This is another story of my heroine Aarti with her fucker Zaheer. Aarti and Zaheer were lovers from college life. Not only lovers, but Aarti was the best bed mate for Zaheer. The various ways and places Aarti got fucked by Zaheer were countless. Zaheer’s friends not only knew about this affair but they were witness to many a cock sucking sessions by Aarti. Also they had seen Aarti practically nude many a times and Aarti though first was ashamed to be naked in front of Zaheer’s friends later was very casual about it. Many a times Zaheer’s friends had even smooched and played with her.

It was a foregone conclusion that Zaheer inspite of all this would marry Aarti. But when Aarti’s parents came to know about this affair, they totally stopped Aarti from meeting Zaheer and got her married off in a hurry far from their city. Zaheer was heart broken as he had told Aarti to run away from her house and they would elope, but Aarti at the very last moment backed out.

2-3 years passed but even now Zaheer hadn’t forgotten his lover and sex mate. After Aarti’s marriage, Zaheer too finished his education and now had a good job. Though his job required him to travel a lot, he was happy about it for 2 reasons. The first was he was away from his home town and the 2nd most important was that many a times he would be in Aarti’s town which gave him a chance to meet Aarti.

Though Zaheer didn’t know how Aarti would react after meeting him, Zaheer for old times sake wanted to meet Aarti once.

It was on one such fine morning when Zaheer saw a women doing window shopping in front of the hotel he was staying. That lady was in a red chiffon sari with sleveless blouse. The back was dangerously low cut and the sari was wrapped so tight that Zaheer could make out the ass countours as well as the panty design of that lady. Seeing that lady, Zaheer was remined of Aarti who too wore such type of sari’s when she used to be with Zaheer.

When that lady turned her face a bit, Zaheer thought it was Aarti. He wasn’t sure and so to confirm if it was Aarti herself, Zaheer got up and went behind that lady. When he heard that lady speak to the shop keeper he was 100% sure that it was Aarti, his Aarti, his sexy hot sex mate. Zaheer tapped her shoulder and said, “Excuse me madam.”

That lady turned and seeing Zaheer said, “Aare Zaheer tum?” Aarti was surprised as well as happy to see her ex-lover and ex-fucker.

Zaheer looked at Aarti and said, “Haan…..long time….no…tum kaise ho Aarti?”

Aarti with a twinkle in her eyes replied, “Thik hoon Zaheer tum kaise ho?”

Zaheer with a dejected tone said, “Bas chal rahe hai……”

Seeing Zaheer sad face and dejected tone, Aarti asked, “Kyon aaisa bolte ho tum Zaheer?”

But Zaheer changed the topic & asked, “Aarti teri shaadi waadi ho gayi. Kaise hai teri married life?

Aarti seemed happy with her married life and said, “Haan Zaheer yeh dekho mangalsutra. Bus chal rahi acche se meri shadi shuda zindagi. Aur bol Zaheer teri shadi hui?”

Zaheer looked calmly and replied, “Aarti I’m still a bachelor, I can’t think of anybody else. Anyway how’s YOur married life?”

Now even Aarti sadly said, “Thik hai Zaheer.”

Zaheer looks deeply in Aarti’s my eyes & asks, “Why……no happiness on your face Aarti? Tare pati ka naam kya hai aur kidhar kaam karte hai woh?”

Now Aarti quickly changed her expression & said, “Nahi Zaheer, mai khush hoon meri shadi se, mare pati ka naam Ajay hai. Waise chalo na kahi baithke coffee pite pite baate karte hai.”

Zaheer too doesn’t press the topic further and agreeing to Aarti said, “Thik hai aarti chalo saamnewali hotel mai chalte hai.”

They both cross the road & enter the restaurant. Its the same hotel where Zaheer has a room. They went to the family room which was hardly occupied & sat opposite to each other.
Baithne ke baad Zaheer coffee order karta hai aur Aarti ki aankho mai aankhe daalke kehta hai, “Aarti I miss you a lot dear. Tum Ajay ke saath khush ho kya dear?”

