aap Beti ki Chudai ki Kahaniyaan

My mother and father named me Diane when I was born and I grew up in a very loving family. We were happy most of the time, but when there was sadness, we consoled each other and did whatever we could to support each other.

I continued to live with dad after mom died a few months ago. I encouraged him to go out, make friends, and date. I keep the house clean and do the usual things to keep the household running. Dad did go out on a date a few times, but he seemed unhappy.

I have a boyfriend named Bill. My relationship with him became sexual after we had dated three times. We only date about twice a week because I like to go out with others now and then I often stay out late at night, but I always come home to our house to sleep in my own bedroom. I usually get up to make breakfast for myself and dad before we both go to our jobs.

One night dad came home after dating a girl. I had just returned home after being in bed with Bill. I could see that dad had a few drinks and he looked so sad.

“Dad, you don’t look so good.”

“Diane, I feel like hell. I think I need another drink.”

It was Friday night and we didn’t have to get up early in the morning. If he needed more to drink to get him to talk, no problem. I went into the kitchen and mixed both of us a drink.

“Here, dad, sip this drink and tell me your troubles. As you know, we always pulled together whenever anyone had a problem.”

“I’m so despondent since your mom died. There isn’t any girl in this wide world that can take her place.”

“I agree with you. Mom was a wonderful mother to me.”

“I shouldn’t say this to you, but tonight I thought about sex with my date. She was more than willing, but I just couldn’t go through with it.”

“Dad, maybe it will take you a little longer to get used to being without mother. Surely, there are sexy girls out there your age who will appeal to you.”

I sipped the last of my drink and put the glass down.

“Dad, our drinks are gone. Let’s change into our night clothing and meet here in the living room for a night cap.”

When I returned to the living room, dad had already mixed drinks for us. He was sitting on the couch and I sat in a chair facing him. We talked about his problem with dating and some other things. He kept mentioning that no one could replace mom. He started weeping.

I got up to sit by him on the couch to hug and console him.

He sadly said, “I’m so despondent. I don’t know what I would do if you weren’t here with me.”

“Dad, I love you and want to help you.”

“Yes, daughter dear, you are the only one I can rely on. If you ever left me, I might as well die.”

“I knew it was the drinks talking because he had always liked living and doing things.”

I hugged him tighter causing his head to slump to my bosom. I’m sure he could feel my breasts through my clothing. I was wearing a long night shirt that buttoned down the front.

By now he had stopped weeping and seemed to be resting comfortably in my arms. I wanted to make him feel better. What could I do?

I thought if he could feel my bare skin, it might make him feel a little closer to me and I could comfort him more. I unbuttoned the top buttons of my night shirt to expose the tops of my breasts. His cheek nuzzled between my breasts.

He softly said, “Diane, you are a very caring daughter.”

“Thank you, dad, for saying that.”

I thought it might make him feel even better if I unbuttoned another button. Now I was cuddling his head against more of my skin. I felt his nose touching one of my nipples, then realized I had completely exposed my breasts. That was alright with me if he was happy feeling this close to me.

Before I knew what was happening, he was kissing my nipple. My first instinct was to get up, but then I had compassion for him and let him continue. My nipple became hard and felt good. Then dad seemed to “wake up” and sucked on the other nipple. I didn’t know quite what to do. I couldn’t believe my dad was making sexual advances to me. Was he too drunk to know what he was doing? I held his head to my breast while he continued to caress my nipples. I was becoming sexually stimulated.

Then my mind wandered back a few years ago when I was a senior in high school and my big brother, Jim, was a freshman in college. He was a big jock in high school and had all the girls he wanted. But now in college he was a little fish in a big school. One day when we were home alone, he started teasing me for being a virgin. One thing led to another and I gave him a blow job. He wanted to fuck me, but I was afraid of getting pregnant. The next time we were alone, we both stripped off naked and did it in the six nine position. His cock was big and he shot gobs of cum in my mouth while I was having two or three orgasms.

After that second time, we often found ourselves alone, but I didn’t let him fuck me until a couple years later when I was on the pill. He was the one who took my virginity. Now he is married and we see each other often.

Before my brother married Susan, he told her he had a sexual relationship with me. She didn’t mind. Jim and Susan invited me over to their house for dinner. As the evening wore on and the drinks flowed, Susan enticed me into bed with her for my first adventure with a girl to girl situation. She gave me two pleasurable orgasms while I reciprocated. Jim became very sexually turned on watching. He soon had his turn to fuck me. He wildly rammed his cock in me and fucked me very fast. Susan was holding his balls and massaging our butts. His big cock seemed to get bigger as he was building up to blast in me. He yelled as he filled my pussy with a large amount of cum. His body shook and shivered until he finally calmed down. My orgasm was fantastic. Sex with Susan was great, but I really preferred Jim’s big hard cock in my mouth or pussy.

