Bhai ne mujhe kacchi kali se rasbhara phool banaya phir papa ne mera rus chusa

I am mandakini sharma, a girl from an orthodox Brahmin family. Like most Brahmin girls I am also a cute nice looking girl of 5.4’ with 34-26-34. Before sharing my sexperience I want to tell about my past. When I was just 3yrs. My parents passed away in a train accident. Since my father had married against his family’s interest no body from his family came for me. My father and Sumit Uncle were very close friends and also business partner. He took me to his family and made me one of their family members. Raj their only son was just 2 months at that time and we grew up like real brother and sister. Since it was my family I called Raj’s parent as Papa and mummy. Raj’s mother was very nice lady and she did not see any difference between me and Raj. We had a 2 staired building. Mummy and papa were using the ground floor. We both brother and sister were using the up stair. In the upstair there were only 2 rooms. One was big used for bed room in which we were sleeping but on separate beds since last 10 yrs. And another small room used as study room. In the study room in addition to chair table there was also one single bed kept for any guest. Papa was also using that room when he takes drink on any night party because mummy was so orthodox she does not allow any one to enter in her bed room with alchohol. Rupa our 18 yrs. Old maid servant was sleeping in the corridor. Beside our house there was Dibakar uncle’s house who was staying with his family. He had a daughter Sweety who was reading with Raj. She was a very beautiful girl. I used to tease Raj taking her name with him. Raj was also in love with Sweety. Why not she was such a beauty, any one will fall in her love.

I had completed my graduation exam. And mummy was always asking papa to look for a suitable groom for me. Raj had appeared his +2 Sc. Exam and preparing for medical entrance exams. So he used to read upto late night. On one night I was feeling mild head ache so I was not getting good sleep. Raj after reading up to 12.30 A.M came to the bed room and went to the bath room. After getting fresh he returned but he did not come to bed until 15 minutes. Since I was not slept I looked around the room, Raj was standing near the widow. The window was open; it seemed he was watching some thing at Sweety’s house. With curiosity I went near to him tiptoed. Their kitchen was clearly visible from our room. In the kitchen Sweety was fucked brutally by their servant Ravi. Ravi was squeeging her tender boobs like a baloon. Sweety was moaning with pleasure ohhhh……. Please…..Ravi….mmm. An electric wave passed in my body, for some moment I could not beleive my self. I had never seen such a scene in my life. Ravi was moaning uhhhh…. I was feeling very excited. My nipples were erected and preecums were coming out from my pussy. Ravi was fucking Sweety ruthlessly. I was watching with full excitement. I forgot that Raj was in my front.All of a sudden Raj moved behind……. My breathing stopped. I felt very much ashamed. I could not see the face of Raj. But Raj was very upset, u know why. For whom he was dreaming she was turned into a whore. He hugged me tightly, and said in whinning voice “didi….”, I was feeling very much embarrassed. I normally don’t use bra in the night. His head was on my shoulder. I felt Raj is moving his right hand on my back and slowelely he slipped his head and rested on my breasts. He slowely moved his head on my boobs and teased them. I was scared, I moved back with panic, but he grabbed my tits from behind and started squeezing. I was really enjoying and getting out of control. Without sayng some thing he came to my front and took out my nightie over my Head he took me to the bed and started sucking my tits and fingering in my pussy. He had a huge dick to be 7 inches long. He then shifted up and holding his hard-on placed the tip at my wet pussy opening, gave a small push, Uhhh I screamed with pain ahh….. Marrgaye…….. ……. Please…….. He pushed again and I definitely felt some pulling from the sides and with so ever a smaller push a flood of warmth came over me with very pain. I was breathing heavily and screaming with pain. Uumaa…marjaaoongiii…….. He tored my hymen and blood came out of my helpless pussy. He rested on me for 5 minutes and started his movement. He made slow moments and he increased his speed slowly and I was enjoying. Then he fucked harder I was moaning uuuuhhh. He then, pushed his cock deep inside my cunt and I screamed mmhh in pain and pleasure. After 20 minutes he ejaculated and collapsed on me. That night he fucked me thrice like a hungry tiger. I felt very guilty but it was really enjoyable. On the next morning we could not see our face. But in the night he again came to me and inspite of my hesitation he fucked me hard. This activity continued for about 4 months, till Raj took went to his medical college. During that 4 month regular fuck I was addicted to it, hence Raj’s absence was unbearable for me………