Aarti sadly replied, “Zaheer I too miss you a lot par ab yeh bolke kya faida? Jab waqt tha tab maine tera saath nahi diya aur Ajay se shadi kar baithi. Tujhse maine sab share kiya bus shadi nahi ki tujhse. Maine tujhse shadi nahi ki, to ab kharab lagne se kya faida?”

Zaheer replied, “Haan sahi baat hai Aarti. Lekin kitne ache dino thay na hum dono ne jo guzare. Aarti I miss all those days.”

While saying this Zaheer touched Aarti’s legs with his legs unknowingly but kept it there. Aarti with a shock removed her legs & said, “Haan Zaheer, purane din kitne acche thay na? Lekin tum kyon woh din miss kar rahe ho?”

In reply Zaheer tooks Aarti’s hand in his hand and caressing her my feet with his feet said, “Pata nahi, shayad I still love you.”

Aarti making a feeble attempt to free her hand asked, “Really Zaheer? Lekin abhi bhi mujhe kyon chahate ho tum?”

In reply Zaheer pressing her hand more firmly replied, “Nahi Aarti koi nahi aayega yahan, waise tum bhi mujhse pyaar karti ho na Aarti?”

Aarti’s didn’t reply to Zaheer’s question instead said, “Lekin mera haath choodo. Zaheer ab mai shadi shuda ladki hoon.”

Lekin ab Zaheer Aarti ka haath aur acche se pakadke bola, “Sach bolo na Aarti please, don’t you love me even now? Kya tumko shadi ke baad kabhi bhi meri ya hamare risto ki yaad nahi aaye? Kya tum bhool gaye woh baate, woh saath, woh raate aur woh chudai?”

Aarti looked here & there to see if someone is seeing them & said, “Please Zaheer beete dino ki baate jane do.”

Still holding Aarti’s hand Zaheer gets up and comes near Aarti. Involentaryly Aarti moved a bit inside making space for Zaheer to sit near her. Zaheer put his hand over Aarti’s shoulders & with other hand turning her face towards him said, “Aarti I still love you so much darling. Tell me dear tum mujhe chahte ho ki nahi? Tum kaise bhool sakte ho sab? Tumko bahut acha lagta tha na mere saath chudai karne ko?”

Aarti getting a little afraid by Zaheer’s actions & says, “Please Zaheer aaisa mat karo. Koi mujhe dekhega to meri badmani hogi.”

But Zaheer dosen’t pay any heed to her request & says, “Hum kitni baar chudai kiya karte thay na Aarti, kitne baar tera nanga badan mare niche tha, lund teri chut ya gaand ya muh me dalta tha mai aur in mast chuchiyo ko masal masal ke choosta tha na? Tujhe yaad hai Aarti tu kaise mere uppar aake teri chut aur gaand marwake leti thi? Aur mujhse aapne mamme kitni berehmi se masalke chut chudwati thi? Kitne baar tu mere dosto ke saamne mera lund chusti thi, kitni baar unke saamne nangi ghumi thi, kitni baar mere dosto ne tera smooching karte tere mamme masle thay, kya tum woh sab bhool gayee Aarti?”

Itna kehte Zaheer Aarti ki chuchiya blouse ke uppar se masalne laga. Aarti getting more afraid trying to remove Zaheer’s hand from over her blouse say, “Oohh Zaheer please yeh kya kar raha hai meri chuchiyo se, koi dekhega na.”

Lekin Zaheer ek haath Aarti ke blouse mai daalke uski nangi chuchi masalte aur doosre haath se Aarti ki jhang sehlane lagta hai. Atlast Aarti asked, “Aakhir tu chahata kya hai?”

Aarti ki chuchiya masalte Zaheer bola, “Aarti mai aaj phirse tujhe chodna chahata hoon. Waise woh din kitne acche thay na Aarti? waise tera pati kaisa hai bistar mai, tujhe poori tarah se maaza deta hai kya woh chudai ka? Such such bolo Aarti,kya tera pati mare jaise tujhe chodta hai kya?”

