I am Prashanthi .I was decent looking types. 5 ft 6 inches and slim and super fair but super dumb too. that comes free with this package, I guess.i have a sexy structure of 34-26-36
Prasu!!! my mom called again before Ireached towards my new bike. She repeated the mantra about speeding, indicator etc once again. I didn’t care much about all that. I just wanted to go the tuition class before mom would kill me with all these nonsense. I started the engine and took a U turn and blew a flying kiss to my mom and entered the main road. The truth was that I was not an expert bike rider. But I never showed it. The way to my tuition required me to go on the main road for 5 mins and then it’s through some “galli’s” where there was less traffic.
This was the first time I am riding alone and I had to take the bike for pooja in the temple near my tuition centre. I became over pious and wore a maroon saree with designs and work and a maroon matching blouse a black petticoat. Of course I wore a white bra and cream panty inside..i love wearing those sarees they look awesome on me.and the saree was bit transparent and the blouse was a designer one with only 3 hooks in front
So now you can imagine how deep it is.. and back was also very deep
I was driving fast and enjoying my ride and I completely missed that one strong horn of that Scorpio.I realized that I was going to die when the sound of the emergency brake of Scorpio tore into my ears which compelled my stupid brain to command my limps to press the damn brake.. I did it. I could see the ground rotate in front of my eyes as Scorpio hit my activa’s rear side. I fell down hard on the ground. I am not even married. I can’t die now..”God don’t kill me”, not a virgin at least. What stupid thoughts to think off even when i am dying. I knew something bad has happened to my thighs as pain there was unbearable and my hips got disengaged from the rest of my body.
My chest hurt too. I later realized it was the weight of the bike on my thighs that was causing all the pain. It was becoming unbearable, I knew I was dying cause no matter how hard I tried to open my eyes I could not. Suddenly the pain eased, I was getting lifted. So it was true, soul does exist and it goes away from the body after death. But I was not rising anymore. Such a short trip to heaven or hell , I couldn’t confirm.”Open your eyes”.. Please madam open your eyes.. Oh!!! so much respect.. it must be heaven, then… Yipeeee…I slowly opened my eyes. I saw a ordinary man with a grave expression on his face. Who recruited him in heaven? Fire the HR!
He was so happy to see me. I looked around, i was in the same place where i had the accident, i didn’t die after all… I regained my senses and the first thing i realized was that this earthly being had his arms around my waist.. Even though there was pain coming back to me from different parts of my body, i first tried to remove his hands off me. He realized that fast and made me sit on a big stone. He repeatedly asked me if i am ok. I did not reply cause I was not sure How many bones have been broken in my body.
My hip bones and 2-3 ribs were sure shot candidates. He looked at me to see what damage had happened. I wanted to abuse his entire Kandaan but I was unable to open my mouth. Unfortunately it was so deserted that no one even came running to thrash this Jerk.

He suddenly ran away from me to his car. I wanted to scream at him but i couldn’t. He opened his door and went inside. I noted his number so that if i get to see him again il abuse him left, right centre.
Surprisingly he came back with a bottle of water and gave it to me. I gave him a ugly stare but drank some water nevertheless. “Can you get up” he spoke. I glanced at him for the first time. He was not all that bad as i thought he was. There is a clinic nearby here .If you can come, we can check to find out if you are ok. I looked at him. i wanted to call mom but decided against it for obvious reasons. I tried to estimate the damage done to my new bike. It did not look in a bad condition. only some scratch. That can be easily hidden.
“Clinic “!!!! he said again. I gave him a confused look. Then he told me that he will park my active near the school nearby and he will come back and he will take me in his car to the clinic. I told him i ll do it myself without his help. He begged saying, he will cause no more harm and that he just has to get some peace of mind that he did not do me much damage. I acted reluctant but i finally agreed.
He drove my bike and came back after sometime. He said its parked near the school. He helped me get up. There was pain but it was bearable. He made me sit and closed the door. He started the car and drove slowly and took a different that i have not gone till now. He asked my name. i told its Prashanthi and asked his “Nitin” came the reply. He took some more turns and suddenly there was small clinic with a Name Dr Patel (M.D.)