Normally, if papa was to come from his office after taking drink he informed mummy earlier accordingly me or Rupa opens the door in the night. He straight comes to the upstair and sleeps in the study room. One day, in the night mummy asked me to open the door when papa returns and went to sleep. I understood that he will return after drink, I noded. But to my ill luck I got asleep. Papa came and rang the calling bell once…twice….thrice……. Rupa was also slept very deep. Suddenly I woke up and hurridly I came down. I was just near the half of the stair I saw mummy opened the door and immediately rushed to her bed room and closed the door. I saw papa was coming to upstair through the corridor suddenly he stopped near Rupa. Rupa was slept on the floor facing upward. He was in a tight skert-blouse resulting in exposure of her big boobs. Even though she was our maid she had got a great figure to which any male can get attracted. With her breathing her boobs were moving up and down. I was watching stealthly, also the light of the corridor was not on me; hence I was safe to watch. Papa stared at the body of Rupa for a while and kneeled beside her. He slowly caressed her cheeks, but Rupa was in deep sleep, she could not know. Then papa slowely open the buttons of her blouse. She was without a bra. Her boobs were very big and beautiful. He held both the boobs in his hands and fondled the nipples. When he squeezed heavily Rupa woke up amd sat. He got socked seeing papa there. He tried to close her boobs with her top but pappa stopped her. She requsted pappa “nehin saab, hum gareeb aadmi, mar jayenge, humko chhod dijiye” Papa told “ghabrao matt, kuchh nehin hoga, main hoon naa” and pulled away her top from her body. He pressed her boobs and sucked her nipples. She was getting pleasure with this. Then he moved his hands down and lifted her skirt up revealing her sexy legs…… and started smooching n licking her legs towards her thighs…. In excitement she held papas hands in her hand with a moaning……. He then removed the skirt n slide it down……I saw her with the panties alone…. She was wearing a pink panty….. And it was wet near her love hole….. Then he placed his hands on her pussy with the panties on…… she moaned “mmmmm..saab…… plzzzz……..”, and took his hand off with her hand. Papa lifted her ass up and slided her panties….

She was having medium haired…. Her love hole was oozing its juices…. He was caressing her body n boobs n belly…. Now slowly papa guided her hand into his pant and briefs and placed it on his penis…. She held his penis in her hands. His penis was getting to its full size….. Papa took it out, I got shoked to see that. Oh god! What a huge dick he had, almost 10” long 3” width. Papa asked her “….suck my penis hard”. But she told that she wo’nt suck but she will shake it with her hands. Then she took his penis in her hand and started shaking up n down….. Now she is doing it fast…. Papa was giving soft moanings… she started stroking his penis faster…. To my surprise she started licking his penis. Papa moaned ahhhh…. She entered his penis into her mouth…. And started sucking slower taking his peinis in and out of her mouth…. Papa was holding her hair and moving her head front and back faster….Papa pulled out her panty and made her fully naked. He touched her clitoris with his fingers… & put his middle finger into her pussy…. He moved in and out…. Moved a little faster… now she was moving her ass up n down…. Moaning a lot “aaaahhh… Aiyoooo…Saaaabbb “ He started ramming her pussy with his fingers fast…. She screamed now “… aaahhh… Ooohhh…..Then he brought oil from the bathroom and put some oil on her pussy hole and on his penis…. She told saab “do slowly….” He placed his penis on the pussy…. And started rubbing his penis on her pussy lips…. She moved her hip in pleasure…. Then he slowly pushed his penis into her pussy…. But she resisted…. She didn’t open her legs… papa spread her legs wide and started rubbing his penis with the inner walls of her pussy…. And started inserting…… it was very tight…. She screamed in pain…. “noooo…. Saab… plzzzz……” He didn’t leave her…. He pushed his dick inside…. She was crying in pain….. Then he took the penis again to her entrance and poured some more oil and gave a hard stroke that pushed his penis full into her cunt…. She screamed…. “Aaahhhh……. Ammmaaaa”.

Blood came out of her pussy, she was a virgin! Papa speeded up the strokes and deepness… she was moaning “aaahhh……. Mmmm…. Oohhh….” After 30 minute continuous fucking papa moaned loudly “hey baby……I am cumming……cumming ahhhhhhhhh ……” he took out his dick and spread his fluids over her naval, boobs. Papa was very happy and handed over a Rs.100/- note to Rupa and told “you are so sweet, keep it, it is your buxis”. Oh my God! My head started reeling. I came back to my room and got up to bed. After some time papa came to the study room and slept. On the following days it became a normal and Rupa was also enjoying since she was getting good fucks with buxis…!Papa was gone to City for 2 days for his business purpose. On the morning of returning day he told mummy over phone that he will return late night and asked to make the study room bed ready. Mummy understood that he had party in that night and asked Rupa to do the same accordingly. I felt horny thinking of watching their hard fuck tonight. Rupa was also feeling very happy which was felt from her activities. But in the evening her father came and told that Rupa’s mother is very serious hence he will take Rupa to his home. They left to their village at 7 pm in the night coach. I felt very upset because a good live show got missed. I got myself busy in doing house hold jobs and forgot about papa’s returning. Mummy had told me but in absent mind I went to bed without making the study room bed ready.

