target. After discussing for one hour they found out that it is difficult to catch Andrew but they can catch their brothers. They found out that they have their base in remotest place in paris. They went to their place. Their car could not go any further. They loaded their guns and got down from their car. They went into the street. Purvi and Shreya were at the back,Daya and abhijeet in the middle row and Praduman in the first row. The thugs saw this. They informed to Alex and Jhon. They informed all others and they loaded their guns. After preparing themselves for the fight they spread in different directions. They started attacking. CID team responded very quickly. They also started to fire. Daya and abhijeet together killed so many thugs. Seeing this Alex signalled to them to surround Daya and Abhijeet and attack them. They were surrounded and were busy fighting the thugs. ACP was hit from behind and was unconsious. Shreya attacked Alex. But Alex was strong. He caught Shreya and pushed her. She fell down. Alex aimed his gun towards her and wanted to kill her. But Purvi who saw this shot Alex in pointblank. Alex died on spot. Seeing Alex dead others ran away including Jhon. Jhon swore revenge that he will kill CID team someday. They were not able to catch him. After the terrific fight Praduman praised Purvi for her act. Shreya thanked her for saving her life. They all returned to the hotel. Purvi went into her room. She called for the bellboy. He came. She asked him to bring him a new towel. He said that he had already given one. She pointed to the towel that was hanging and said him that it is still wet. He went down and brought new towel. He gave it to her. She handed her old cloths including her inners and asked him to give them to wash and told him to go. He pretended as if he was going and waited outside patiently. After five minuits he again went inside the room. He straightly went near the bathroom and peeped inside. He saw her bathing. She was applying soap to her boobs and her body. He took out his cock and started to masturbate. He got an idea. He remembered the cloths which she had given. He searched the cloths. He found a bra and a panty. He thought how lucky he was. He took her bra and smelt it. He got an erotic feeling in his body. He placed the bra on his cock and started to masturbate. He also started to smell and lick her panty. Soon he cummed in her bra. Hearing that the shower sound has stopped he collected all her cloths put his cock inside and went away. While putting her cloths for a wash he rememberd how her boobs were and wanted to touch them. But he remembered what his maneger has told. Messing with her means risking his life. But he wanted to touch her boobs badly. After eating everybody were having a sound sleep. He silently went into the room. He made sure that he made no sound. Purvi was sleeping. She was wearing a very loose T-shirt and very loose pant. He was amazed by her structure. She was very tempting. She is looking damm sexy. Slowly without making any noise he went near her. He noticed that she wore no bra. He made sure that she was in deep sleep. He gathered all his courage and touched her boobs. He got a instant hardon. He was luckey that her T-shirt was loose that is the reason she was not feeling anything. He slowly lifted her shirt up and saw her boobs. She had a fine smooth and round boobs. He touched them. He ran his hands on them. A little expression is seen in her face. He thought that she was enjoying. He slowly kissed her boobs. He wanted to fuck her boobs. But he thought that it is a risk to advance any further so he took out his mobile and clicked a few snaps of her nude boobs and went away. The next morning when she woke up she found that her boobs were out of her dress. She thought that that is due to air. After all woke up they freshed up went of to work and in the evening they all returned to hotel dead tired. They all took bath.

Daya didnt know that Shreya was a slut and she loved sex. He thought that if he expressed his feelings there would be an end to their relationship. Shreya badly wanted sex. She knew that Daya could satisfy her lust but he being a senior officer he can do anything. So she wanted a sexul patner. She remembered about the bellboy. She called to the reception and she asked a bellboy bring her a towel. When the calling bell rang a tall handsome bellboy brought her the towel. Sherya was only in a loose dress.. She was looking damm sexy. She asked the bellboy to come inside. When he came inside Shreya locked the door. The bell boy looked hesitatingly. She came near him and lifted her dress up. Her soft legs and thighs are clearly visible. He got a hardon. But he controlled himself. She opened her dress and threw it aside. She was wearing only a panty and a bra. She noticed a hardon in his pant. She touched his cock area.