He stopped the car. The place looked nearly empty. He opened the door for me and i walked slowly towards the entrance. Once inside. Nitin asked the only guy inside about the doctor. That guy was the compounder or something, he replied saying clinic is closed for lunch from 12 pm till 2 pm. so there was no one. Then he looked around to look at me. Nitin explained to him that i had a accident and wanted to check with the doctor if everything is ok.
The compounder eyed me from top to bottom. My saree was still in one piece. He said his name is Suresh and he operates the lab and also the X-Ray machines here. He was suddenly quiet for a moment and then replied that he can take a look at me and take some X rays and get the reports ready before the doc comes in again. There goes my tuition. Nitin looked convinced. He nodded but he again looked at me for approval.

I wanted to go home but mom would kill me if she found out that i had an accident. I also nodded.
The compounder came to me and looked at me from head to toe again. He went and closed the entrance of the clinic from inside and bolted it. He told Nitin that he did not want more patients as he was hungry and he will go for lunch as soon as he finished with me. He asked us to follow him to a small room. He then put on the lights and asked to sit on the chair. Nitin was standing towards my side. He asked me where do i feel the pain. I suddenly felt all the pain coming back to me. I told him that my ribs pained, my hips my legs and lower back was also hurting.
We need to take X ray of all these parts to confirm if there is any hairline crack in your bone. I got scared. He then asked me if there was any scratches. There was a burning feeling on my knees. I knew there was some bruise there and also behind my elbow. I pressed my knees for which Suresh replied that it needs dressing from stop it from septic.

What a day to wear a saree.. Suresh went inside and brought some sponge some medicine. He looked at me and told me to lift my saree. Wait a sec, what am i doing. I am alone inside a closed clinic with two guys around me and this guy is telling me lift my saree. What am i doing here. I was scared to create a scene there. So I slowly lifted my saree along with the petticoat up to my knees no more than that till everyone could see some scratch on my knees. Suresh cool caught my leg with his bare hands and straightened it and started cleaning it with water.
He lifted my saree a little bit more up in the process of applying the medicine and he covered it with sponge. I usually wear my saree high above my navel as mom has given me strict instructions to do so. So you feel pain on your ribs and hips, right? asked Suresh. I slowly replied yes. I was totally unaware of what was going to happen to me right after i said that. Suresh looked at me and then at Nitin and told him that he has to take me to X Ray room so that he can take X Ray. He told him to wait there as X Ray radiation is bad on prolonged exposure.
I slowly limped and followed Suresh to another room. As soon as i was inside he bolted the room from inside. I stopped myself from going into panic mode. After all X ray room is supposed to be closed right? Or is it not? I did not know. Should have studied biology properly in 12th Std. There was full lighting inside. He came up to me and told me to lie down on a table. There was a strange looking machine over it. He went inside another small room inside this room and came back wearing a green large coat. I was lying down on the table. He came and told me that he needs to take my chest X ray. I looked back at him unable to understand that statement of his. He stared back at me and when he realized I did not move at all. Madam your cloth material is very thick. It should not block the X Rays. The image won’t come correct. Now what was that. Cant X rays pass through clothes, i remember at least that much from chemistry classes.
No Madam it is difficult to take an X ray with Saree on. What!!!! i panicked. Its ok madam wont take long, it just takes few seconds. I was getting worried. He slowly touched my shoulder and removed the safety pin holding my pallu to the blouse. I was in turmoil inside my mind. I wanted to scream out loud and run away. but the sane part of my mind told me that its normal and after all he is a professional, no need to be ashamed in front of him. He would have seen thousand women pallu-less daily.
He looked at me and with a disgusted tone told me that he was getting late for lunch. I nodded.

In a jiffy, he pulled my pallu and dropped it. My Maroon blouse with hooks stared back at him. Since my saree was tied high above only some skin around my stomach was being shown to him. Little did i know this Bastards elaborate plans for me. He looked closely at my breasts and touched the last hook of my blouse and said its iron. Was it not stainless still. This will also interfere with the X Ray image. WTF!!! don’t tell me to remove that too.