At about 1am papa returned and rang the bell ding-dong, ding-dong, ding-dong……….. I was in deep sleep, suddenly I opened my eyes oh God! Papa has reached? I hurriedly went down to the ground floor and opened the door. Papa was drunk, liquor smell was coming from him. He came in and I closed the door. He asked “why you opened the door, where is Rupa?” I replied “her mother is serious, his father Had come and taken her to their village”. I saw his face got paled as his plan of tonight got failed. I felt pity on him and said myself “bechara papa, aaj keise soenge” He whispered some thing himself and proceeded to the upstair. Papa went in the room and said “you have not prepared the bed? Ok make it ready I am getting fresh”. He came to my bed room and entered into the bathroom. I brought bedsheet & pillow from ground floor and started arranging. In the mean time papa had come back from the bath room and stood behind me. I was in bending position resting myself on the bed. Looking my ass papa got horny and moved his hands on my ass. I got scared and stood straight. He hugged me from behind and started squeezing my boobs. Since he was pretty older than me I could not say any thing in fear. I was embarrassed and my head was reeling like a wheel. He told me “please Nisha, don’t stop me, I am looking for u since your puberty, but not getting courage”. I got shocked but kept myself mum. I felt this may be the God’s wish to repay my debt of accepting me as their family member. Then he started to fondle my boobs. As his hand rubbed my left and then right breasts I felt excited and my nipples grew in anticipation. He pulled the nightie from my behind and threw away from me. I was not in bra, he then cupped my naked boobs with both hands and squeezed them simultaneously. All the time I was moaning aaaahhhh. He then came to my front and put his lips on them. I felt in heaven he started sucking my tits. I was moaning with utmost pleasure.

Slowly his hands reached my panties and he dragged that down till that reached the ground. I was facing to the bed. He bent me and indicated me to rest my fore arms on the bed. He then inserted his 10” huge cock in my pussy from behind and his cock was going inside my hole. It was not easy for my pussy to take such a huge dick. I screamed margayee…….aaahh… I groaned in pain… It was like a hot thick rod which was invading me through the walls of my pussy. It was paining very much. I was crying noooo…. Papa, please….leave me…….. But he was entering his dick slowly bit by bit. The pain was unbearable I screamed please……. Leave mee. He then took out his shaft and solaced me “don’t worry you will enjoy after some moment, just be patient”. Then he moved me and lay on the table. My heap was just on the edge of the bed and from heap below legs were in hanging position.

Papa knelt down in front of me and kissed my thigh and pubic hairs. He then slowly put his face on my pussy and inserted his tongue inside me and started giving me tongue fuck. I was just getting wild and I pressed his face more on my pussy, making him enter me deeper. I was already dripping juice from my pussy. Papa was going fast and held me tightly with tongue, inserting tongue to and fro, parting my pussy lips to wide and more wide, entering deep inside, then inserted his middle finger and giving me finger fuck. I moaned with pleasure aahhhh….He then shifted up and holding his hard-on placed the tip at my wet pussy opening, gave a small push. His cock entered inside my juicy cunt and I screamed mmnhhh in pain and pleasure. Slowly he moved up and down started to ram his rock hard cock back and forth in my aching pussy. “Oh God, you feel so good! So tight, So hot!” He said as his cock moved in and out of my cunt. Slow at first but then harder as I screamed for him to give it to me. His hands grabbed my ass and he pounded away, fucking me with all his might. I was as hot as I met his thrusts, moaning every time his balls slapped my clit. He asked are u virgin? Again repeated “r u a virgin?” I got shocked but replied with moaning “uhhhhhhh…… no……” He then asked ‘who has taken your virginity baby….”? I replied “Raj…”. He stopped a while and smiled and again started fucking me harder.

He was doing very fast so that I could not control myself and he made me cum and I shivered as I came but he did not stop he was ramming his rod with a great speed and I was bit surprised to see his stamina and thinking of one thing, that he had that capability to satisfy any lady irrespective of their ages. I was moaning loudly, and breathing heavily. Papa was ramming my cunt and squeezing my boobs like a wild tiger. My legs were pressed his waist with passion. After one hour of continuous fuck he pulled out his dick and exploded on me spreading his hot juice on my body and face. He rested on me for 5 minutes. During this time he was caressing my boobs kissing my lips. He was whispering “what a tight pussy you have, I had never enjoyed a girl like you before”. He again asked “how did u feel? I smiled feeling great to have such a great fuck. He kissed my lips deeply and asked “do u love Raj and want to marry him”? I got puzzled and did’nt says any thing. He then “said could’nt get my point? If u marry him it will be beneficial for all of us, don’t worry about your mummy I will convince her”. I said “but…. Raj is yonger than me”. Papa said “so what Raj must not disagree with this proposal”. I also did not want to miss such a hard and good experienced fucker so I nodded and said “as u wish”. Then I came to the bed room and took bath. I saw the clock it was 3.30AM. I was feeling very lucky to have both of them as my fucker and praising God for his blessing in disguise. Papa convinced mummy and as mummy loved me very much she did not object. Raj also agreed immediately, so I became Bahu of their family and our triangular fucking continued……. Now I am mother of 2 children but I can’t say who is the real father.


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