Shreya:- Seems that you have a hardon?

Bellboy:- Yes mam.

Shreya:- Call me shreya. Understand?

Bellboy:- Ok shreya.

Shreya slowly kissed him on his lips. He responded quickly. He kept his hand on her waist and brought her closer. She liked that. Their toungs were exchanging saliva. After some time he broke the kiss. Shreya kept her hand on his pant and was touching it. She slowly opened his pant and threw it aside. She opened his underware and was surprised to see such a long cock.

Shreya:- OH MAN! How many inchs is it?

Bellboy:- 10.5 inchs

She kissed his cock. She started to suck his cock. She soon increased her pace. He was enjoying the suck. He was moaning with pleasure. She meanwhile took her bra and threw it aside. Due to this suck pre cum oozzed out of his cock. She licked it clean. After that she stopped sucking. He brought her near him and laid her down on the bed. After she laid down he opend her panty and threw it aside. He started to kiss and lick her pussy. She was moaning softly and pressing her boobs. After licking her pussy he adjusted his cock and inserted it in her pussy. OOOH!!!! She cried. His cock is too long for her. He started fucking her pussy. Her pussy is little tight and little loose. It provided lubrication for him. He soon increased his pace. She was shouting and moaning. She is experiancing pain and pleasure together. She soon had her orgasm. After removing his cock from her pussy, he inserted it in her ass. “It is great!!!!” he exclamied. He soon started to simentenously sprank her and fuck her. She was shouting. He started to love her ass. He pressed her ass hardly while fucking. He was about to cum. He did not wanted to make her pregnent so he removed his cock out of her ass and cummed on her boobs and face. After this intense fucking sesion he said goodbye and left.


Andrew:- I wont leave that ACP. He killed my brother. I will see that a drastic end comes to him and his team.

Jhon:- It was not ACP who killed Alex. It was that purvi and shreya who killed our brother.

Andrews eyes became red with anger. He called the person who told that ACP killed Alex.He came. He took out his gun and pointed towards him. He trembled with fear.

Andrew:- Now tell me who killed Alex?

Goon:- According to my sources ACP killed Alex sir.

Andrew:- WRONG!!!. It was purvi and shreya who killed my brother. I should kill you for your mistake. But you have children. I am showing mercy on you go.

He left. He turned to John.

Andrew:- I will kill that purvi and shreya. I will not leave them.

Jhon:- What is there in killing. We may have our revenge. But media will show them as great women who sacrificed their lives.

Andrew:- Then what should we do?

Jhon:- We must humiliate them.

Andrew:- And how do you plan to do that?

Jhon:- We will rape them. We will torture them. We will make them walk naked in streets. We will give them to our men.

Andrew:- Great!!!!. I am proud to have a brother like you. When will we do that?

Jhon:- Time should ripe.


ACP:- I got a call from the CBI. They said something and it was not clear.

(After some time phone rings. ACP picks up.)

CBI:- I am Inspector Rajit from CBI. We are proud of your team that they killed Andrews brother. We know that you could do it. But in India CBI is not able to handover all the cases. So we request you to come back to India. You can leave two of your officers there as per the rule. You can leave the lady officers who killed Alex. Rest all should come back to India.

ACP:- Ok sir.

ACP:- We all must pack up. We are leaving for India.

Abhijeet:- Who will look after this matter sir?

ACP:- Purvi and Shreya will be here and capture them. We must leave to India this evening.

They all packed their bags and went to airport in their car. When they reached airport they came to know that plane is half-an-hour late. ACP told purvi and shreya to be very careful as Andrew and his brother are very dangerous. But they are overconfidant that no one can harm them. Half-an-hour passed with talking and the plane arrived. ACP wished best of luck to them and all of them borded the plane. They felt little sad but were full of pride that they will be the ones who catch that criminal. After the plane left they went to parking place where they parked the car. They noticed that their car tyre is punctured. They called the police who was gaurding the cars and asked him about it. He said that he dont know. They went to a taxi stand. A taxi came and stopped before them.

Shereya:- Will you take us to hotel bluestar?

