Bhai-Behan… Ek Azab Dastan

Basically there are two characters. Brother and Sister


Name : Raj

Age : 39

Height : 5′-7”,

Martial Status : Married but separated. Have 2 kids and they are staying with his wife.

Loving, Caring, Helpful in nature and a social person. Haven’t been with any females since his wife left him 4 years back.


Name : Ruchi

Age : 35

Height : 5′-3′,

Martial Status : Married, Hubby works in Gulf and visits home once in a year for a month. One son studying in boarding.

Educated, Decent, Sweet Natured, Well Cultured Beautiful, Attractive Housewife leaving alone since her hubby joined job after 2 years of marriage [around 7 years].

Raj is living his life all alone since his wife left him, taking both the kids with her. He kept himself busy with his job and a small friend circle. He spend his most of the evenings watching News, Movies on TV and sometimes on net.

Raj have a very few connections which includes his 3-4 college time friends with whom he is in touch on net, phone. Have one younger brother Arjun, who is settled in England with his family, A younger sister Ruchi [35] who is married and living at Mumbai. Her husband is working in Gulf and she has a kid who is studying in boarding at Ooty.

Basically, Raj was living a very dull boring life and all of a sudden, it took a great change when he got an invitation from his college friend to attend his Marriage Anniversary at Mumbai.

In first thought, he rejected the idea to attend the party but the very next day, Ruchi called him.

Raj : Hello Ruchi! Kaisi ho?

Ruchi : Hi Bhaiya, Am fine, aap kaise ho?

Raj : Am fine too.

Ruchi : Aur batao bhaiya, Arjun ka koi phone aaya? Kaisa hai wo? Kab aa raha hai India? kaafi der ho gai aap dono se mile hue. Bahut miss karti hu aap dono ko.

Raj : Na, mujhe bhi Arjun ka koi phone nahi aaya ek mahine se. May be he is very busy with his job and family. Ab hamare liye time hi kiske paas hai.

Ruchi : Bhaiya, aap aise depress mat hua kariye, lekin aap hai ki bas…..

Raj : Acha, mere ek dost ki marriage anniversary hai next month Mumbai me, Invite kia hai mujhe. Lekin samajh nahi aa raha ki karu. Office se chhuti leni padegi.

Ruchi : Are waah, aap Mumbai aa rahe ho, Great….. chalo isi bahane aap me apne bhaiya se to mil lungi… Kab aa rahe ho?

Raj : Are nahi, abhi kuch final nahi hai… Am not sure of coming…..

Ruchi : Please bhaiya, aap chhuti le lo aur Mumbai aao, Mere paas hi rehna aur apne dost ki party bhi attend karna. Apke dost ko bhi acha lagega aur aapke liye bhi change hoga. You will feel better bhaiya…..

Raj : Ok. Sochta hu. I will tell you. Aur sunao… Armaan [Sister’s Son] kaisa hai?

Ruchi : Wo thik hai bhaiya, wohi Ooty me hai. Aap batao, Bhabhi aur bacho se baat hui?

Raj : Nahi yaar. She don’t talk to me, Bacho se baat ho jati hai har hafte…

Ruchi : Chalo koi baat nahi bhaiya, sab thik ho jayega, baaki aap mumbai ka program bna lo aur mujhe inform karo. Thik hai…. Ab me rakhti hu… Bye

Raj : Ok Bye.

Raj gets back busy with his routine life but his mind was stucked somewhere in Mumbai. He never have been to Mumbai before and listened many things about Mumbai life style. Somehow, he made his mind to visit Mumbai and informed his Sister Ruchi and his friend Vinod to attend his anniversary party.

Raj, reached Mumbai two days prior to the party. It was around 4 pm in evening when Raj knocked at his sister’s door. Ruchi was watching TV when the door bell informed a visitor on door.

Ruchi was dressed in stylish sky blue saari with her mangalsutar hanging in between her deep valley. Shoulder lenght hair loosen up covering her shoulders carrying a sweet smile makes her adorable queen.

She muted the TV and stood up from the coach and walked towards the main door.

Ruchi : Kon hai?

Raj : Me hu Ruchi…

[She opened the door. A wave of happiness was visible on her glowing face to meet he brother after a long time. She opened her arms to hug her brother] and said….

Ruchi : Aa gaye bhaiya,

Raj : ha…. [He took her sister in hug]

Raj : [He took her sister in hug, Sir par haath firata hai and kisses her forhead]

Ruchi : [Lost in the hug since she met her brother after a long time and all of sudden she realises they are standing on the door] Oh bhaiya me bhi kitni pagal hu, yahi khada kar lia aapko [She breaks the hug, and bend forward to take her brother’s suitcase and her pallu slips of her shoulder and rests on her arm]

Raj’s eyes slipped on his sister’s heavy tits as she bent and her pallu drops, he could not stop himself to look at those heavenly large boobs of his sister. Raj with his eyes focused at her boobs, stops her placing his hands on her shoulder]

Raj : Are Ruchi! Tu rehne de, me khud utha lunga… [make her stand straight]

Ruchi as she came back to her previous posture, she noticed where Raj was looking and she blushed and immediately adjusted her pallu back to its right position]

Raj took his suitcase and look at her face still standing in the door.

Ruchi : Aayo bhaiya, andar chalo [She hold his right hand and almost pulled him in the sitting room and Raj followed her. Point to the couch]

Ruchi : Betho Bhaiya, aur ye batao kia loge? Chaye, Coffee ya fir Cold Drink?….. Aur safar ki thakaan mitani ho to drinks ka bhi intjaam hai……… [she asked for drink with a smile since she knows Raj does no drink]

Raj : Drinks aur tumhare ghar par? Tumhare in laws to bahut hi religious log hai aur sharab meet maans se nafrat karte hai [He recalled the conversation when Ruchi’s in laws came to their home to fix up the mariage]

Ruchi : [smile karte hue] Are choro na bhaiya, aap kia jante nahi hathi ke daant dikhane ke aur, khane ke aur hote hai. Wo sab tum logo par impression jamane ke liye the. Tumhare jiju Ravi [Ruchi’s Hubby] ne to college me hi drinks start kar di thi…. Ye to lagbagh roz hi peete hai aur ab to mujhe bhi company deni padti hai…..

Raj : Kiaaaa…….. Tum bhi Ruchi….???

Ruchi : Ha bhaiya, jab sari umar sharabi ke sath hi gujarni hai sharaf se nafrat kaise. Waise iska mujhe ek fayda bhi hai. [She replied]

Raj : [total confused now] Fayda!! Tumhare sharab peene se kia fayada hoga bhala?