My mind returned to present situation with my dad. I was practically naked and my dad was nuzzling and sucking my breasts. I had always thought my dad was handsome but never had any sexual feeling for him because he was my loving father. He admitted that he has had no sex since mom died. What should a dutiful daughter do to help? I was not a virgin anymore and I was on the pill. Also, I liked sex very much. Bill and I were fairly matched in our sex desires, but, I didn’t know anything about dad. If I could have sex with my brother and his wife, what’s wrong by having sex with my loving dad?”

I decided to feel his cock. I found it very hard and exciting to hold. He squirmed when I squeezed it.

He said, “Diane, that feels good, but we better stop before we go too far.”

“Dad, you have always been so good to me. I want to please you and make you feel like living again. It worries me when you said you wanted to die.”

“I didn’t really mean that. I want to live and enjoy life. Diane, I want to see you get married and give me grandchildren.”

“I think I can help you enjoy living, Dad. You are a man and I’m a woman. You have raised me with loving care and always looked out for my welfare. Now I want to return a little of your kindness and love.”

He didn’t say anything. I assumed he was sexually excited enough to continue.

“Dad, stand up and let your pajamas drop down.”

While he was doing that, I quickly unbuttoned the remaining buttons down the front of my night shirt. I noticed he had a very big erection. It was pointing straight at my face since I was still sitting down. I held it, then licked the precum. I felt his body give a small sexual shiver. I took his cock in my mouth while holding his balls. He pushed it fully in with a jerk of his butt which nearly gaged me. I pulled back to lick around the head and go down on him as far as I could.

Without much notice, he began to shoot in my mouth as his body sexually spasmed. He became weak in the knees, so I put my arms around his butt to help steady him on his feet. I did my best to consume all his cum because I didn’t want any to drip on me or the couch. His cock finally quit jerking and started becoming smaller. I kept it in my mouth to savor the remaining cum until cock nearly fell out.

Dad looked down at me and exclaimed, “That was wonderful. Diane, you really are sexy and good at that.”

Maybe he was wondering where I got all the experience. I don’t think he was aware of all my sexual contacts.

He sat down beside me, put his arms around me to pull me tight. Nothing was said as we both had our thoughts about what had happened. I had given my lonely dad a blow job. My night shirt was unbuttoned all the way down front which allowed dad to see much of my body. He had hugged me tight, now he started removing my night shirt from my shoulders to let it drop. I stood up to let it drop to the floor.

He looked my body up and down, “Daughter you have a beautiful body. I really never noticed it before. However, I haven’t seen you completely naked for many years. You have grown into a beautiful and lovely girl. Very sexy, too, I might add. I’ll bet the boys would sure like to taste your loveliness.”

“Dad, I have a confession to make. I don’t know how you are going to take this, but I want to tell you the truth.”

Dad looked very intently at me.

“Dad, I lost my virginity a long time ago. Bill and I have sex regularly.”

He responded, “Oh well, I expected that. The way things are today, anyone dating a few times would have sex or they would break up.”

“But Dad, I have another confession to make and I don’t know how you are going to take this.”

“Go ahead and tell me.”

“Dad, brace yourself. I’m have a sexual relationship with my brother Jim and his wife.”

Dad looked astonished. “That, I didn’t anticipate. You mean to say you get in bed with Jim?”

“Yes dad, and I get in bed with Susan, too.”

Dad seemed to be shocked, but then he smiled at me to say, “Well, if you really like it that way, go ahead, but that really surprises me.”

“Another thing, Dad, I’m going to tell them that you and I had sex.”

“Wait a minute. Should you?”

“Yes, there will be no secrets in our family. Susan is very opened minded when it comes to sex. She might even be willing to have sex with you.”

That really took dad by surprise, but he didn’t say anything.

Dad’s cock was becoming hard again while we talked about sex.

“Dad, let’s go in your bedroom where we will be more comfortable.”

I led dad to the bedroom and we got on the bed. I took the initiative because he seemed a little shy to be in bed with me.

“Dad, how would you like to fuck me. Do you want on top, or do you want me on top to ride you, or do you want some other position?”

I think dad was a little embarrassed to tell me his preference. He rolled over on top of me while I spread my legs for him. I reached down to aim his now very hard cock.

This was his first night of sex since mom got seriously ill. Earlier, he exploded very quick when I gave him a blow job. Now, maybe he could hold it long enough to give me an orgasm.

There was some residual cum from my date with Bill earlier tonight. I was fairly lubricated which allowed dad to sink his cock all the way in. I could feel it jerk with pleasure in my pussy. I responded by pulsating on it.