See madam he went on” I am getting late for lunch and i want to finish with you fast”, now please co-operate with me. Saying this, he told me remove the blouse. In that confusion, my hands automatically went and unhooked the buttons of the blouse one by one. I did not remove the blouse. He immediately pulled my blouse apart and lifted my head and dragged it strongly removing it totally from my shoulders. My bra so small that it did not cover half of my breasts . I closed my eyes with shame. my cup of my bra started just above my nipples, so you can imagine how much breasts was on display for him.
He placed both my hands along the sides of my body, in case as a reflex if i would stop him from doing the most unthinkable action next. I had closed my eyes waiting for the whole thing to get over fast. But no, he had other plans on his mind. He waited for him to do something with the machine. But there was no movements. i opened my eyes to look at him staring at my ripe breasts at his finger tips. With me looking at him. He touched my shoulders and slowly pulled my bra straps along my shoulders.
I wanted to scream loudly for Nitin to come but no words came out. I wanted to cry no tears came out. The straps were coming down and down and it slid past my elbow and out of my arms. My bra’s hooks were behind. He slowly turned me half way around and inserted his hand and with a snap unhooked my bra. My heart stopped. I stared at him in horror he looked completely unmoved. He pulled my bra from either sides and it came off from my body as if it was a banana peel. He kept it to the side of my examination table.
He stared at me .I was topless . My nipples were erect, my breasts were big. I looked at him in fear and silence. He spread my shoulders. He then touched my left breast and caressed it as if adjusting it. He did that with my right breast also. There was full lighting in the room and his stare was drilling on to my breasts. He left me in that topless state and went inside another room. I felt Goosebumps on my breasts.
He came back and saw the Goosebumps. he wasn’t talking to me now. He was doing everything slowly now. he had his eyes on my bare naked breasts. At times he brushed his hands on my nipples as if clearing dust from it. He then left me in that position and went to that small room and came back with a container with some liquid in it. It smelled good though. Madam he said, i have to apply this lotion on your chest so that Xrays pass without obstruction and that your chest is free from xray radiation.
I had never heard of such a procedure before in my life. I gathered some courage and asked him that i have never heard of this before. He replied this is a new find and its is being used extensively nowadays. I said ok. He applied the liquid on both his hands and then with a loud clasp he cupped both my breasts and stated massaging my breasts mercilessly. My breasts were huge and it was pressing it and squeezing it.
He massaged my nipples extra carefully. I was enjoying it. He massaged my breasts for 5 mins nonstop. i was moaning but did not let the sound get louder. After some time he stopped. My pussy was loving the feeling. He then started slowly adjusting the xray machine and positioning it over my breasts. After a while he stopped adjusting the xray machine but started adjusting my breasts to align it to the xray machine. He touched me freely on my breasts with his bare hands. he slowly squeezed it in this process.
My breasts had brains of its own and does not follow orders of my brain most of the time. Nipples stood erect greeting every touch of his with more hardness. With little more squeezing and strokes he finally came to conclusion that the angle of incidence of the Xrays will give the correct image. He slowly switched off the lights and turned the red dim lights on. In the sudden darkness, i felt actually horny. He gave one more final press on both my breasts and meddled with the machine. He then went and switched on the lights again. He again came back to me and touched my breasts slowly and cupped it with both hands as if he is making sure everything went smooth.
He smiled at me. I gave him a faint smile back. Now he said lets take your hip bones Xray. I stared back at him. He acted as if i did not already understand what that meant. He did give me my bra and blouse back that means i am not allowed to wear it yet.He came near me and asked me to get up from the table and stand. I did as i was told. He looked at my bare breasts again and then his hands suddenly touched the saree tuck that went inside my petticoat. He inserted his hand from top of the saree and very slowly pulled the tuck out of the petticoat.
As the tuck came out, he started removing my saree from my body and threw it on the chair sideways. I was in petty coat in front of him. My petticoat was tied above my belly button. He asked me lie down again on the Xray table. I did as i was told again. He kept his hand on top of my stomach near the knot of the petticoat. I was getting hornier with every passing sec. His fingers lingered around my stomach for a longer time as if trying to tickle me. I closed my eyes waiting for it to snap open.