Ruchi : Kia bhaiya tum bhi, sidhi si baat hai. Agar aapko ghar par sab kuch karne ki azaadi ho to aap bahar kiyu jaoge? Inhe drinks me company chahiye, wo me inhe deti hu aur inhe bahar nahi jana padta. Kia pata ye bahar jaye aur kaise logo se dosti kar le…… [Ruchi bahut garv se apne bhai ko samjhati hai]

Raj : hmmm. Baat to sahi hai tumhari Ruchi. Tum company dogi? [He all of a sudden asks his sister to give him company for drinks and when he realizes what he asked her for, it was too late….]

Ruchi : Oh! Bhaiya aap bhi!!! Kab se shuru kar di aapne? Aap to …….. [She left her sentence incomplete in disbelieve carrying a little smile on her face]

Raj : [hanste hue] College ke dino se…. Mummy Papa se chup chup ke pee lia karte the jab kabhi sunday ko me apne dosto ke ghra par rehta tha…. [He tells the truth thinking they both are mature, married and the secret don’t need to be secret any more after knowing that his sister Ruchi too started drinking]

Ruchi : Oh My God!!! Ye mard sab ek jaise hote hai…..

Both look at each other sharing the smile and laugh together.

Ruchi : [Pointing Raj to washroom] Bhaiya! Aap fresh hoke aayo aur me apne bhaiya ke liye drink laati hu [Ruchi walks to the bar side in the corner of room]

Raj walks in the washroom and he thought of having a quick shower. Undressed his shirt and pants and thought that after shower and drinks he is not going anywhere, so it would be better wear kurta payjama or shots only. He took his suitcase key from the pocket of pant and called his sister.

Raj : Ruchi, jara mere suitcase me se mera kurta payjama to nikaal kar dena plz. Ye suitcase ki chabi le lena mujhse….

Ruchi : Aayi bhaiya, [She leaves he glasses on the bar counter and walks to the washroom door, took key from him and opens the suitcase]

She found his Kurta Payjama properly ironed and placed in left corner of the suitcase. She picked it and was about to close the suitcase when her eyes caught attention on Victoria Secret 2-3 used pieces of undergarments hidden under Kurta Payjama. It surprised her. What the hell these dinnerware doing in bhaiya’s suitcase? Bhaiya akele aaye hai to fir ye kiske hai? [She was totally confused as to why bhaiya needs ladies undergarments and suddenly she says to herself] Tabhi ek sharat bhari muskaan Ruchi ke hontho par daud jaati hai, Shayad bhaiya pura intjaam karke aaye hai ki bhabhi ki yaad aaye to bhabhi ki bra aur panty se kaam chala le This little naughty thought made her instant hot and her heartbeat goes heavy. Tabhi use Raj ki awaaz sunai deti hai…

Raj : Ruchi, kaha reh gai, Kurta nahi mila kia?

Ruchi : La rahi hu bhaiya, mil gaya hai, [She shuts the suitcase and runs towards the washroom]. Ye lo bhaiya, washroom ke door par hai, le lena, Me drinks tyaar karti ho, aap jaldi se change karke aa jao

Raj dressed up in his light blue kuta payjama and comes out of the washroom and saw Ruchi were busy on the table with bottle and two glasses. He walk in and get settled on the couch looking at his sister’s back. The saari was wrapped around her body in such a way that Raj could view her nicely shaped curves. He was amazed to see Ruchi’s beautiful big ass cheeks. He could clearly notice slight movement in her ass cheeks whenever she makes some movements. Once for a while he forgets he is watching his own real sister and his mind was captured by pervert thoughts.

He talks to himself in his mind “kia mast gaand hai Ruchi ki aur chuchiya uffff kitni badi ho gai hai. Ek baar to mera lund bhi tann se khada ho gaya tha jab darwaaje par jhuki thi Ruchi. Behan nahi hoti to pakka ye aaj chud jaati mujhse. Aur gaand, saali ki gaand kitni mast ho gai” Sochte sochte Raj ka haath apne lund par jata hai jo ki in khyalo se hi jaagne lagta hai.

Tabhi Ruchi mud ke dekhti hai aur Raj ko couch par bethe paati hai, wo muskurati hai kehti hai

Ruchi : Bas bhaiya! Tyaar hai drinks, lekar aa rahi ho [Unaware of what Raj was thinking for her]

Raj : [Immediately takes his hand off from his dick but there was no way he could hide his bulg down in payjama]

Ruchi turned and walks back to the table near couch holding a tray in her hands. A bottle of whiskey, bowl of ice and two glasses already ready were placed on the tray.

Ruchi placed the tray on the table and get her settled in the opposite couch.

Ruchi : Bhaiya! Inka to jab bhi mood hota hai drinks ka, ye non-veg le aate hai, par aaj ghar me sirf ye namkeen hi hai ya fir sabzi hai, agar aap kahe to me non-veg mangwa lu?

Raj : Are nahi, abhi to sirf 6 hi baje hai aur waise bhi hame kon sa koi lambi drink party karni hai. Tumhara mood ho to raat ko mangwa lenge non-veg aur tab kar lenge drink party.

Ruchi : [Sharart se muskurate hue] Oh! Aap to pure mood me lag rahe ho bhaiya. Raat ko fir se drinks……. Ye lo [She offers a glass to her brother]

Raj : [Holding glass from her hand] Cheers [Dono apne glass takrate hai and start sipping] “Are nahi aisa kuch nahi hai. Kaafi der ho gai drinks liye hue aur tujhe to pta hai ki ghar par koi company nahi hai. Tu to janti hi hai apni bhabhi ko, teri saheli rahi hai Rashmi, kisi kaam ki nahi hai. [Finishes half of the glass one go]

Ruchi : [Sipping slowly] hmmm, Kiyu kia karti hai bhabhi? Peene nahi deti aapko [She asks in a naughty way]

Raj : kaha yaar, kehti hai peeni ho to bahar piya karo, ghar me nahi [Sips slow now]

Ruchi : Yaha par bhabhi galat hai. Mardo ko kabhi khula nahi chorna chahiye, khas kar ke to bahar drinks ke liye… [She says and sips her drink].

Raj : [Looks at her thinking about his married life and comparing it with Ravi and Ruchi] baat to tum sahi keh rahi ho [He finishes his glass and put it back on the table]

Ruchi have finished her half and placed the glass back, move forward so that only 1/4 of her ass is on couch and as she bent forward to fill his glass, her pallu slips down of her shoulders making her huge cleavage visible to Raj. She didn’t cared to adjust it back on her shoulder and after filling his glass, she get back to couch sitting properly, her pallu is dropped now and she made no attempt to put it on. Half of the drink had taken her into an ecstasy.

Raj was looking straight in her huge loveable cleavage and his eyes followed her cleavage till last moment she got adjusted in the couch back. She was wearing a deep neck blouse with tight fitting which were showing her twin towers in real lusty way.

