Childhood Didi Ki Chudai

First, I will give you some brief about my sex life. I am 26 yrs old male, single medium built, from Delhi and working with a private company. My sex life started, I think, at the age of seven while I had no idea, what I was being made to do was sex. Well at that age I had too many didis in neighborhood & at school. They were all about 6 to 10 years older to me. As my mom & dad both were working, these didis use to baby-sit me at our house or at their homes. Normally, when I would arrive from school they use to serve me food and help me with my homework and after that we use to go for afternoon nap in the same bed under the same sheet or rajai.

While in bed these didis use to hold my hand & rub my palm against there boobies and pussy, after some time they would insert my little fingers one by one into their cunt till at times all my palm used be inside there pussies. They would ask me to roll it inside or pull it in & out till they would cum. Then they used to lick & suck my hand and eat their own cum and then we used to go off to sleep cuddled tightly to each other. They taught me words like choot, phuddi, bhosda, lund, chodo etc. & always warned that such words should never be spoken in public and I should always speak these in wispers in their ears. Somehow, I wonder why non of them ever let me see them nude & never even gave a glimpse of their pussies that I used to finger-fuck everyday. They never even let me touch them outside the secrecy of our beds.

Only one didi, Leena, was different, was most beautiful, was our house captain. I got to know her when I was 10 & she was 17. She use to hold seat for me in the over-crowded school bus and often make me finger- fuck her in the bus. We often took bath together completely naked and in bed she used to suck my dick and often make me lick her pussy. At that age I used to ejaculate a very watery pre-cum like fluid. Unfortunately she left Delhi after her 12th class & we never met again. By the age of 13, slowly, I had lost all my didis, as they grew up to be in college or be married, they would just drift away from me and always avoid to meet with me. Slowly, I was left with no didis.

Then at the age of 15-16, I started to realize what sex is and used to crave for those childhood days of ignorance & bliss. But due to conservative family & friend circle, I was always too shy to approach any girl myself. Though a lot of girls often showed keen interest in me as I was a very bright & active student. But I always either avoided these girls or kept distance. I grew up like that, always fantasizing or shagging or watching porn without the company of any real female. I also developed stupid notion of being loyal to the girl I would marry and to present myself virgin to her.

A few months back my old friend told me about **sorry – not allowed** & desibaba. com. I checked these sites and grew fond of all the desi stories. I read at least 2 or 3 everyday. And I had started to feel that I do not want to waste this life without the fullest gratification of my sexual urges. I desperately want to turn into reality all my fantasies about sex in park, sex in train, sex in bus, sex in car, sex in hotel, sex in public toilet, sex in office, sex on roof, sex in lunch, sex in supper, …………………….. . As all sincere wishes are answered. Mine too got answered last week. I was alone attending the wedding of a school time friend’s sister and I ran into my childhood sexmate Leena Didi. She was attending the same wedding from the boy’s side. She is now 39, has two little kids, still very very sexy and milky white in complexion. I guess her figure must be 38-29-36. She introduced me to her husband & kids and we all started chatting.

Due to wedding everyone was in some romantic mood & causal gossipe about old affairs & side affairs started. Encouraged by this, I suggested to Leena Didi that my hand would still be at her service if she wanted and I had some more useful tool if she needed any time. While others took it as poor quality joke, she got my message & turned pale & left on some excuse. She returned after half an hour asking to go to hotel room as she had forgotten some stuff to be used at ferras. Her husband was drunk & refused to go to the hotel. This was a opportunity for me and I immediately offered to take her to hotel. So the two of us left in my car. The hotel was only 2-3 kms away and just 15 minutes drive. I didn’t want to waste my time so I immediately started to narrate our childhood days and reminded her how she used to make me finger-fuck her every day. I started describing those in fine details & how much I grew up craving to make love to her. Initially she didn’t react much but soon I watched her spreading her legs and rubbing her neck & back. We reached hotel & she asked me to accompany her to the room as she would need some help to get the stuff downstairs.

Once we were in the room she surprisingly got wild & took hold of my rod with her hand and asked me to show her, what else I had other than my hand, that can be of service to her. I was surprised by her boldness for a second & requested her that while she always used me when I was a kid she had never shown herself naked to me.

I asked her ” pahile aap puri nanggi ho kai dekhao”.

She said, ” Tum ko baatain banani mai sharam nahi atti pur mujh ko nagga karnai mai sharam atti hai kiya”.

This made me hot, I knelt down on floor, raised her lehnga and moved inside her lehnga. I started licking her soft milky white thighs & started pulling down her panties.

She said in shaking voice, “Tum to akri kapda pahile uttar rahe ho”. I said, `Maira aapna style hai, aaj mai aapni aur apki bachpan ki sari piyas bujha kar rahunga”.

She raised her legs one by one to help me take off her panty. She had shaved her pussy and had also sprayed perfume there. I started softly running my fingers on her pussy lips and soon her lips started to become moist. She suddenly raised her lahinga and asked me to take off her clothes fast as we had to return early too. I got up and undid her lahinga. It feel down in a jiffy to leave her beautiful lower half naked. She had unhooked her blouse already and I took it off her. Now she was just in her see-through bra. Her milky white boobs and tight erect nipples were inviting me to make them free and suck them hard. I took her in my arms and stated rubbing my face on her boobs.