“Diane, my darling daughter, that is a wonderful feeling you are giving me. Your mom was very good at that. You remind me so much of your mother. She was always aggressive in bed and often asked me what position I wanted. You are so much like her. Since she died, I often think you are her since you look so much like her.”

“Dad, if you want to close your eyes and think of mom while you fuck me, I will understand.”

“Thanks daughter, I may do that. Diane, you are so thoughtful.”

Dad began slow withdrawals, then pushed forward rather fast. I noticed his eyes were closed. I’m sure he was thinking of mom. I assume this is the way he fucked her. It thrilled me for him to think I was his wife, my mother. As long as his eyes were closed, I decided to call him Mark instead of dad. That way mom would be more real to him.

I said, “Mark, go a little faster.”

He responded, “Martha, I love you very much and I always will. You are so sexy and I would be lost without you.”

I answered, “Yes, Mark, I love you and want you to be like this with me forever.”

I had never sexily kissed my dad. Now his mouth covered mine and our tongues intertwined. He was kissing his wife, Martha, not his daughter. It made my body tingle to think I was giving him back his wife, my mother, for a short time. Not only that, but his cock felt so good in me.

I began to push up to him when I felt him more vigorously ram his cock in me. I wanted to have an orgasm at the same time he did.

I said, “Mark, I love you.”, as I pushed up to him.

“Martha, I love you too, and I’m going to cum.”

His mouth covered mine in a very sexy kiss as he groaned. While our mouths blended, I could feel his body shake and struggle as I felt his cock jerk with each spurt of cum. My orgasm was at it’s height and I could hardly breath with his mouth covering mine. Somehow, we broke the kiss so we could both breath.

I could see his eyes were still shut as he repeated over and over, “Martha, I love you so much.”

I responded to each of his quotes, “And I love you too, Mark. We will always be together.”

It was awhile before our bodies became relaxed while he lay on top of me. I could hardly feel his small cock which was still in my cum filled pussy. I thought it was about to fall out, so I grabbed some tissues and pushed them down between us. He raised up to let his cock fall out as I plugged my hole.

As he rolled off of me, he said, “Martha, that was wonderful.”

I was wondering when he was going to come back to the real world and know that he had fucked his daughter. I felt so sorry for him.

He hugged me and kissed me while his eyes were still closed.

Then he opened his eyes and gave me a surprised look. I think he really believed his had fucked his wife instead of me.

He said, “Oh, Diane, I’m so sorry if I was out of my head for awhile. You must think I am nuts.”

“Oh no, Dad, you are a wonderful person. I wanted you to think you were having sex with your wife, my mom. We’ll do it again soon.”

He looked at me with so much love in his eyes, “I want to do it again and again. You are so understanding and I love you so much. It was a fantastic feeling to know I was with Martha I would like to do it again right now if I can get hard.”

I said, “Lie back on the bed and close your eyes.”

I looked at my loving father, then moved down to take his cock in my mouth. It was starting to get a little hard.

He said, “Martha, you do that so good. I want to love you and fuck you so bad.”

I think he was getting hard enough to enter me. I got up to sit on him. I had a little problem with his cock bending, but I was able to sit down on it. I leaned forward to let my breasts rest on his body and opened my mouth for a kiss. Our mouths were wide open as our tongues meshed and ground together. Our saliva mixed in one of the sexiest kisses I ever had. I could feel his cock getting harder in me.

I broke the kiss and said, “Mark, I want to fuck you all night like this.”

“Yes, Martha, my cock feels so good in you. I like the way you pulsate on it.”

“My dear husband, I’ll keep doing it as long as you want me to.”

He said, “We’ve been married many years and I’ve always been thrilled to have sex with you.”

“Yes, Mark, it has been great, and we’ll have many more years together like this.”

We fucked for a long time as we continued to call each other Mark and Martha. I often leaned forward to share a sexy kiss with him. I was wondering if he could cum again. Maybe if I had an orgasm, it would make him more sexy.”

I started working faster on him and could feel an orgasm building up in my body. My body began to struggle and jerk as I had an orgasm. I’m sure he could feel my orgasmic reactions and vocalism. This caused him to start cumming in my pussy again.

I fell forward for our mouths to mesh. We struggled with breathing until we broke the kiss. I laid on him for quite awhile trying to avoid coming back to the real world for him to know he was fucking his daughter instead of his wife.

I laid by his side until we fell asleep in each others arms. I was hoping he would dream that he was holding my mom instead of me.

One of the last words I heard from him before dozing off was, “Martha, it’s so good to sleep with you like this.” One of his hands was resting on my pussy.