Driver:- Sure. Hop in.

They got in the car. At first driver took through normal streets. Slowly traffic started to decrease.

Purvi:- I remember the route. This is not the way. Where are you taking us?

Driver:- Madam that road is long and is full of traffic jam. This is shortcut.

Purvi:- No. We dont want shortcut. We will get down.

Driver:- How can I leave such a sexy ladies like you so easily?

Shreya:- What do you mean? We belong to a powerful govt organisation. I can kill you on the spot.

Driver:- Well, I can make you fall asleep on the spot.

Purvi:- What???

Before they realised the driver took out some sprey bottle and spreyd it on their face. Withen ten sec they fell asleep.


When they woke up they found themselves tied up to chair. Purvi was confused and afraid. Slowly out of shadows two people emerged. One was Jhon and other was Andrew. They knew Jhon but dont know Andrew. Andrew introduced himself.

Purvi:- You Bastard! We will not leave you. And I made a mistake by leaving you alive that day Jhon.

Shreya:- You fool, Once you will come in my hand I will kill you.

Andrew:- Ahhh. leave all you bloddy challenges. Do you know who kidnapped you and how you came here? You must control your tounge babes.

Out of shadows a tall familiar structure came. When he came into light Purvi was shocked. It was her bellboy!!!.

Purvi:- You fool, What did I do to you? Why did you do this to me?

Bellboy:- It was your damm hot body which made me do this. I lusted on your boobs. I wanted them. Now I got them. They want you. They got you. Deal is compleate.

Purvi:- Dont dare to touch my body.

Bellboy:- I will.

He took a knife. Its blade was shining. Purvi was wearing a green shirt. He was not afraid as she was tied. He opend her shirt buttons. Andrew and Jhon are watching his acts. She wore a black bra. He kept his knife between her boobs and snapped her bra. Her boobs came out. He looked at her boobs lustfully. Now slowly she began to be afraid. He kept his hands on her boobs and ran his hands over them. She was fully resisting. He suddenly pressed her right boob. AAAHHH. She cried. He kept one of her boob in his mouth and started to suck it. He was biting her nipples. She was crying with pain. He unzipped his pant and kept between her boobs. The smell of his cock was so dirty purvi had a vomiting sesation. He kept his cock in middle of her boobs and brought her brought her boobs together and started to fuck them. Purvi was tied to chair so she was helpless. He started to crush her boobs. She was crying bitterly. He removed his cock put it inside his pant. He thanked Andrew. Jhon handed him some money.

Bellboy:- Why money? My work is done.

Jhon:- Because of bringing Shreya.

Bellboy:- Oh! by the by I have to tell something about her.

Jhon:- What?

He whispers something in his ear

Jhon:- Oh! Ok. You may leave now.

He goes away

Andrew:- Well, time to show our babes some haven. Which one do you pick?

Jhon:- (looking towards Shreya) I like slutty bodies than virgin bodies.

Sherya:- How dare you call me slut!

Jhon:- Because you are a slut. I know about the bellboy affair.

Shreya:- I give my body only to nice people. Not to criminals like you.

Jhon:- But I give my body to slutty people. Brother, choice is yours. Which one do you pick?

Andrew:- I choose this virgin boobed beauty.

Jhon:- As you wish.

He claps his hands. Two women come.

Jhon:- Carry them to our main bedroom. Tie both of their hands and legs to the bed.

Women:- Yes sir.

They take them along with the chair accompanied by two other women. They carry them to the main bedroom. It is a very big bedroom. They untie Purvi and Shreya. They try to
run away. Two strong women hold them.

Women:- You cant escape from here. Be ready to see hell and heven both at once.

Meanwhile the bed became ready. It was a king size bed. They open their cloths and make them lie down on bed forcefully and tie them to bed. They left. They both are looking super sexy in that pose. Andrew and Jhon come. Jhon goes to shreya and kisses her lips. She resists. But they are helpless. But it is not new for Shreya. She allowed him to fondle her. But purvi was crying uncontolablly. She was cursing her fate. Andrew comes near her holds her tightly and kisses her lips. She is helpless. Only thing she can do is to cry and beg.