Ruchi had no intentions to cover her twin towers fully exposed to Raj in her deep neck blouse. Somewhere in her mind, she was enjoying the situations when Ruchi and Ravi used to drink.

Raj was wondering, if there was Rashmi rather then his sister Ruchi at this time, He may be having great time of his life. Raj finished his glass and placed it back on the table. Ruchi had finished her 1/3 of drink. He tries to control his thoughts. He looks at Ruchi, she was looking like she is not used to alcohol. He thought to start some conversation else he would end up fucking Ruchi in his thoughts.

Raj : Ruchi! Tumhe yaad hai bachpan me ham kaise masti kia karte the aur tu chhoti chhoti baat ke liye meri pitai karwa dia karti thi…

Ruchi : uhhhh ha mujhe yaad hai bhaiya. Aur tum bhi to mujhe kitna tang karte the. Sachi kitne ache din the [Ruchi start recalling all those moments]

Raj : Aur ab life kitni tough ho gai hai. Kaash wo waqt wohi thehar jaata.

Ruchi : Ha bhaiya, sach me bahut acha time tha wo, koi fikar nahi thi, puri masti karte the.

Raj : Ab tujhe kis baat ki fikar ho gai? Achi khasi to life hai teri, sab kuch hai, Ravi jaisa husband, Achi income, Acha life standard…. [He looks at her face]

Ruchi : uhhh choro na bhaiya, Ravi yaha hote hi kab hai aur aise life standard ka kia karu, sara din akele padi rehti hu itne bade ghar me, kabhi kabhi to lagta hai ki…………. [She suddenly realised she was talking to her brother and didn’t complete her sentece] Kher Aap batao bhaiya, aapki life kaisi chal rahi hai?

Raj : Bas yaar, ab kia batayu tujhe, Life thik hai, par shayad kuch kami hai [Raj sochte hue jawab deta hai. Thinking what is the thing Ruchi is lacking in her life]

Ruchi : kia kami hai, sab kuch to hai aapke paas bhi. pyaar karne wali Rashmi bhabhi, 2 pyaare bache, mummy papa, achi job!!!!

Raj : ha sab kuch hai mere paas…..

Ruchi : Ha to fir problem kia hai? Bhabhi se banti nahi kiya?

Raj : Tera Ravi ke sath koi jhagra hai kia? Fir bhi tum khush nahi ho Ravi se….. Hamare beech bhi kuch problem nahi, lekin kuch thik bhi nahi hai…… [Raj replied]

Ruchi : hmm [Ruchi was co-relating things with his own life] As she breathes, her tits got more exposed. [She noticed Raj looking straight at her tits but she didn’t make any effort to cover them] Bhaiya, aapko yaad hai ham bachpan me ek dusre se kabhi kuch nahi chhupate the

Raj : hmmm, ha aur tu apni har chhoti moti problem ke liye mujhse help manga karti thi. Tujhe yaad hai jab mom ne tujhe college me jeans shirt pehan ke jaane ko mna kar dia tha to tu kaise udaas ho gai thi….

Ruchi : ha aur aapne hi mom ko convince kia tha aur mujhe permission mil gai thi [Her face glows as she recalls the incident] Aur aapko yaad hai bhaiya aap meri saheli Nisha par lattu the aur mene hi pehali baar aap dono ko milwaya tha.

Raj : haa aur agar meri shadi Nisha se ho jaati to aaj shayad meri zindagi me koi kami na hoti [The words just slipped his tongue before he could control]

Ruchi : Kia!!! [in disbelief] Aap jante ho na bhaiya, usi waqt uske kitne boyfriends the aur…. aur [Ruchi breaks her sentence and continues] wo virgin bhi nahi thi…… Uske sath shadi karna chahte the aap. Oh my God bhaiya….. Aisa kia pasnd tha aapko Nisha me? [She was shocked to know that her brother was mad for a college slut, She continued] Aap to kabhi mujhse kuch chhupate nahi the, fir Nisha ke bare me aap kia sochte ho, ye kiyu nahi bataya. Kia aapko apni is chhoti behan par yakeen nahi tha??

Raj : Nahi aisa nahi ki mujhe yakeen nahi tha tujh par, par mujhe laga ki agar me ghar me kahunga ki me Nisha se shadi karna chahta hu to sabse pehle tu hi mna karegi, kiyu Nisha teri saheli thi aur tum uske character ko janti thi.

Ruchi : ha ye to hai. Par bhaiya aap to jante ho ki wo pure shehar me badnaam thi aur meri bhi us se dosti sirf college tak hi seemit thi. Aur aap jaante ho ladke to ladke, ladkiya bhi use kia kehti thi? Bajaaru Randi [Cheap Slut] jo kahi bhi kabhi bhi kisi bhi ladke ke sath jane ko tyaar rehti thi. Aur aap us Nisha se shadi karna chahte the.

Raj : Bas isi liye mene tujhe nahi bataya tha. Pta nahi kia tha Nisha me, mujhe bas din raat wohi dikhai deti thi. Log kia kehte hai mujhe parwaah nahi thi. Aur sach kahu Ruchi, Aaj agar Nisha hoti meri life me teri bhabhi ban kar, to aaj tere is bhai ki zindagi me khushiya hi khushian hoti. Us jaisi bindaas ladki mene aaj tak nahi dekhi, kitni masti se rehti thi, koi fikar nahi, kisi baat ki tension nahi. Jo uske man me aata tha wohi karti thi. Aur us umar me to sab ladkiyo ke boyfriend hote hai, tera bhi to tha na…. Isme kia galat kia usne?

Ruchi : [Interrupting Raj] Are bhaiya, baat isrf itni si nahi hai. Aap nahi jante bhaiya, College ke har ladke se Nisha ke nazayaz sambandh the.

Raj : Zayaz aur Nazayaz kia hota hai Ruchi. Nisha ne us waqt puri masti ki, waqt ka pura fayda uthaya, ab agar use aisa hubby milta hai jise sex me interest na ho, to shayad use jiada afsos nahi hoga, lekin mera socho, mene kia paya? Teri bhabhi hai Rashmi, jise sex me koi ruchi hi nahi hai, aur ab me sochta hu ki agar me us waqt zayaz-nazayaz ke chakkar me na padta to kam se kam aaj itna afsos to na hota…..

Ruchi : Hmmm. Lekin socho bhaiya agar aapki shadi Nisha se ho jati to wo barbaad kar deti aapko. Kahi mooh dikhane layak nahi chorti aapko wo. [Nisha was talking comfortably without caring what they were discussing]

Raj : Aisa kuch nahi hota Ruchi. Me rani bna ke rakhta Nisha ko. Akhir jo use pasand tha, wo mujhe bhi pasand tha.

