Broken Virginity Lovely Step-mom

Hi, this was my first ever encounter. So let me tell you about the people involved in my story the names are changed. Myself my name is Prashant I’m 23 year old, average built of height 5.8.Parents got separated 12 years ago. My father works at a bank.
He never got married at that time as he thought another woman couldn’t have taken care of me as I grew up to and graduated some of my father’s relative asked him to marry as it is not good for him to be alone at this age he is 55 now. He may have thought about it and he asked my opinion of it I didn’t oppose to it as he has given every sacrifice to make sure I get everything I need. So I asked him to marry again as no one would be there to take care of him as I was planning to go for higher studies outside India. So after a month he got married with a woman who was some friend of a relative her name Lalita she is 41 years old an average height of 5.2” little extra weight of but she has curvy and luscious figure. Her husband had died a year ago.
I never thought I would ever have sex with her as I didn’t want to talk much with her or see her. I just used to sit with her on dinner when my father was around just to pretend that I like her and I am okay with her living in same house. I was doing a job at a service center of a company so I wasn’t much around home after few days I quit that job as my plan to go abroad started working out. It was just some paperwork for a month or so.
I started being in home more and more and one day I was sitting on sofa. I saw a resume which was of Lalita I noticed that she has graduated from Delhi University and that she has mentioned dancing as a hobby. I wondered how she would look at the time of dancing. As I was busy in reading her resume she came out of the bathroom wearing salwar suit. It was the first time I had watched her this long. She was drying he hair near the window of the hall. She turned and I looked the other way towards the TV and I forgot to keep her resume back on the table and looking at her resume at my hand she asked “How is it?”
Me: what?
Lalita: My resume how is it? You have a work experience of back office operations don’t you?
Me: yeah, it’s good I didn’t know you were good in your studies.
Lalita: Never mind, no son is interested in knowing there stepmother’s. She laughed a little.
Me: no it’s not like that I was just busy in last few months.
She came and sat beside me.
Me: are you going for a job interview?
Lalita: yeah I m getting bored by just sitting in home. So I thought I should do something.
Me: oh. So when is the interview?

Lalita: in the afternoon I will be just going after preparing lunch for us.
Me: I just had one question in my mind?
Lalita: what?
Me: Lalita ( she said to me on the day of marriage to call her Lalita as I was having problem in calling her mom) you have mentioned dance in your hobby section do you still dance or its just in college and you are putting it since then.
Lalita: No I still dance.
I laughed a little.
Me: Really!
Lalita: you don’t believe me. Okay put on any music channel and I will show you my dance.
I switched to a music channel and” babuji jara dhere chalo” song was playing on it. And she started dancing and I was looking at her tits bouncing up and down and her ass moving one side to other. I was getting a hard on.
She came near me and grabbed my hand pulled towards he and started dancing; watching her, I started to move with her. After a minute the song switched to “agar tum mil jaon” and I felt little awkward but didn’t moved away from her keeping my hands on her shoulder, we both were slowly dancing and suddenly I just moved closer to her. She felt my erect penis and looked straight into my eye. I lowered my head and was just moving away from her I found had caught my t-shirt. Then she put hands around my neck and moved really closer and her boobs touched my chest. I was just looking at her I shot my load in underwear. I started kissing her on the lips and neck. She was trying to put her hands in my shorts and then she said: “It’s too early”
I felt a little ashamed and said: I never had sex before. So I couldn’t control it.
Lalita: never. How come?
Me: Was a shy kid school could talk to the girls. So I ended up single my whole life.
Lalita: poor kid. Don’t worry I will make your first experience like you will have never again.
She took off my boxers and went on her knees I was fully erected again then she started kissing my cock. She placed her tongue on the bottom and slowly she went and she reached the top. She then lowered her head placing my cock inside her mouth. Her head slowly went up and down. I moaned loudly ah, ah, shhh, and she increased the speed of sucking my penis. Her lips had a strong grip of my cock. She was making me out of control I was running my hands on her hair then she got on her feet immediately removing my t-shirt and I tried to remove her clothes but I was having a problem with it. She then backed a little and removed all her clothes. She was standing naked before me her boobs were huge and she had black hair around her pussy.
She then sat on sofa spreading her legs and had watched a lot of porn so I understood and went on the knees I worked my way up to her moist pussy and placed my tongue inside of her then kissed her clit until she started to moan oh awwh.. And said:” this is nice keep doing it, ahhwh”.
I stroked her with my tongue as her moisture of all over my face. I then started to go up and grabbed her boobs I sucked her nipples. She then put my back on sofa and sat on me and said: “this is your test Prashant don’t fail in it? And then she sucked my penis and then sat and my cock entered her wet pussy and then she started moving up and down and also rolled sideways this gave me utmost pleasure and I moaned louder than last awh god. She looked in to my eyes and I started kissing her lips and inserting my tongue inside her mouth while my hands were on her ass pressing on chick after another.
After a while I came inside her pussy. Then she got up and again sucked my cock and swallowed my semen. And then she slept over me keeping her head on my chest.
Lalita(breathlessly) : how was it?
I was also breathless and calm I said: I don’t know but I don’t want to go Australia now? She laughed aloud.
So that was my story.


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