Purvi:- Please leave me.

Andrew:- Dont talk. Shut up. There is no use crying. Tody it is confirm that I am going to tear your virgin pussy.

Purvi:- No please dont do that.

Andrew asks for a tape. Jhon hands a duct tape to him. He tapes her mouth. Now she is not able to speak. Andrew catchs one of her boob and presses it.

Andrew:- What that man said is right. Her boobs are great.

He starts to crush her boobs.He keeps them in his mouth and sucks them. He bites her nipples.

Jhon:- Bro, I think you should have fun alone. I will enjoy my slut in other room.

Andrew grants permission and Jhon unties shreya and takes her to another room. Purvi is shocked by the way Shreya is behaving. Jhon keeps his hand on shreyas ass and they go out of the room. Andrew then opens his pant. Purvi becomes afraid by seeing his 10 inch cock. He starts rubbing his cock slowly. He comes near her pussy and starts to lick her pussy. He bites her pussy. She is shouting but her shouts cannot be heard because of tape.

Andrew:- No bitch. Your torture should not be silent. I must hear you cry.

He removes the tape. He keeps his cock near her pussy and pushes it inside. It was tight at first but slowly it became loose as he entered inside. AAAHHHHH!!!!!! She cried That was the loudest cry ever. He started to fuck her pussy. She was crying. Thup,Thup,Thup the sounds came like this. She was experincind pain and pleasure at same time. She was moaning and crying. He then holds her tightly and unties her from bed and ties her hands and legs individually. She tries to run from him but falls down because her legs are tied together.He adjusts his cock and makes her sit on his lap. He holds her boobs and makes hersit on his cock. He starts to fuck her ass. She is crying in pain. She is shouting. Simentenously while fucking her ass he starts crushing her boobs. He removes his cock from her ass and kisses her lips forcefully. He then askes her to suck his cock.

Purvi:- Please dont make me do these things. Please leave me.

Andrew:- Oh! you are a newcommer to sex. Right? I will teach you.

He slaps her tightly and she opens her mouth. He catchs her hair and forcefully makes her suck his cock. He moves forward and backward. Soon he cums a little in her mouth. He forces her to swallow it. He sprayes it on her boobs face and navel. He locks the door and he goes away.

Shreya:- I think you need not tie me as purvi. I will show you heven.

Jhon:- Is it babe? Then suck my cock.

He opens his pant. It is a 11 inch cock. Shreya likes it. She starts to suck the cock. She liks it She bites it. He is moaning with pleasure. Pre cum oozes out Shreya drinks it. He realises what a slut shreya is. He made her sit on the couch. He ran his hands softly on her boobs and thies. He took one boob and stated to suck it. Shreya is moaning. He then adjusts his cock and pushes into her pussy. AAAHH!! she cries softly. This is not new for her. She starts to enjoy the fuck. She is biting her lips and pressing her boobs. He then takes out his cock out of her pussy and makes her sit on his lap. He then inserts his cock into her ass. He stats to fuck her ass. He likes her ass. He increases his speed and starts to sprank her ass. Her ass becomes red. Soon he cums in it. Then he dresses himself and was about to leave.

Shreya:- Did you enjoy it?

Jhon:- It was asowme.

Shreya:- I have satisfied you. Can I leave?

Jhon:- No. You have many surprises coming. I am not going to leave you both so easily.

Shreya:- Please…Once listen…

He does not listen to her and goes out of the room and locks the room.


Jhon:- We had so much fun with them. Shreya is really a slut. How did it go on with purvi?

Andrew:- Ahhh… She was great. Her boobs and pussy were great.Ok. Now what shall we do about them?

Jhon:- Lets give them to our men. They wil enjoy.

Andrew:- I am not so foolish. If we give them to our men they will speak out. Here the police are powerful. We must take them to some other place.

Jhon:- Oh.. then lets take them to pakisthan. We have our terroist friends over there. We have



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