The next morning I woke up with the sun shining in the window. Dad was already up and dressed. We ate breakfast without saying too much. I think we both were a little shy to talk about last night.

All day Saturday we did odd jobs around the house and yard. Bill phoned me and made a dinner date with me for Tuesday evening.

Dad and I didn’t talk much about what we would do this evening, but I assumed we would have sex. After dinner, we both took separate showers and met in the living room for a drink. It wasn’t long before we were in the bedroom stripped off. He seemed reluctant to kiss me as long as he thought of me as a daughter. That was alright with me. I took his small cock in my mouth to get it hard.

He said, “Last night I was about worn out. I’m not sure I can get a good erection tonight. I am getting along in age, you know.”

“Just lie back with you eyes closed and let me see what I can do.”

He seemed to be enjoying my mouth going up and down on his cock, but it wasn’t very hard.

I said, “Maybe it would be more exciting to you if I rolled up on top of you in a six nine position. You could lick and play with my pussy and ass.”

It felt good to me now that he was licking my pussy and sucking my clit. His cock did get harder and I knew it was hard enough to enter my pussy, that is if he wanted to do it that way.

I asked, “How do you want to do it, in my pussy or my mouth.”

“Diane, let’s continue this way because I like to look at and kiss your pussy.”

I knew he would not be calling me Martha tonight if he didn’t close his eyes. But I didn’t care if that is the way he wants to cum.

His finger was fucking my hole while he was sucking my clit. I felt as if I was going to have an orgasm right away. I started working faster on his cock with my mouth and my hand. He was beginning to groan as I had a very good orgasm. His cock started squirting in my mouth. I worked up and down faster to make it good for him while I tried to consume all his cum.

When we finished, I turned around in bed to lay my head on his pillow and cuddle with him. I noticed he had closed his eyes and started kissing me. Although I had swallowed all his cum, there was remnants still in my mouth. That did not deter him from sharing an open mouth tongue twisting kiss with me.

He broke the kiss to say, “Martha, that was really great.”

His eyes were closed and he again thought he had his wife in his arms. I was happy for him to feel that way.

I cuddled with him while he had his hand on my pussy. We fell asleep like this.

Sunday morning, Susan called to say she and Jim wanted me to come over to have dinner with them. I knew what that meant. After dinner we three would be in bed together. I always looked forward to visiting them.

Dinner with my brother, Jim, and his wife, Susan, was good as usual. We had wine with dinner, but after the dirty dishes were put away, our drinks were made stronger. We three got in the shower together and had fun soaping and rubbing each other. Both Jim and Susan dried me off and Susan took the opportunity to kiss my nipples several times.

Jim wanted to watch Susan and me together in a six nine position before he would fuck me. Susan and I gave him a good show while we had a couple of orgasms apiece. Jim’s cock was very stiff after watching the show and was ready to plunge in my pussy. First, I wanted to briefly take his large cock in my mouth. It was always a thrill to me to take as much of his big cock in my mouth as I could. Then I laid on my back while he rammed the full length in me. It was much harder and bigger than my dad’s cock. What a thrill as he plunged in and out. I quickly had an orgasm as he erupted a large amount of cum in me.

We three sat and talked. I said I had something very important to tell them.

I announced, “Dad and I had sex.”

There it was out in the open. They both looked surprised. I told them dad closed his eyes and called me Martha while I called him Mark. That made dad very happy and I was happy to do it for him.

I continued, “I mentioned to dad that I thought you two might like to join us for a party.”

Jim quickly responded, “What do you mean? For us all to join in sex? Do you think dad would want to watch you and Susan and then watch while I fucked you?”

“Well, that is part of it. Susan, you are very sexy and I think you could turn dad on a lot.”

Susan responded, “I don’t know about that. I never thought about having sex with him even though he is a handsome older man. Jim, what do you think?”

I jumped in to say, “Dad has been so desponded since mom died. I think we all should join to cheer him up.”

Jim said, “Dad has been so very good to us. He even paid the down payment on our house. He has done so many other things for us. I’m willing to do most anything for him.”

Jim looked at Susan for her reaction.

Susan thought a minute, then said, “It’s alright with me if it’s alright with Jim.”

Jim nodded his approval and kissed Susan on the lips.

Now we were ready to continue our party. I noticed Jim had another hard on.

Susan said, “Alright, Jim what do you want to do?”

“Lets get in a position for me to lick your pussy while my sister takes my cock in her mouth.”

We moved around in a position for me to take his big cock. I always liked to do this because it is so big. I worked up and down on it, pulled back up to lick around the head, then I licked and mouthed his balls before deep throating him again. He was beginning to breath hard.