Jaise hi Zaheer Aarti ko uske aur uske pati ke bistar ke karnamo ke baare mai poochta hai, Aarti apna sir Zaheer ke khando pe rakhte aasu bhare aankho se boli, “Zaheer mera pati mujhe satisfy nahi karta, maine kitni raate bistar mai aaise hi guzari hai, tab mujhe teri bahut yaad aaye Zaheer.”

Hearing Aarti’s reply Zaheer gets happy aur Aarti ki jhange sehlate woh Aarti ki blouse ka hook kholke uski nangi chuchiya bahar nikalke unko masalte bola, “Kya hua Aarti, kyon roti ho darling? Jo bhi hai mujhe bolna yaar. Aarti you do one thing, is hotel mai mera room hai udhar chal aur mujhe sab bata. Chalegi kya?”

Zaheer se apni chuchiya bahaar nikalne se Aarti thoda darti hai lekin usse bina roke ulta pant ke uppar se Zaheer ka lund sehlate boli, “Oh Zaheer tu meri chuchiya kyon bahaar nikalke daba raha hai? Uffffff Zaheer tune mujhe chua to mai madhosh ho gayee raja.”

Tab Aarti ke blouse ke knots kholke Zaheer pallu ke niche se Aarti ki nangi chuchiya masalte bola, “Aarti meri rani mai aaj tujhe phir chodna chahata hoon. Aarti tujhe aaj bhi bra nahi pehnane ki aadat hai rani. Dekh teri chuchiya kaise mast lagti hai sirf blouse mai.”

Aarti ka blouse kholke uski chuchiya nangi karne se Aarti darke boli, “Oh Zaheer tu to mujhe yehi nanga kar raha hai. Chalo tare room mai chalte hai.”

Saying this they both get up. Aarti waise hi pallu ke niche open blouse mai aapni chuchiya chupake Zaheer ke saath chalne lagti hai. Chalte chalte Zaheer says, “Aarti tu is lal sari mai ekdum chikni dikhti hai, lal sari aur yeh sleeveless blouse mai tera badan sahi mai chodne ke layak jaisa dikhta hai. Mujhe to lagta hai tera chutiya pati tujhe chodta hai nahi. Dekh na mare thoda tare badan se khelte hai tu kaise chudane tayyar hui.”

Feeling happy kyonki Zaheer aaj itne dino baad phir usse chodnewala hai Aarti says, “Haan Zaheer sahi mai Ajay mujhe satisfy nahi karta. Ab dekhna shadi ke baad usne mujhe kabhi bhi dil bharke choda nahi.”

Zaheer Aarti ki gaand sehlate bola, “Aarti jane de mai ab tujhe bahoot chodunga aur tujhe shant karunga. Tare badan ko kaise shant karna hota hai yeh tare is poorane chodu ko maloom hai meri kuttiya.”

Now they were in the room. Jaise woh dono room mai aate hai Zaheer locks the door aur Aarti ko piche se pakadke uski sari ka pallu girate aur uski nangi chuchiya masalne laga. Aarti ne bhi apni gaand Zaheer ke lund pe ragadne shuru ki. Aarti ki chuchiya maaze se masalte Zaheer bola, “Ooh Aarti tera yeh badan aaj bhi mujhe waise hai lagta hai jaise shadi ke pehle tha.”

In reply Aarti puts her hands behind & playing with Zaheer’s lund said, “Haan Zaheer teri chudai se hi meri chut shant hoga raja. Tu jaise noch-noch ke mujhe chodta tha woh kuch aalag hi tha. Aur phir tere dosto ke samne tera lund chusna, unke samne nangi ghumna, nange sab kaam karna, Rafik aur Ali se kissing karke unko mere jism se khelne dena, bada maaza aata tha. Zaheer kaash mai teri biwi ban gayee hoti to aaj mujhe tujhse chori chupe chudwake nahi lena padta.”