Ruchi : hmmm, aap kuch nahi jante bhaiya. College time me bhi uska 1-2 ladko se kuch nahi banta tha, tabhi to usne pure college ke ladko ko apne peeche laga rakha tha. Aapko kia lagta hai apse shadi karke wo ye sab chor deti? Bilkul Nahi, Itne salo me to wo bahut badi randi ban chuki hogi aur pta nahi kitno se karwati hogi [Ruchi ek saans me bol jaati hai]

Raj : Ruchi mere liye ek aur drink bna, aaj me apna sara dukh bhool jana chahta hu…..

Ruchi makes a drink for him and give him the glass. Raj sips the drink and say….

Raj : To kia hua? Sach baat to ye hai ki mujhe uske randipan se hi pyaar tha. Kitni ladkiya hai jo sex ko khuleaam enjoy karti hai? [Raj was opening as he noticed Ruchi was comfortable discussing and using Randi word for her friend Nisha]

Ruchi : To kia hua? [Ruchi was amazed to know what his brother likes in Nisha] uhhhh! Aapko yaad hai bhaiya, Mere college ke final year me Fairwell Party hui thi Gurgaon me, Aap hi chor ke aaye the na mujhe. Yaad hai? Sari raat chali thi parti.

Raj : Ha, yaad hai mujhe, Tune Pink colour ki sari pehni thi

Ruchi : Ha, aur subah jab aap mujhe lene aaye the, to yaad hai mere paayo me problem thi. Aapne poocha bhi tha ki kia hua aur mene kaha tha ki me per slip ho gaya tha per me moch aayi hai. Aapki bike par bhi thik se nahi beth pa rahi thi me.

Raj : Ha, yaad hai mujhe

Ruchi : Aapko andaaza bhi hai ki kiya kia tha Nisha ne party me?

Raj : Nahi, kiyu kia kiya tha usne? [Raj ask with curiosity]

Ruchi : Nisha, mujhe waha se apne sath le gai thi ye keh kar ki use yaha paas me hi kuch kaam hai, aur bahar nikal kar jaise hi ham car me bethe, to dekha ki car me pehle se hi 4 ladke bethe the.

Raj : Hmm, par tune aisa kuch to bataya nahi tha….

Ruchi : kia batati, kuch batane wala hota to batati na me.

Raj : Hmm. Fir kia hua

Ruchi : waha se wo ladke ek hotel me le gaye hame. 3rd floor par ek kamre me aur jaate hi door lock kar lia. Nisha bed par beth kar hansne lagi aur 2 ladko ne use daboch lia aur uske sath chuma-chati karne lage. Me to dar gai, bhaag kar door ke paas aayi to ek ladka door ko cover karke khada ho gaya aur mujhse chair par bethne ko kaha. Aapki wo Nisha, mere samne 2 ladko se ek saath, uffff aur un ladko ke baad usne dusre 2 ladko ke saath bhi sab kuch kia aur me bas dekhti rahi. Charo ladko ne jam kar nocha use pure 3 ghante tak aur wo hansti rahi aur unse kehti rahi aur khayo mujhe, pura kha jao.

Raj : hmm. Yehi to quality hoti hai ladki me. Kher fir uske baad tum wapis aa gaye?

Ruchi : Wapis aane dete wo darinde? Aur aapki wo Nisha jise aap rani bna ke rakhne ke sapne dekh rahe the. Jante ho kia kiya usne?

Raj : Kia kiya?

Ruchi : Apne yaaro se kehti ki ye meri friend hai Ruchi, ekdum namkeen aur fresh maal. Untoched sealed piece hai. Ise special laayi hu tum logo ke liye. Itna sunte hi un bhediyo ki aankhon me chamak aa gai aur bina der kiye unhone mujhe utha ke bed par patak dia aur mere sare kapde nikaal diye. Me bahut cheekhi, chillai, par wo nahi ruke aur Nisha hansti rahi. Pure 2 ghante un charo ladko ne mere sath jo kia bhaiya wo me aapko bta nahi sakti. Aisi hai aapki Nisha, jise aap meri Bhabhi bnana chahte the

Raj : Ohhhhhhhhh! You mean you us raat Nisha ne tumhara Rape karwaya?

Ruchi : Haa….

Raj : To fir jab me tumhe lene aaya tha, tumne jhuth kiyu bola? Mujhe tabhi kiu nahi bataya ki Nisha ne tumhare sath kia batamizi ki?

Ruchi : Me dar gai thi, pta nahi aap us waqt kia karte.

Raj : Jhuth bol rahi ho tum. Nisha ne tumhare sath koi jabardasti nahi ki. Tumne hi Nisha se kaha tha ki tum bhi experience karna chahti ho, maze lena chahti, kiyu? ye sach hai na?

Ruchi : [Sunte hi adha nasha utar jata hai] Oh No! Nahi bhaiya, sab jhuth hai, aapse kisne kaha? Jarur us kamini ne hi jhuth bola hoga aapse.

Raj : Dekh Ruchi mujhse jhuth bolne ki jarurat nahi. Tune Nisha se kaha tha ki tujhe bhi enjoy karna hai wo sab aur isiliye Nisha ne ye proram banaya tha. Bol sach hai ki nahi? Sharmane ya ghabrane ki jarurat nahi, bahut purani baat hai ye. Ha aur ek baat aur batayu tujhe, teri jitni bhi friends thi, unme se koi bhi virgin nahi thi…… [Raj revealed the secret]

Ruchi : Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh [Gehri lambi saans] Par aako ye sab kaise malum bhaiya?? [she asked in disbelief. She still can’t believe that her brother knew her diry secret]

Raj : Bhai hu tera. Apni behan ke bare me mujhe nahi pta hoga to kise pta hoga…..

Ruchi : [Hathyaar daalte hue] Ha ye sach hai bhaiya, Nisha ne koi jabardasti nahi ki thi. Mene hi kaha tha us se. Par mene ye nahi kaha tha ki ek sath 4 ko bula le. Mujhe kia pata tha….. par par aapko ye sab kaise malum bhaiya… Mujhe to ab bhi yakin nahi ho raha. Aapne kabhi mujhe ehsaas bhi nahi hone dia ki aapko sab malum hai ki apki behan bhi ye sab…..

Raj : Me aur Nisha ek dusre se pyaar karte the aur mene use shadi ke liye propose bhi kar dia tha. Usne apne bare me mujhe sab kuch imaandaari se bta dia tha, kis kis se uske relation the, kab kiske sath usne sex kia, har baat ki jankaari wo mujhe deti thi. Usne ek sharat ke sath mujhse shadi ke liye haa kar di thi.