I could see he had his head buried in Susan’s crotch. From the sounds I heard, I think she was about to have an orgasm. Jim’s cock was beginning to jerk as he started spurting in my mouth. I heard Susan groaning and vocalizing and knew she was going though an orgasm.

When Susan and Jim relaxed, they turned to me to say, “Now, it’s your turn.”

I laid on my back for them to work on me. Jim put his face at my crotch and sucked my clit while Susan nuzzled my breasts. Susan and I shared a sexy kiss and then she was back to sucking on my nipples. She would alternate kissing my breasts and kissing my lips while Jim was sucking my clit and ramming his fingers in me. I soon had an outstanding orgasm.

Jim and Susan agreed to come to our house tomorrow night for dinner. Since tomorrow was Monday, a work day for all of us, I went home to get some sleep.

It was reasonable early when I arrived home to find dad sitting in the living room.

“Daughter, I’ve been waiting for you. How did your evening turn out?”

“It was very pleasant. Let’s get dressed for bed and I’ll tell you all about it.”

We met in dad’s bedroom. I was wearing my night shirt when I walked into dad’s bedroom to see him with just his pajama bottoms on. His hairy chest looked rather sexy. We sat on the bed.

I told dad about Jim watching Susan and me giving each other orgasms. I explained how sexually excited Jim was by watching us. Then Jim quickly got on top of me and rammed his cock in and roughly fucked me for a short time before he cum. I explained the details of how the three of us mixed it up until we all had orgasms again. I noticed dad had a big bulge in his pajamas while I was telling him this story.

“Dad take off your pajama bottoms and let it out. I think telling you about my time with Jim and Susan turned you on. I’ll take off my night shirt.”

Now we both were naked. I held his cock to jack it a little.

“Dad, something else I want to tell you. Jim and Susan are coming over here for dinner tomorrow night. Susan wants to make you happy just like I’ve been doing.”

He looked a little surprised, “Do you mean she will have sex with me? Daughter dear, you have been wearing me down, maybe I can’t get it hard for her. I would really be embarrassed.”

“You will do alright, dad.”

I started playing with his hard cock, then took it in my mouth. Dad watched me go up and down on it.

Dad said, “I don’t think I should fuck you and cum tonight. I had better save it for tomorrow night. I want to be sure I can get it hard for Susan.”

“That’s alright with me dad. We could play around a little while you close your eyes if you want to.”

“That would be nice. I want to feel as if you are Martha.”

I turned the light down very low and we laid down in each other’s arms. Dad put a hand at my crotch and entered a finger.

“I feel you wetness. That must be some of my son’s cum in you.”

He continued to finger fuck me. Then he moved his sticky finger up the crease of my ass to allow his finger to slightly enter my ass. I wiggled my butt to indicate I liked it.

I felt his cock to find it reasonably hard. I also noticed he had his eyes closed.

I asked, “Mark, would you like your cock to soak in me while we go to sleep?”

He eagerly said, “That would be very nice, Martha.”

I was lying on my back and raised my legs up for him to slide down in bed and lay sideways underneath my legs. I reached down between my legs to find his cock. I aimed it at my hole, then said, “Push it in.”

Evidently his eyes were still closed. He said, “Martha that feels so good. Squeeze it a little.”

I pulsated on his cock a few times, then we both laid still. It was getting late and we had to get up to go to work in the morning. The last thing I remember before going to sleep was that he still had his cock in me. The next morning the alarm went off and it was time for breakfast and off to work.

I came home, took a quick shower, and fixed dinner for the four of us. Dad greeted Susan and Jim when they arrived. We had wine with dinner and I think everyone was a little nervous, especially dad.

After dinner, we sat in the living room with drinks. I sat with Susan on the couch because I assumed we would put on a show for the men. After we had one drink and some jovial conversation. Susan turned to me for a sexy kiss.

Jim quietly turned to dad to say, “Dad, watch this.”

Susan and I were undressing each other taking time to feel and kiss our breasts when a bra was removed. We both were soon completely naked.

Susan said, “Let’s go in the bedroom.”

Susan and I laid on the bed and were quickly in a six nine position. Susan had brought a large dildo for us to use. She aimed the dildo at my pussy and turned on the vibrator. It felt good as she entered it. Then she moved to get her tongue on my clit while she fucked me with the dildo.

I could hear Jim telling dad to get undressed. I looked over to see the men intently watching Susan and me.

After Susan used the dildo on me for awhile, I used it on her and sucked her clit. Then we got rid of the dildo to become serious about giving each other a good thrill. We put on a good show for the men as we had orgasms.

I noticed both dad and Jim had very hard erections. Dad didn’t need to worry about not getting an erection tonight.

