Awesome Week With Sruthi Aunty

My name is Harish, I’m 25 yrs old. This story happened 5 months back with my neighbour. Her name is Sruthi (name changed) I’m from Hyderabad, working in MNC. Talking about Sruthi, she is 35 years old and mother of 2 kids with a sexy figure (34-32-36) and a naughty smile on her face.

Whenever I see her my chotu (dick) will become hyperactive. We greet each other whenever we see and during weekends we chat casually for a couple of minutes. Slowly we started talking more and it turned to personal life. She said her husband works for a marketing company and half of the month he will stay away from home and slowly expressing her personal life problems and how her husband treats her.

I understand that she is not satisfied with her sex life and I made myself free for some time daily to spend some time with her. We started chatting over mobile which turned to sexting. While chatting I told I like women on lingerie and saree which are transparent.

After 2 days of this chat her husband is going to out of station for a week on official work. Her kids also went to her grand mother’s house because of summer vacation. I use to speak with her husband casually and on the day of leaving he asked me to take care of her which I agreed happily.

I don’t know what’s in going on her mind but I made a plan to have sex with her in next whole week. I went and dropped her husband at the bus stand and while returning I bought a pack of condoms. After I reached home. I heard a knock on my door and when opened it was sruthi.

She came to check about my dinner Plans. Then We made a plan for dinner at near by restaurant and we came late night. She was wearing tight t-shirt and jeans and hugged me tightly on the bike which made my chotu became strong like rod and her boobs are pressing hard to my back.

I understand she is doing it purposely and made my mind to fuck her tonight. We reached home and she asked me to sleep in her home saying she is scared of sleeping alone. I agreed and went home to change the dress. After changing I went to her home rang the doorbell but she didn’t open the door and I tried knocking the door and when placed my hand on the door it opened as it was not locked from inside.

I entered inside and locked it. I called her and she responded from her bedroom saying 5 mins. I said ok and switched on TV. She came out, and I was shocked after seeing her. She was wearing red colour transparent saree with matching blouse with low neck and back too. I can easily see her cleavage and belly.

She asked me how am I looking. I said you are looking damn sexy, I’m feeling like hug you tightly. She gave a naughty smile came and sat next to me. Her boobs are touching my arm.

We started watching TV and I kept some romantic songs she was holding my hand now and talking to me very romantic and saying I’m happy that got some time to spend and I kissed on her lips instantly and she responded quickly and we lip locked for around 10 mins. I was holding her boobs while kissing and sometimes hips.

Her lips are very tasty and we exchanged saliva. I broke the kiss and started kiss on her neck and removing her saree which she helped me. She was on her blouse and petticoat.

She removed my nightdress and I became nude in seconds. She was shocked after seeing my 7 inches chotu and suddenly she took the chotu in hands and pressing very hard and kept in her mouth and gave blowjob and I’m pressing her boobs and trying to remove her blouse.

That was the best blowjob in my life. I released my fluids in her mouth and she drank everything. I removed her blouse and petticoat, and she is now on a bra and matching panty. I lifted her in my arms and took her to the bedroom and we started smooching each other.

I started kissing her pussy which made her go crazy and she was shouting like “gettiga naaku ba koruku” (lick hard and bite there).

After some 10 minutes she reached her orgasm and release her fluids which I drank. She asked me to insert chotu in her pussy and I followed her orders by saying shall I keep condom to which she said NO I want to feel chotu without condom and I tried to insert in her pussy. It is very tight and didn’t go in the first attempt after 2-3 attempts it went inside and I started giving slow strokes she is enjoying and shouting like anything room is filled with her shouting’s and my stroke sounds.

I fucked her for some 40 minutes and I was about to come. I told her that I’m coming and she asked me to release inside only as she is in her safe dates. I released inside her and it was flowing out like a volcano.

We slept like that and in the morning we got up and had bath together. While bathing we fucked there and we tried from back this time and I inserted in her ass which gave pain to her but later she enjoyed that. Like that we continued for next 6 days with different position and after that her husband came with bad news saying they are relocating to Mumbai. But we are in contact over chats and sexting daily and when ever her husband is away for office tours we do video chat and make ourselves happy.


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