Adventure In My Office

Hello everyone. I am new to ISS. I am here to share my adventure with you guys. Let me introduce myself first. I am Neha. I am 26 years old and I am from Indore. I belong to a strict and conservative family. I am very good looking and sexy girl. I use to watch porn movies secretly when I stayed in hostel at Bangalore.

I finished my BBA and applied for a job in an IT sector. I got a letter for an interview. The company was in Bangalore. So I left Indore and stayed with my friend Pooja in Bangalore. We had two days for the interview. My friend told me that getting a job is difficult in IT sector. They don’t recruit bachelor degree holders.

Pooja: I am surprised that you got a call for interview.

Me: I am already scared. I want this job badly. I need to get out of my strict family.

Pooja: If you flaunt yourself during the interview, you will be selected for sure.

Me: But how?

Pooja: Don’t worry. Lets go shopping and buy some clothes which makes you look sexy.

Me: I haven’t tried any of those clothes. I use to wear only saree or kurtha.

Pooja: Try some clothes I choose. You will like them.

We went to a mall and there we entered a branded clothing store. I have seen these kind of clothes only in movies. I loved to try them. I took all sexy and short clothes and tried them. I loved that experience. Finally I got to choose some sexy and reveling clothes in formals for my interview. I took a formal skirt with a long slit at the side which will show my thigh. I took the shortest formal skirt available. For the top, I choose a shirt with low cut. That will show my cleavage.

On the day of interview, I had a nice shower and was ready in my sexy formal avatar. To add more essence, I did not wear a bra so that my nipples would be visible. I did not believe my eyes when I looked myself at the mirror. I thought to myself, “if my parent sees me in this clothes, they would kill me”. But I am safe in Bangalore. I took and auto rickshaw to the office. On the way, the driver was looking at my boobs while driving through rear view mirror. I let him enjoy as he needs some entertainment now and then. So I purposely sat in one side and crossed my legs so that he could see my thighs through the slit in the skirt. He was staring as if he has never seen a girl’s thigh. I said, “Bhiya, Careful. Watch the road not the passenger”. He felt ashamed and dropped me in office.

I went to the reception and asked for the interview detail. The receptionist was also good looking (but not as good as Neha). She gave me the details and I was waiting for my turn. There were 40 people for the same job. One guy started to flirt. I kinda liked it but did not show it to him. We were told that there would be a written test. This guy, who was flirting, helped me in this written test and I got selected to next round. We were only five. We were two girls and three guys. Everyone finished their interview and finally it was my chance. I went inside and saw a good looking guy. May be he was 30. Looked like a married guy. He was looking hot and sexy too. I sat there with my legs crossed to show my thighs. He stared at my thigh and at my boobs as my nipples were sharp. He asked me formal questions first.

Manager: Why didn’t you do your higher studies?

Me: Sir, my family could not afford.

Manager: Call me Sanjay.

Me: Okay.

Sanjay: Why should I recruit you?

Me: I am good, punctual and love to travel a lot.

Sanjay: What do you like in a man?

Me: Punctual, good leadership, team player etc.

Sanjay: I am asking in general. Like what do you like in your boy friend?

Me: I don’t have one. If I should have one, I want him to be good looking, tall, punctual and he should take good care of me.

Sanjay: Be very specific. What do you like in him?

Me: Eyes.

Sanjay: Then? What else?

Me: That’s it.

Sanjay: I want straight forward people for this job. Tell me honestly.

Me: Everything in him.

Sanjay: Even his…..?

Me: Yes. Even his penis.

Sanjay got shocked and I am sure he got horny by this answer.

Sanjay: We also do marketing. We run out of models so we need our staffs to do modeling at times. So will you be comfortable?

Me: Of course. I love to model.

Sanjay: I need to see if you are fit for model. Stand up.

I stood before him. I gave some pose too like sides and back.

Sanjay: Will you be comfortable for lingerie kind of products.

I hesitated a lot. But I want this job very badly. So I said yes. He said he wants to see how do I look in inner wear for those products. I removed my skirt and said I am not wearing any bra. He gave me a towel and asked me to wear it like a strapless bra. I turned my back to him and removed my shirt. He was looking at my ass in panty and my naked back. I got ready and showed my front.

Sanjay: Did you know, I was joking about this model and promotions.

Me: Yes. I know that this company is purely into IT services.

Sanjay: You did this on purpose.

Me: Yes Sanjay. I like to get my body free in front of hot guys like you.

He gave me appointment order immediately and asked me to join next day. I will continue my story in next session.

I took same auto to my friends home. This time I gave very good view to the driver. He enjoyed a lot. He did not charge my this time.


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