Susan looked up at dad and held out her hand for him to join her. Dad had a shy look on his face as he crawled in the king size bed beside her.

Susan said, “Dad, looks as if you are ready and willing to show me a good time. Now lie still while I make it even harder.”

She took dad’s cock in her mouth while he pushed up to her. After a couple of minutes, I noticed dad face was flushed. Evidently, he was getting really sexually excited. In the meantime, Jim had slowly entered his big cock in me and was beginning to make long and slow back and forth movements.

Dad rolled over on top of Susan allowing her to aim his cock.

Susan complimented dad, “You are really hard and it feels good in me.”

Both of the guys were on top of the girls pounding their cocks. It wasn’t too long before there were many grunts and groans as orgasms occurred.

We all rested a little while. Dad said, “I don’t know if I can do it again.”

Susan responded, “Don’t back out on me now. Let me help you.”

Susan took dad’s cock in her mouth. I watched it slowly get hard. Susan kept deep throating him until his body started jerking through another orgasm.

Susan said, “Dad, you are doing great. Now I want to watch your daughter suck off your son.”

I thought Susan language was rather rough, but that is the type of person she is.

I took Jim’s large cock in my mouth. I licked all around including his balls. He kept humping up indicating he wanted me to deep throat him. I took most of it in my mouth and could feel the head in my throat. I pulled back before I gagged. Jim was getting fairly excited so I decided to speed up. He started shooting in my mouth and throat.

Susan exclaimed, “Good girl, you did a good job on my husband. He looks as if he is satisfied for the night.”

Jim commented, “We better call it a night since we all have to go to work tomorrow.”

After Jim and Susan left, dad wanted to let his cock soak in my pussy while we went to sleep. This was what we did last night.

Once again I was on my back with my legs raised for him to be sideways in the bed underneath my legs. I aimed his cock at my hole and said, “Push”. We went to sleep.

Tuesday evening after work, I came home to take a shower and put on fresh makeup. I had a dinner date with Bill. Dad was going to snack in the kitchen. He told me to have a good time with Bill. He knew I would be in bed with Bill before I came home. I kissed dad on the cheek and said I would be home later. I noticed he looked rather sad as I walked to the door to leave. I really wished I didn’t have to leave him, but I would make it up to him when I came home.

Bill and I enjoyed conversing while eating at a posh restaurant. He drove me back to his apartment where he fixed another drink for us. I didn’t want to waste too much time sitting around waiting to go in the bedroom.

I said, “Bill, let’s take our drinks in the bedroom.”

“Great idea.”

We slowly undressed each other. When his shorts dropped, I saw his familiar cock pop straight out for action. It had been about a week since we were in bed together. I knew he would be horny and want to fuck me several times.

I decided to give him a blow job first so that he wouldn’t cum very fast when he fucked me. I worked on his cock with my mouth and lips, kissing and sucking him. He seemed to be real eager to cum. I decided to make him cum in my mouth right away. We had the rest of the evening for more sex. A few deep throats and he was spurting cum in my mouth and throat. Each jerk of his cock was another spurt.

Bill said, “That was great. I’ve missed you a lot since the last time you were here.”

I responded, “It hasn’t been a full week as yet.”

“I want to see you more often.”

I responded, “I have so many other things to do in the evening. I like to spend time with my family. My family is very important to me, especially my dad since mom died.”

“Diane, what do you and your dad do.”

“Oh, we keep each other company and I do the house work.” I wasn’t about to tell him the wonderful sex I have with my dad and brother. If Bill didn’t like it, I could drop him like a hot potato.

Bill’s cock was soon very hard again. Bill got on top of me and plunged his cock all the way in. He was kissing me very sexily while he was making slow back and forth movements. Although it felt good, I was thinking about my dad fucking me. When Dad had his eyes closed and he dreamed I was his wife, he would call me Martha. I liked for him to call me Martha.

I was pushing up to Bill but I continued to think about dad fucking me. I wanted to call him Mark, but didn’t dare. Although I liked sex with Bill, my relationship with him was going nowhere. I definitely did not want to marry him.

While I was thinking about dad, I didn’t realize Bill was beginning to grunt until his vocalization became loud in my ear and he was cumming. I pushed up to him and moved my butt as much as I could. Since my mind had been wandering elsewhere, I didn’t have an orgasm with him.

When he finished and rolled off of me, he said, “You haven’t had an orgasm as yet.”

“I know, I just don’t seem to be much in the mood tonight. When you get hard again, maybe I’ll have one.”

We talked while we had another drink. I took his cock in my mouth to see if I could get it hard for a third time.