Ruchi : Ohhhhhh. Me to samjhati ki aap mujhse kuch nahi chhupate ho, par itna bada secret!! Bade gande ho aap bhaiya. Kia sharat rakhi thi Nisha ne? [Ruchi asked with curiosity].

Raj : Use har roz sex ki adat pad gai thi wo bhi naye naye ladko ke sath. Wo nahi chahti thi ki uski is adat ki wajah se baad me hamare beech me koi problem ho, so usne pehle hi ye sharat rakh di thi ki agar ham shadi karenge to me aur Nisha ek dusre ki sexual activities me rukawat nahi bangenge balki ek dusre ko support karenge.

Ruchi : [Fati aankho se hairan ho kar] Ye kaisi sharat hui? Nisha shadi ke baad bhi dusre mardo ke sath sex karte rehna chahi thi? Aise thore na hote hai……………… [Ab tak Ruchi ka nasha utar chuka tha par usne apna pallu thik karne ki koshish nahi ki balki aur laparwahi se taange upar karke couch par beth jaati hai]

Raj : Ham me bahut achi understanding thi. So isme uski sharat na man ne wali koi baat nahi thi. Me to khud open sex me belive karta tha. Mene use assurance di thi ki shadi ke baad bhi jab chahe ji se chahe chud sakti hai. Aakhir uske isi bindaas andaaz ka to me aashiq tha.

[After finishing Raj noticed the word he used but it was too late to correct, Ruchi blushed hearing such a vulgar word from her brother, her cheeks go red]

Ruchi : Hmmmmm. Aap to bade gande the bhaiya. Shadi ke baad kaise koi apni biwi ko kisi aur se karwane de sakta hai. Koi pagal aashiq hi is tarah ki sharat maan sakta hai. Iska matlab aap Nisha se sacha pyaar karte the.

Raj : Haa. Me nisha ko paane ke liye kuch bhi karne ko tyaar tha, fir is sharat me to mere bhi sehmati thi.

Ruchi : [Smiles now] par bhaiya aapne ye to bataya hi nahi ki mere bare me aapko kisne bataya? Aapko kaise pta chala ki mene hi Nisha ko kaha tha…. Aur kia kia pta hai aapko mere bare me? [Nisha was getting restless to realise that her brother knew everything about her past]

Raj : [Hanste hue] Tune jo karnaame kiye hai college me aur college ke baad aur teri shadi se thik pehle tak, wo sab mujhe malum hai. Jis din tumne Nisha se kaha tha, usne usi din mujhe bta dia tha aur mujhse poocha tha ki kia karu? Wo bahut confused aur hairan thi. Tum meri behan thi aur Nisha, jis se me shadi karna chahta tha. Mujhe tere bare me sun kar ek baar to jhatka laga tha. Me kabhi soch bhi nahi sakta tha ki meri sagi behan, college ki sabse badi Randi Nisha se kahegi ki use bhi uske jaise maze karne hai. Mujhe preshan dekh kar Nisha ne mujhe kaha ki me chahu to wo tumhe mna kar degi. Me use mna karne wala hi tha ki tabhi mere man me khyal aaya ki agar tera man hai maze karne ka, to Nisha agar teri help na kare to tu koi aur rasta dhoondegi aur usme risk ho sakta hai. So mene Nisha ko ha kar di ki thik hai jab Ruchi khud enjoy karna chahti hai to teri help kare aur tera khyal bhi rakhe.

Ruchi : KIyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Bhaiya ye kia keh rahe ho? OH My Godd………. I just can’t belive this………………………. [Sun kar Ruchi ki cheekh nikal gai……..]

Raj : Ji haa. Us din Metro Hotel me jis room me tumne maze kiye the, wo room bhi mere naam se hi book hua tha. Nisha to bas ek ladke ko hi bula rahi thi us raat, mene use idea dia tha ki kam se kam 3-4 ladko ko bula lo aur Ruchi ki wo halat karo ki meri behan ko sex ke naam se hi nafrat ho jaye. Itna to pakka tha ki Me ya Nisha tumhe samjhate ki ye sab thik nahi hai to tune man na nahi tha aur tum turant Nisha ke character par ungli utha deti, so hamne yahi decide kia ki 4 ladko ko ek saath tujh par chadha dia jaye. Hame yakeen tha ki tum chunki fresh ho, tum un 4 ladko ko sehan nahi kar payogi. Aur is plan ke fail hone ki surat me hamne dusra plan bhi banaya tha aur hamne us raat waha jo hua uski puri video recording bhi ki thi.

Ruchi : Ufffffffffffffffff. Mujhe yakeeen nahi hota. Kaise koi bhai apni hi sagi behan ko 4-4 ladko ke sath……. Aur us par recording bhi. Nahi ye sach nahi ho sakta…..

Raj : Ha, thora ajeeb jarur hai par hai sach. kabhi ghar aaye to mujhe yaad karwana, abhi bhi wo video sambhal kar rakha hai. Par me aur Nisha galat the. Tumne un charo ladko ko, jo Nisha ke cousins the itni asani se jhela ki ek baargi to Nisha bhi hairan ho gai thi. Wo video dekh kar to me bhi hairan ho gaya. Mujhe to yakeen hi nahi hua ki ye meri hi behan Ruchi hai, balki aisa lag raha tha jaise me kisi porn queen ki video dekh raha hu

Ruchi : [Blushed and her face turned red] Kia bhaiya aap bhi, kaisi baate karte ho. Aapko sharam nahi aayi apni behan ki aise video shoot karte hue?

Raj : Tujhe sharam aayi thi wo sab karte hue? Kaise uchal uchal kar maze le rahi thi tum…… [Raj says teasing her]

Ruchi : Pta nahi bhaiya kia ho gya tha mujhe aur kaise mene Nisha se apne man ki baat keh di thi. Sach us raat me bahut dar gai thi un 4 ladko ko room me dekh kar par fir jab sab shuru hua to mujhe aise laga jaise me Nisha ban gai hu, balki use bhi jiada. Aise lag raha tha ki jo hai bas aaj ki raat hai aur mujhe pura enjoy karna hai. [Ruchi sharmate hue boli].

[Looking at watch she said] Baato Baato me time ka pta hi nahi chala, dekho 8 baj rahe hai, pehle khana khate hai fir aaram se beth kar baate karte hai. Batao kia khana pasand karoge aap ya fir Non-Veg order kar du, abhi adhe ghante me aa jayega…

Raj : Hmmm. Tum banane ko rehne do, kuch bhi order kar do, Khana to tum roz hi banati ho.

Ruchi : Thik hai bhaiya, aap tab tak TV dekho, me kitchen wagreah saaf kar lu aur dining table laga leti hu tab tak. [She picks the empty glasses and walks towards the kitchen.]