There was small pull and the knot gave away loosening my petticoat around my stomach. There was a black thread around my waist that my mom had tied. He purposely pulled down my petticoat very slowly exposing my navel inch by inch for his personal viewing pleasure. As he reached pulling down the petticoat till below my belly button, he stopped. I was in total flow with his actions and my body gave a sudden jerk due to this interruption. Shit my hips were responding to this stupid clinic in charge.
He then stretched his hand and rested his hand on my stomach before he about stripping me again. My breathing became more fast now. I was liking it so much. He continued pulling my petticoat and stopped it again when my panty line visible to him. My body was becoming restless now. He touched my hips and like magic my hips lifted. He pulled down my petticoat further down below my panty and pulled it down totally from my legs. I had my eyes shut. I was enjoying his every touch on my body.
My panty was actually a big one. it covered my entire pussy and butt. His hands came back on my thighs now, i left out a slow moan. He slowly slid his hands on top of my pussy. Then his hand went all the way on top of my navel. I need to massage your lower part again with oil again madam. i nodded. Saying this. His fingers crept inside my panty and pulled it down and took it out of my legs. I was naked now. He looked at me now. There was faint look of victory on his face.
He took the same lotion and applied it on his hands and started applying it on my bare stomach. he slowly moved it down and covered my belly button with that lotion. My body was responding to his every touch with excitement. He moved his hands and split my legs and looked at my vagina. It was wet and leaking. He wiped that liquid with his bare fingers. He then applied that liquid inside my vagina. I felt out a loud moan. I could not control it more. He continued to apply the massage on my vagina for sometime. I was shaking with pleasure.
He then turned me around and started applying that lotion on my butt, even in the interiors. I was enjoying it to the max by then. He turned me around and asked to lie still and then changed the lights and turned on the red ones and this time took my xray of my hips. he then again switched on all the bright lights. I was still feeling extremely horny. He then told me that he needs to wash away the lotion with water. I node.
He asked to stand and took me to another room which was a bathroom. He turned on the shower . He told me that he has to remove his clothes as it might also get wet. Saying this he removed his green coat. He wasn’t wearing a shirt below that he then slowly removed his pants and stripped to his underwear. I looked at him in amazement. This is going to be the loveliest day of my life. I looked at his penis which was so enlarged that it was trying to tear out of the underwear. He slowly pulled me under the shower.
Warm water hit all parts of my body. he stood little far away from me letting me get drenched .

He stopped the shower. I had water dripping through all parts of my body now. He came near me and slowly pulled down his underwear. i looked at his erect look with amazement. it was huge. It stood up instantly and the underwear came out. I moved a little closer to him. My hands automatically moved towards his organ. I clutched it. it was his time to give out a soft moan. He started feeling it slowly.
He took soap and started applying it all over my body. First my breasts. then my butt my pussy.. i did not let go off his penis. I moved the skin back and forth. He started massaging me faster. I bend down on my knees. My mouth came in same height of his organ. I had never done this before in my life. His Organ was inches from my lips. I pulled back his foreskin to the maximum extend possible. Then i parted my lips and lets his penis head touch my tongue. He shivered. I licked the head of his penis slowly. it was lovely.
Suddenly he was in my control. i increased the intensity of licking.he was monning fast aaaaaah faster prasu aaaaaaaa prasssssssssssuuuu He suddenly became stiff. i pushed his penis inside my mouth and slowly sucked with my tongue the swollen head of his penis. I gave him long kisses on his penis and licked from top to bottom. I pressed his balls. He was loving it. i sucked his penis like a lollypop. He became turbulent now. i did not remove his penis from my mouth. He cum heavily inside my mouth. The load was so much and the force was intense.
Some of his seamen went directly inside my stomach. Rest of the spray hit my lips cheeks and nose. My face was covered with his cum. I let it remain. I was in full mood and there was a knock at the door suresh went to open it but i didn’t bother covering my self, now nitin seeing me naked in the shower got immediately naked and showed his lovely cock
.i could smell the familiar smell of seamen of his penis near me. asleep. He turned my face to his direction. He slowly tried to push his penis inside my mouth.and i opened it fully and started sucking his enormous cock With lust meanwhile suresh started playing with my boobs and driving me crazy…
He gave me a kiss on my breasts. He went down and kissed my vagina… I looked at him and then at his large penis. I bend forward and kissed him on his lips. He became very confident. nitin parted my legs and started licking my vagina at a faster pace. I hugged him. His hands exploring my breasts. When he saw that my vagina has expanded more he slowly inserted his penis inside me. I hugged him harder. My breasts pressing against his face.