This time I sat up on top to ride him. I could have better control. I moved my butt around and up and down on his cock. I sat still for awhile while we talked, but I squeezed his cock now and then to hear him moan a little each time I did it. I knew he liked that.

I knew it was getting late and dad would be waiting up for me. I started gyrating on him and it didn’t take too long for him to erupt in me. I used my finger on my clit to help me have a light orgasm.

I quickly dressed and said I would talk to him on the phone. I wanted to break up with him, but didn’t want to take the time right now to talk it out with him.

Dad was waiting up for me when I arrived home.

Dad asked, “Did you have a good time with Bill.”

That was a good way for dad to ask if I enjoyed sex with Bill.

I answered, “The sex wasn’t very good and I’ve decided I don’t have time to spend with Bill anymore. I’m going to break up with him.”

Dad didn’t say anymore about it.

I said, “Let me prepare for bed and I’ll join you in the bedroom.”

I left my bedroom door open while I changed to my night shirt. I sat down in front of the mirror to brush my hair. Dad walked by my door to see me.

Dad said, “I always liked to watch your mom brush her hair, just like you are doing. Do you mind if I watch. Your hair shines and you are so beautiful.”

“Thanks dad for the compliments. I’ll be through in a jiffy.”

When I finished, I met him at his bedroom door, kissed him lightly on the lips and walked in his bedroom just as if I belonged there like my mother did. Maybe I did belong with him now that he could close his eyes and call me Martha. I even called him Mark and not Dad.

I loved my dad, not only as a father, but as a lover. I know we could never be married, but I wanted to live with him and be his love slave.

I never had the urge to share a sexy kiss with dad while he thought of me as a daughter, but when he thought of me as his dead wife, I enjoyed our sexy kisses. Maybe I should change my thoughts on that.

I stood and faced him, “Dad, I am your daughter, but I want to kiss you like a lover.”

He took me in his arms as our mouths opened wide to mesh. His lips and tongue were sending sexual shock waves throughout my body. I could feel his body quiver a little as the kiss deeply affected him. His hard cock was punching my stomach since he was taller than I am. No doubt he wanted to fuck me badly, just as much as I wanted him to fuck me.

We fell in bed in each others arms. I rolled over on top of him to raise up and sit on his throbbing cock. I easily sat down on him because I was still very juicy with Bill’s cum. We fucked like it was our first time. He closed his eyes and called me Martha. I wanted him to continue calling me that. I wanted to live in my mother’s image, her own clothes and do everything like she did to please him.

I answered back, “Yes, Mark, I am here with you to share you life. I’m going to live in your bedroom. I’ll change clothes and brush my hair for you to watch me. Think of me as your wife instead of a loving daughter.”

I was gyrating on his cock causing him to groan and moan. He yelled, “Martha, I’m cumming in you. Hold me tight and love me.”

“Yes, Mark, I’m about to explode too. And I love you very much.”

Our orgasms strongly exploded at the same time and I vigorously ground down on his cock as he violently pushed up. I collapsed on his body and felt as if I was about to pass out. Our bodies and minds had blended together as one. Yes, I was his love slave forever. As our bodies relaxed, I could still feel his cock throb in my pussy before it became small.

I plugged my hole with tissues when his small cock nearly fell out. After cleaning up in the bathroom, we cuddled in bed telling each other how much we loved each other. We were exhausted and fell asleep.

The next morning I called to him, “Mark, breakfast is ready.”

He came into the kitchen to hug and kiss me before sitting down.

All during the day at work, I often thought of my desire to live in his bedroom and be his wife. I wanted him to watch me dress and brush my hair like he did mom. I wanted to be her and I think he wanted to accept me that way. I even wanted to bear a child for him, although I knew he couldn’t get me pregnant since he had been “fixed”.

That night after dinner and we prepared for bed, I said, “Mark, I want to give you a child.”

“You know that is impossible. After you were born, I was “fixed” so I could not have any more children.”

“I know that, Mark, but I can get pregnant by someone else or go to the sperm bank. Then we could have a child to share our lives with. Think about it.”

We went to bed and hugged and kissed until we were ready for more sex. This time, we got into a six nine position so I could kiss and love his cock. He wanted sufficient light so that he could see my pussy and ass as he licked and sucked. I was happy to show him any part of my body he wanted to see and kiss. We acted as if we were a newly married couple wanting to explore each other.

When we finished having orgasms, we went to sleep in each others arms.

The next night while we were talking I had a bright idea about getting pregnant.

“Mark, I know a good way for me to get pregnant. I haven’t broken up with Bill as yet. He is a handsome, very healthy guy. I could go off the pill and let him fuck me several times until I get pregnant. Then I could break up with him.”