Tab Zaheer ne Aarti ki sari poori kholke aur petticoat ka nada khola jo niche gir gaya. Ab Aarti sirf red panty mai thi apne purane chodu Zaheer ke samne. Sirf red panty mai Aarti ka jism dekhke Zaheer bola, “Haan rani aagar mai tera miya hota to tujhe chod chod ke behaal karta meri kuttiya rani. Dekh meri Aarti tu to is red panty mai ekdum raandi lagti hai. Chal ab ghoom jaa aur aapne poorane aashiq ka lund le muh mai aur choos daal mera lund aapne gulabi hooto se.”

Aarti ne ghoomke Zaheer ki pant kholke uska lund bahaar nikalke knees pe baithke kaha, “Zaheer tu mujhe kuttiya, raandi aaise kyon bolta hai? Mai to teri premika hoon na?”

Aarti ke dono mamme baari baari dabate Zaheer bola, “Nahi Aarti tu meri lover thi lekin ab shadi ke baar aagar mujhse chudwana chahati hai to tu meri raand hai samjhi meri rakhail hai tu. Chal raandi le mera lund muh mai aur choos.”

Zaheer ab bistar pe let jata hai aur Aarti uske pairo ke bich mai baithkar uska lund choosne lagi. Kyonki Aarti ko Zaheer ka lund apni chut, muh aur gaand mai lena tha, Zaheer ke lund se apna jism jee bharke chudwana tha, usne Zaheer ki gandi galliyo ko dil pe nahi liya aur Zaheer ka lund chusne lagi. Zaheer ne zara uthke Aarti ka sir pakadke aapne lundse uska muh chodne laga aur aapne knees se Aarti ki chuchiya masalne laga. Aarti ka muh aapne laude se chodte chodte Zaheer bola, “Uuffffffff hai Aartiiiii aaj bhi tu waise hi lund choosti hai jaise pehle choosti thi rani. Aur zorse choos meri kuttiya, yeh le yeh le aur le.”

Aarti ab Zaheer ka lund aur zorse choosne lagi aur phir uski gotiya bhi chooste phir Zaheer ki tange failake aapni tounge Zaheer ki gaand mai bhi daalke ab uski gaand chattey chattey Zaheer ke lund ko muth marne lagi. Pehle Aarti se aapna lauda chuswake aur phir gotiya aur ab gaand chatwake Zaheer khush hote bola, “Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh saaaliiiiii kya mast chat rahi hai meri gaand, aur chat daal aapni jaban meri gaand mai aur aapni jabanse meri gaand maar saaliii uuuuffff. Mera lund ko aur zorse hila saali meri Hindu raandi.”

Tab Aarti aapni chut Zaheer ke muhpe lati hai aur Zaheer ab Aarti ki chut chatne aur gaand mai ungli karne shuru karta hai. Aarti uski chut Zaheer ke muh pe ragadte boli, “Hhai Zaheerrrrrrr aur chatttttt meri yeh garam Hindu chut bahoot dino se pyaasi hai raja teri rani ki chut haiiiiiiiiuuuuiiiiiiii maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.”

Aarti ki gaand mai 2 ungliya daalke aur uski chut chooste Zaheer bola, “Meri rani ki nahi meri raandi ki chut hai yeh. Meri raandi ka mast kamsin badan hai yeh. Mai tera yaar aur tu meri rakhail hai samjhi meri kuttiya rani?”

When after 10-15 minutes of fucking Zaheer is on the verge of cumming he removed his lund from Aarti’s chut, got up & putting his wet lund in Aarti’s mouth & two fingers in her chut said, “Yeh le raand saale choos le mare lund ka paani. Tu to saali ekdum chinal hai. Dil to karta hai tujhe abhi bhagakar le jau aur zindagi bhar meri raand banke nangi karke rakhu. Leeeeeee piii meraaaaaaaaa paaniiiiiiiiii.”

Aarti kept sucking & drinking Zaheer’s cum till it finised & with Zaheer’s finger in her chut Aarti too came. Aaise chudai ke baad Zaheer ne Aarti ko nangi hi aapni bahoo mai leke so gaya.



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