His monstrous cock has made way into my pussy,it pained initially but started enjoying the feeling that i am no more a virgin

He started rhythmically fucking me and suresh was pinching and stroking my boobs and kissed my face . I was loving it. With each thrust his penis went deeper inside and i finally burst out into orgasm.but he still continued He took out his penis and put it in my mouth. Now nitin again arousing me by fingering me and when i got into the mood. started keeping his cock in my pussy and He fucked me like a rabbit now i was enjoying both cocks one in mouth and one in pussy and they fucked me like that for ten mins nitin cummed in my mouth and i swallowed each and every drop of his cum.suresh continued his fucking and i reached an another orgasm.meanwhile nitin bought a cam from his car and started shooting all the fucking session even though i want to resist but couldn’t bcoz of extreme enjoyment from sureshs cock and he finally cummed in my pussy We both lay on the table naked. It was 2 o clock by now. Suresh asked us to pack up. . I wore my saree and Suresh checked my Xray.but still nitin was hot as he cummed only once and wanted another session with me and asked suresh about it.then suresh thought for a while and called his doctor and made a false excuse and made sure that dr. Don’t reach the clinic .
Now nitin asked suresh to record as he gonna fuck me.they wanted it like a 1st nite and they planned something and made me wait in a room and bought me makeup kit to get ready and flowers and some imitation jewelry an went out of the room.i came out in half an hour fully ready and was looking amazing like a newly wed girl.they turned that x-ray room into a firstnite room.. as i entered into the room i was getting exotic with smell of the flowers and scent.nitin slowly took me and placed on bed and started kissing me and removed my pallu.. and started pressing my boobs and gave me big liplock and now moved down kissed my neck and started licking my cleavage over my blouse and started pressing my navel by inserting a finger as i tied saree much below my navel he then removed my jacket and bra and piched my nipples and sucked my big breasts and tucked my saree from petticoat. I was moaning heavily and suresh was recording all this.he removed my petticoat and panty in one stretch and inserted a finger into it and started moving and i was moaning ahhh fuck faster ahhhh he suddenly stopped and made me sit on kneels and asked me to suck his cock .and was moaning bitch suck my cock aaaaah come u..ahh u r a pro .. u r a randi.. i enjoyed all those talks and was sucking his huge dick.he asked me to stop and asked me to ride his cock and he slept on the bed. I positioned my pussy over his cock and slowly taken his cock into my pussy and was moving up and dowm with my boobs and jewellery swinging up and down and nitin was pressing my boobs strongly.seeing all this suresh became horny and asked nitin as he wanted to join then made me sleep on my side with his cock still in my pussy .suresh came from back and suddenly inserted his cock in my ass i was in hell and asked him to remove his cock.he removed it and applied some lotion over his cock and my ass and started inserting it into my ass slowly strokes were becoming stronger and faster and nitin started fucking my pussy.. i slowly started enjoying again with one in my pussy and one in my ass. Ilost virginity to both my ass and pussy in the same day they started fucking me hard and called me a slut and pinched and slapped me all over.aaahh i was moaning all the time after sometime they interchanged there positions and again fucked me.atlast they reached climax and both of them cummed on my face and mouth.and i had a tekila shot of cum. I slept for one hour on bed as i was tired .after one hour i woke up they were seeing my nude body and enjoying it and asked for another round but i was getting late so i said no but i promised them another time as they persuaded constanty.and wore my saree back and came out with nitin
I thanked him. Nitin dropped me to the place where he had dropped my bike. I looked normal. I went back home. Mom was happy to see me back in one piece. She told that just because she keeps advising me i have come back without any damage. I smiled at her and told her thanks. i am better off being dumb all my life..


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