[Raj got busy in TV but he was not able to concentrate on the TV]

Ruchi orders some non-veg as she knew Raj is fond of non-veg and he must be missing it since her bhabhi Rashmi is pure vegetarian and she does not allow non-veg at home. She orders the non-veg at the nearby restaurant and after setting up the kichen and the dining table, she thought of changing.

Ruchi : Bhaiya! Mene khana order kar dia hai, ½ ghante me deliver ho jayega, me fresh hone ja rahi ho, aaye to use 675/- dekar le lena.

Raj : Uhh! Thik hai, [Raj tv ke channels change karte hue kehta hai]

Ruchi apne bedroom me jati hai aur apne wardrobe se blue colour ki nighty jo usne kai din se nahi pehni hai, utha kar washroom me jaati hai. Akeli rehne ke karan use raat me main door lock kar lene ke baad wo bina kapdo ke hi sone ki adat pad chuki hai. Aaj wo bed ke right side wali badi window bhi khol deti hai aur us par transparent pink curtain daal deti hai jo Ravi [uske hubby] ne specially uske kehne par hi lagwaya tha, warna Ravi aur Ruchi jab bhi chudai karte hai to Ravi us window ko puri khol deta hai aur uske bilkul saath hi ek 30 story building hai aur angle ek dum is tarah se perfect hota hai ki us building ke 10th floor se lekar 25th floor tak ke jitne flat unke bedroom ki window ki side me padte hai, badi asani se andar kia ho raha hai dekh sakte hai. Halka nasha hone aur is baat ko yaad karke Ruchi romanchit ho uth ti hai. Use apne neeche kuch geelapan mehsoos hota hai aur iccha hoti hai ki kaash Ravi yaha hota to wo khud uske liye khidki khol ke bed par bich jaati. Apni is soch par wo khud hairan hote hue washroom ke andar daakhil ho jati hai. Apni saari, peticott aur blouse ko utaarti hai aur ab sirf bra aur panty pehne hue hai. Washroom me full size mirror ke samne khadi hokar wo apni figure ko dekhti hai aur sharmaati hai. Achanak use Raj ke sath hui baate yaad aati hai aur anjaane me uska ek haath uski panty ke andar jakar apni pussy ko sehlane lagta hai. Ruchi khud se hi budbudaane lagti hai,

Oh Raj Bhaiya! kaise aapka thanks karu, aapne anjaane me hi mujhe us raat aisa gift dia ki aaj bhi mujhe us raat ki yaad aati hai to bas aisa lagta hai ki wo raat fir se wapis aa jaye aur me un charo ladko ki gulami karte hue apni puri umar gujaar du. Oh Bhaiya, kaise bhi karke wo raat mujhe ek baar fir se de do…….. [Ruchi us waqt itna magan thi ki use duniya ka koi hosh nahi tha]

Raj is sitting on sofa now and trying to concentrate on TV but inside he is not getting interest in any channel. The door bell rings and he opens the door.

Deliver Man : Sir, your order.

Raj : [Take out his purse for the payment and handover him Rs. 1000/- Note.]

Deliver Man : I don’t have change, please change dijiye.

Raj : Ok Wait. [He takes the food packet and placed it in kitchen and calls Ruchi to ask for change]

Raj : Ruchi!!! [No Answer]

Raj : Ruchi!!! [No Answer again and Raj gets irritates since the deliver man is standing at the gate and when he got no answer he signalled the delivery man to wait at the door and start walking to Ruchi’s Bedroom]

He was about to knock at the door when he noticed the door was not locked and as his hand touched the door, it opened itself. He look inside but didn’t find Ruchi there, he entered the room and called again

“Ruchi!!! Ruchi!! Kaha ho yaar tum? Mujhe change chahiye, deliveryman ke paas chhutte nahi hai…..”

Again he got no answer. He found the washroom door was open, He was about to come out of her bedroom and suddenly he thought, she must be outside but again he thought, Ruchi said, she was going to change so where she could be??

Raj : “Ek baar washroom me dekh lu” [He said to himself and called her again] Ruchi!!!!!!!!!

And as he reached the washroom door, he was shocked to see Ruchi was standing in front of full sized mirror. She was lost in herself. Raj could view everything clearly through the mirror and he noticed her hand was playing down in her panties. Her boobs were fully exposed through her bra and her shapely ass seems to be inviting. With her shoulder length hairs open, she was looking like a sex goddess.

Ek pal ke liye Raj bhool gaya ki darwaaze par delivery boy ko paise bhi dene hai. Wo bas fati aankho se apni behan Ruchi ko apne naazuk badan se khelte hude dekh raha tha. Apni behan ke sudol mast badan ko dekhne ki chaah me Raj anjaane me hi washroom ke darwaze se andar hokar diwaar ke sath khada ho jata hai. Uske pairo ke theek paas ek chhota sa box hai jisme Ruchi ke kuch pehne hue kapde dhulne ke liye rakhe hai.

Ruchi ek haath apni panty me daal kar apni choot ko sehla rahi hai aur ek haath se apne boobs ko baari baari se bra ke upar se hi dabati. Ab Ruchi ke liye is aag ko bardaasht karna shayad mushkil sa ho raha tha. Kab se pyaasi thi wo. Apne bad ko sehlaate sehlaate ab wo moaning karne lagi thi. Tabhi achanak wo rukti hai aur apni bra ko kholti hai, aur samne wash basin par rakhti hai, apni dono ungliyo ko apni panty ke elastic me fansa kar wo pany ko neech thighs tak pahunchati aur nikaalne ke liye thora jhukti hai.

Udhar Raj ka haal kharab hota ja raha hai. Wo ekdum jad hokar bas apni behan ko nangi hote dekhe ja raha hai. Wo samajh nahi paa raha ki waha khada rahe ya bahar chala jaye. Tabhi achanak uski nazar apni behan ki gaand par padti hai joki patnty nikaalne ke liye aage jhuki hui hai. Kuch seconds ke liye use apni behan ki chikni safachat choot ke darshan hote hai aur isi 2-4 palo me apni behan ki choot ke hontho ko dekh kar use andaza ho jata hai ki uski behan choot shaadi ho jaane ke baad bhi ekdum fresh aur tight hai. Jaise hi uski nazar apni behan ki choot ke 1 inch ke fanse par uski gaand ke chhed par padti hai to jaise Raaj ko ekdum se 240 volts ka current lagta hai.

Ruchi apni panty nikaalti hai aur washbasin se apni bra utha kar bina peeche mude andaaze se hi dono cheeze darwaaze ke paas pade box me fenkti hai aur wapis apna ek haath se apni choot ko sehlana shuru karti hai aur dusre haath se apne boobs ko dabane lagti hai.