She said, ” Maire mumo ko bhi to ajad karo”.

While still holding her tight and still rubbing my face on her boobs, I unhooked her bra & took it off. I rubbed my face on both her nipples.

She pressed my face on her nipples & said, “jor sai chooso mairi dono chuchion ko, chooso”. I Started sucking her choochies madly and guided her hand into my pant.

I said, ” didi maira lodda ko chu kai or dekh kai batao kaisa lagta hai”. With her soft touch my lodda had become 6.5″ hard rock.

She said, “chonai mai to koi khas nahi lagtha, jara dekhu isko nikal kai”. She took it out, looked down and said, “Deknai se kuch pata nahi chaal raha, jara isko chooskai dekun
to hi batta paungi kaisa hai”.

She bend and started licking my dick cap with her lips & toung. With her lips hold she moved foreskin of my dick backwards. Then she spit on it and started taking it deeper & deeper into her mouth till the whole 6.5″ disappeared. Then she started pulling it in and out. I was so electrified and almost lost conciousness for a few seconds. This gave me additional erection and now my rod was almost 7.5″. I had never seen my lodda so big & erect. She went on for 5 minutes & stopped. She said, ” Mai hi tera lodda choosti rahungi ki tu bai meri phuddi ko chatega”. I asked for a second from her & took off all my clothes in a jiffy. I pushed her on the bed, we came in positon 69. I was on her top, she started again to suck my lodda and I started licking, kissing & sucking her choot. In few mintues she started to shiver and slowed down sucking my lodda. I asked her not to slow down and lick faster. But she didn’t listen and started moaning UHN UHN UHN ANAHAAAAHHHH and suddenly she had come. All her cum spread over my face and I swallowed some too. She got up and started licking her cum from my face. I said, “Yai to koi batt nahi hui, meri mehnat sai nikla sara pani aap pi hahi ho”. She said, “Mai bahut salon sai puyasi hun, abhi to mai tere lund ka bhi sara pani piyungi” We again got back to position 69 and started sucking each other. She was now moaning like a whore UH UH Uh Uh Uh Ah Ah Ah Ah Uh Uh Ah Ah. Then suddenly she got up and said, “buss ab bardasht nahi hotha, thera lodda choosnai mai bahut mast hai, ab mujhai dekha yai chuddai kaisi karta hai. Isko jaldi sai meri choot mai dal ker joor joor sai ander bahar kar”.

I said, ” Mujhai doggy style sabsai jeyada pasend hai mai aap ko pechai se chodunga”. She said okay and bent down on her legs to show her tempting pussy from back. I got behind her and inserted my 7.5″ lodda into her choot. Her choot was already wet and slippery. My full lodda went in a single jerk, it was like inserting my lodda into soft butter brick. I started taking it in and out at full speed. Sound of my thigh hitting her butts were filling the room with THUP THUP THUP THUP THUP. She was moaning like bitch when suddenly the room phone rang.

We both froze for a second, then she said, “tu dherai dherai chalu rakh, mai phone dekhati hun”. She picked up the phone from side table & it was her husband asking if she hasn’t started back yet, everyone was asking for her. I stopped pumping her, but with her other hand she waved me to continue fucking.

She said in phone, “Arrai tumko to meri koi chinta hi nahi hai, mai gir padi thi aur pecchai bahut joor sai laggi hai. Abhi mai pecha balm lagwa rahi hun, thodi der mai nikalti hun’,………….,Nahi tum matt aoo, bus mai chalne hi wali hun.” And she kept the phone.

Then she looked back and shouted, “chall jaldi jaldi aur joor joor sai appna lodda thokh mere ander, time nahi hai”. I was already captivated by her capacity to cheat her husband
and this gave me strange energy. I started jerking in & out at electric speed and within 2-3 minutes shot off load after loads of my hot sperms into her pussy. Then we bent down on each other and rested for few seconds.

She was silent and got up. She took all my sperms & her cum flowing out of her pussy on her palm and sucked it all. Then she moved out of the bed to the toilet to wash her self and asked me to get dressed fast as somebody might come to check why were we so late. We both got dressed in 5-10 minutes and moved out. When we were back in the car I told her that we have forgotten to take the stuff for what we had come to the hotel. She said, “hum chudai kai liya aye tha aur wo hum nai pure majjai ke sath ki hai, mangal-sutra to maire purse mai hi tha, mai bhuli nahi thi”. I said, “didi aap to bhut hi jiyada challu cheej ho, phir dusra mokka kaab de rahi ho”. She said, “kal to hum saab wapis Indonesia chlle jainge, pur tum mujh ko aapna mobile no. aur e- mail dedo, mai jub bhi India aungi hum khub masti karengai”. I felt sad to hear this but thanked her for the evening and gave her my numbers. We drove to the wedding place cuddled with each other and separated just 2-3minutes before we were about to reach there. I had not planned to stay late at the wedding but she asked me to stay till bidai and I stayed. In between we exchanged thankful & loving glances a hundred times and many times pressed each others private parts in dark & lonely corners. Next morning she left with ladka-wallas & I left for my home with sweetest memories of last evening.


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