Ruchi ka nishana ekdum sateek hota hai. Roz jo rakhti hai wo us box me dhulne wale kapde. Lekin ye kiya……… Bra sidhe Raj ke haath par girti hai aur ek ungli me fans kar latak jaati hai aur Panty………..Uffff sidha Raj ke mooh par girti hai.

Raj ko kaato to khun nahi. Behan ki bra haath me, panty mooh par aur samne uski sagi behan nangi khade ho kar apni choot ko masal rahi hai aur uske mooh se uhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh kaaaashhhhhhhhhh koiiiiiiiiiii mil jaaa….. ye…… meri ……… randi ………. choooooooo ………..oooooooooot ko shaan………….t karne wala…………………. ahhhhhhhhhhh. Uski aankhe abhi tak band thi. Sun kar Raj ka fuse ud jata hai. Wo ekdum se garam ho jata hai. Uska lund tun se khada ho jata hai. Dusre haath se wo apne chehre par giri panty ko sambhalta hai. Wo panty ko apne chehre se hatana chahata hai lekin panty se uski behan ke badan ki madhosh kar dene wali mehak use rok deti hai. Panty ko sunghta hai aur apne hontho me bheench kar chusne lagta hai.

Tabhi achanak Ruchi turn karti hai aur ek hi jump me wo washbasin ke saht shelf par beth jaati hai aur dono pairo ko shelf ke upar rakh kar apni peeth ko diwaar ke saath tikaati hai. Ek haath choot par aaa hai aur wo use sehlaane lagti hai. Ruchi ka man apni choot me kuch daal kar maze lene ka hota hai aur wo apni band aankhein khol kar idhar udhar dekhti hai….

Tabhi uski nazar saamne khade Raj par padti hai jiske haath me uski bra aur dusre haath me panty ko pakad kar wo kabhi sungh raha hai aur kabhi kutte ki tarah apni lambi jeebh nikaal kar use chaat raha hai. Ruchi ka dimaag kaam nahi karta aur wo usi pose me bethe bethe chilla padti hai

Ruchi : Bhaiyaaaaaaaaaa………………………………………………..

Washroom me apne saamne apne bhai ko mooh par uski panty lapete dekhti hai aur uske bedroom me washroom ke door ke saamne ek anjaan aadmi khada hai blue paint aur sky blue shirt me. Ruchi ke hosh fakhta ho jate hai aur barbas hi uske mooh se cheekh nikal jaati hai………

Main Door par Delivery Man apni ghadi ki aur dekhta hai aur khud se kehta hai “Is bande ko paise lene gaye 5 minute ho gaye hai aur abhi tak wapis nahi aaya, aaj saala mujhe late karwa ke hi rahega….” Wo lagataar 3-4 baar door bell bajata hai par koi response nahi milta…. Use samajh nahi aata ki ab kare to kia kare, paise liye bina bhi wapis nahi ja sakta aur andar se koi awaaz bhi nahi aa rahi hai. 5 minute aur wait karne ke baad uska matha thanak jata hai aur wo andar jaane ka fainsla kar leta hai………

Wo darwaaje ke andar daakhil ho kar Raj ko dhoondte hue wo idhar udhar dekhte hue saamne wale room jisme usne Raj ko jaate hue dekha tha, ghus jata hai, room khali hai tabhi use washroom me darwaaje par use andar kuch halchal hone ka andaaza hota hai, wo pukarta hai… “Sir….. Please payment kar dijiye mujhe aur logo ke bhi orders deliver karne hai” Par use koi jawab nahi milta aur wo aage badh kar washroom ke darwaaje par pahunch jaata hai.

Darwaaje par pahunchte hi uski aankhein fati ki fati reh jaati hai. Saamne ki slab par ek aurat bilkul nangi bethi hai aur haath se apni ek dam saaf aur chikni choot ko sehla rahi hai. Uske badan par sirf ek mangalsutar hai jo uski dono 38 size ki chuchiyo ke beech jhul raha hai aur uske bilkul ½ feet ki doori par diwaar ke sath laga wo aadmi jo paise lene andar aaya tha, hath me us aurat ki bra aur mooh par uski panty lapeta khada hai.

Wo fir se us aurat ko dekhta hai. Uski choot ke jo ki na to pure kaale hai aur na hi gulabi, usme apni ungli dekar apne daane ko jor jor se ragar rahi hai.

Itna garam scene dekh kar uske lund me bhi halchal honi shuru ho jaati hai aur wo Raj ko gaali dete hue man ke kehta hai, “Madarchod kaise tharki miyaa biwi hai ye……….. Mujhe bahar paise ke liye wait karne ko keh kar andar thark bhor rahe hai, Behan ka lund kaise panty chaat raha hai kutte ki aulaad………. Is haramjaade ki jagah me hota andar washroom me to saali is raand ki choot ko faad ke bhosda bna dia hota ” aur ye sochte hue uska haath apne lund par chala jata hai.

Raj, apni behan ki panty ko ab puri masti me chus raha hai. Panty par Ruchi ki choot se nikla hua ras laga hai. Panty ko us hisse ko jo Ruchi ki choot ke ras se sarobaar hai, ko wo apne mooh me lekar choos raha hai. Ankhein band hai aur wo saatve asmaan me hai is baat se bekhabar ki koi bahar ka aadmi bilkul uske peeche khada un dono ko dekh raha hai.

Tabhi ek jordaaar cheekh gunjti hai

Ruchi : Bhaiyaaaaaaaaaa……………………………………………………………………………………………………………aaaaaaaaaaaaaa ………………………………………………………………………………. Tum andar kaise aa gaye [Ruchi us aadmi ko dekh kar bolti hai aur ek jhatke me neeche utar kar saari ko jaise taise karke apne badan par lapet leti hai.

aur sab hosh me aa jate hai. Raj ke haath se bra aur panty chhut jaati hai aur wo mud kar dekhta hai………

Raj : [Haklate hue, saanse tez chal rahi hai aur is situation ki wajah se thora uncomfortable bhi hai] Tum yaha kia kar rahe ho, tumhe to mene wohi rukne ko kaha tha na……….

Delivery Man : [Apni jhemp mitaate hue] Wait hi to kar raha tha aur kab tak wait karta??? Aap dono ka ye episode jaane kab khatam hota? Mujhe paise dijiye aur me jaayu…….. Aur haa, aise kaam band darwaazo me hote hai, khule aam nahi. Aap jaisa couple mene aaj tak nahi dekha…………………

Raj : Acha chup kar aur ye le paise, Keep the change, bhaag yaha se………. [Raj use 1000 ka note pakdaate hue waha se bhagata hai aur main door tak chor ke aata hai aur door ko lock karta hai aur akar sofe par beth jata hai chup chaap lekin uske dimaag ke andar khalbali machi hui hai]

Ufffffffffff, kia ho gaya aaj. Me Ruchi ke washroom me kaise pahunch gaya aur uski panty…. oh…… use khud par thora hairani hoti hai……………………. Aur ye harami ki aulaad, peeche peeche ye bhi andar aa gaya aur sab kuch dekh lia, kia sochta hoga ki kaise behanchod bhai-behan hai jo apas me hi lage hue hai…………………….. Aur Ruchi, use kia hua tha jo wo aise kapde nikaal kar beth gai washroom me………. Pyaasi hai shayad Ravi bhi to kaafi dino se yaha nahi hai………..

Ruchi washroom ka darwaja band karti hai aur jhat se shower lene lagti hai. Uske dimaag me ek ajeeb sa toofaan chal raha hai. Abhi abhi jo kuch hua, usne expect nahi kia tha. Kaise bhool gai wo ki ghar me uska bada bhai majood hai…… aur wo bina door lock kiye hi washroom me ye sab,….. kia ho gaya tha use…… kia sochte honge Raj bhaiya use is halaat me dekh kar…. Tabhi achanak wo chounk jaati hai…. Uske dimaag me ek pal ke liye wo drishye fir se ghoom jata hai jab Raj darwaaje ke bilkul saath khada tha aur uski panty uske mooh me thi………….. uffffffffffff meri panty Raj bhaiya ke mooh par,…… Oh noooooooooooooooo……. Bhaiya ka chehra meri panty se dhaka hua tha par wo ladka, usne to mujhe pura nanga dekh lia…….. kia soch raha hoga wo ki kaise bhai behan hai…… par nahi use kia malum ki ham bhai behan hai… Ruchi us ladke ke samne hue is haadse ko justify karne ki koshish karti hai……. par ab kia ho sakta hai,….. lekin ab me Raj bhaiya ka saamna kaise karungi……… isi kashmkash me wo lagbagh adhe ghante shower ke neeche bheeg kar khud ko normal karne ki koshish karti rahi………

Udhar Raj bahar betha apni udhed bun me laga tha. khud ko kos raha tha ki use kia jarurat thi Ruchi ke room me jaane ki. Na wo room me jata aur na wo Delivery dono bhai behan ko is halat me dekhta. Lekin ab kia bhi kiya ja sakta hai. Tabhi use khyaal aata hai ki Ruchi kaafi der se washroom me hi band hai. Thora ghabrata hai…. kia hua jo abhi tak nahi aayi….. kahi kuch………… ek ajeeb sa dar uske man me aata hai aur wo uth kar Ruchi ke bedroom ke darwaze par khada ho jata hai. Andar se shower chalne ki awaaz aa rahi hai lekin baaki sab kuch shaant……………… Raj bechain ho jata hai…..

Raj : Ruchi……… Ruchi………. Ruchi………… Tum washroom me ho?

koi reply nahi aata. Raj ghabra kar fir se room me enter karta hai aur washroom ke door par knock karte hue awaaz lagata hai……..

Raj : Ruchi…. Ruchi……………..

Andar shower ke neeche Ruchi ko jor jor se darwaaza peetne aur Raj ke chillane ki awaaz sunai deti hai aur wo apne khyaalo se bahar aati hai.

Ruchi : Ji Bhaiya……….

Raj : Tum kitni der se washroom me ho…….. bahar nahi aana kia…… Khana thanda ho jayega [Raj relief feel karta hai aur khud ko sambhal kar normal karne ki koshish karte hue kehta hai….]

Ruchi : Ji bhaiya…… bas 5 minute me aa rahi hu……….[ Uski awaaz me ek kampkampahat thi jise Raj mehsoos kar sakta tha]

Raj : Thik hai jaldi se aayo, me bahar wait kar raha hu……. [Keh kar raj wapis hall room me aa jata hai]

Ruchi bahut jiada confused hai. kia kare, kaise bhai ke samne jaaye, washroom me hi wo sharam se gadi jaa rahi hai. Kuch sochte sochte wo bina undergarments ke hi apni nighty pehnane lagti hai.

Tabhi achanak uske dimaag me khyaal aata hai……. Raj bhaiya to bahut pehle mujhe dekh chuke hai…… ab jo ho gaya so ho gaya…. mene kon sa jaanbujh kar dikhaya……………. Halanki wo apne is logic se santusht nahi hoti par man ko behlaane ke liye ye tark use thik lagta hai. Ruchi dheere dheere se washroom ka darwaaja kholti hai aur bahar aati hai.

Apne room se bahar aati hai aur dekhti hai ki Raj sofe par betha kuch soch raha hai. Shayad bhaiya bhi meri tarah preshan hai aur guilt feel kar rahe hai. Wo dheere dheere aage badhti hai, uske pairo ki payal ki madhur chan chan pure haal me gunjti hai………

Raj ka dhyaan chan chan ki awaaz se bhang hota hai aur wo mud kar dekhta hai. Samne se Ruchi aati hai blue nighty me, uske kandho tak khule baal geele hai aur aur paani ki boonde uske baalo se gir kar uski night ko bhigo rahi hai……… Nighty transparent to nahi lekin thora geeli ho jane ki wajah se bahut hi uttejak maalum ho rahi thi. Nighty ka gala bahut deep tha aur yakeenan agar Ruchi thora sa bhi aage ko jhukti hai to deep gale se uske cleavage clearly nazar aa jani thi. Ruchi kareeb aa jati hai. Dono khamosh hai aur dono ki aankho me thori der pehle hue haadse ki wajah se sharam hai. Raaj chupi todta hai……..

Raj : Ruchi, khana andar kitchen me rakha hai, Thanda ho gaya hoga, microwave me garam karna padega…..

Ruchi : Thik hai bhaiya, aap betho, me garam kar ke prosati hu…..

Raj : Ek kaam karo, chapati nahi mangwaai mene agar tumhe jarurat ho to apne liye bna lena, Me to bas beer ke sath non-veg hi lunga aaj.

Ruchi : Thik hai, fir me bhi nahi banati. Aaj non-veg se hi kaam chala lungi.

[Dono me baaton ka silsila shuru hone se dono thora sehal aur comfortable feel karte hai]

Ruchi : Bhaiya, khana kaha lagayu? Dining table par yaa for hall me hi le aayu, jaha aap comfortable ho?

Raj : Comfortable to me hamesha bedroom me hi hota hu. Aaj bhi mujhe bedroom me hi bed par beth kar khana khane ki adat hai, TV dekhte hue…….

Ruchi : Oh haa…. abhi tak aapki aadtein badli nahi hai…….. Thik hai me bed par hi paper bicha kar khana laga deti hu.

To be continued…….


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