“Martha, I want you all to myself. But I would go along with that idea if you can get pregnant. Do you still like him that much to want sex with him?”

“I don’t have to like him, all I want is his sperm. He would never know I went off the pill.”

The decision was made. I threw away by box of birth control pills, then got on the phone to call Bill.

“Bill, I’ll have time to see you this weekend.”

His response was very positive, “I’m anxious to see you anytime. Come over Saturday afternoon and we can spend the rest of the day together.”

I agreed. I knew by that we would probably have sex that afternoon, go out to eat dinner, then come back to his apartment for more sex.

After I hung up the phone, I jumped in bed with Mark, my dad, and gave him a very sex kiss. The decision was made. I would have a baby for us.

The thought of having a child instilled in me a desire to give Mark, my dad, all the sex and loving I could give him. I fucked him slowly and lovingly for a long time that night until he finally cum in my pussy.

Saturday finally arrived. Mark seemed unusually quite that morning. I assumed he was a little jealous because I was going over to fuck Bill several times later that day.

When it was time to leave, I gave dad a very sexy kiss and said, “Now don’t be jealous. I’m only going to fuck Bill to get pregnant. I don’t love him and he is no threat to our love.”

“Martha, I’ll be waiting up for you when you get home.”

He grinned and continue to say, “Just don’t enjoy sex too much with Bill.”

I gave him another kiss and left.

I had guessed right. When I walked in Bill’s apartment, he handed me a glass of wine.

It wasn’t very long until he said, “Let’s take a shower together.”

We went into the bedroom where he took pleasure in removing each article of my clothing. As he removed my bra, he kissed my breasts, “These are beautiful. It’s been several days since I’ve kissed them.

He quickly undress himself and we got in the shower. He took pleasure in soaping my whole body. I thought I should reciprocate by washing his cock and balls. While I was looking at and washing his cock, I thought about dad and wished I was now washing his cock instead of Bill’s. I was here with Bill to get pregnant so I should do my best to please him.

He dried me off taking extra time to dry between my legs. He carried me to the bed where we both hugged and kissed. I could feel his very hard erection was ready for action. I wanted the sperm that it would eject. I knew he liked for me to suck his cock, but I wanted him to shoot his sperm in my pussy. I took his cock in my mouth for a short time, then rolled around for me to get on top and ride him.

He was very hot and I knew he would cum very quick this first time. Right after I had moved around on his cock for a few seconds, he bellowed and groaned as he shot his sperm in me. I kept grinding my pussy on his cock to get it all.

When he had simmered down, I laid down on his body and said, “Roll over on top of me without letting it come out.”

We rolled over with him on top to rest. He used his elbows to keep much of his weight off of me.

His cock became small and he made an attempt to get up.

I said, “I like it this way, stay right where you are.”

He didn’t know the reason, but I wanted to keep his sperm in me as long as possible. I pulsated on his small cock to encourage him to remain in this position.

When he finally got up, he said, “Diane, that was really a good one. You are very sexy today.”

I remained in bed with my hole plugged with tissues and I was in no hurry to let it drain out.

He said, “Don’t you want to clean up in the bathroom.”

“Not right now. I think I’ll lie right here until you get hard enough to fuck me again.”

He seemed pleased to know that I was willing to fuck him again so soon.

He started telling me what he had been doing during the week. I wasn’t listening very good because I was wonder what dad was doing at home. I hoped dad would not be too jealous because I’m in bed with Bill. I was worried about it.

Then I heard Bill say, “Are you listening to me.”

“Sorry, my mind wandered a little. Come over here and let me feel you cock. I want you to kiss my breasts some more.”

He responded, “You little vixen. You really are sexy today. I just finished fucking you and you want more.”

I made an excuse by saying, “But you haven’t given me an orgasm as yet.”

“I’m sorry, I’ll be right with you.”

He crawled in bed beside me. His cock was semi hard as I took it in my mouth.

When I got it fully hard, I said, “Now be a good boy and get on top of me. Fuck me good and give me many orgasms.”

As I removed the tissues from my hole, I used more tissues to clean up a little as his cum ran out.

I aimed his cock at my very juicy hole and he plunged all the way in. I pulsated on his cock to excite him more.

“Wow, you are hot today. I’m going to fuck you until you say you don’t want anymore.”

His thrusts were beginning to work wonders on me even though my thoughts often turned to dad at home by himself waiting for me to come home with Bill’s cum in my pussy.

My orgasm came on strong as Bill pounded me.

Bill said, “See, I didn’t cum that time. I want to satisfy you.”

I thought that was nice of him, but I wanted his sperm. I can wait. He will fuck me some more.

He continued to leave his hard cock in me as we laid still. When I started pulsating on his cock, he started fucking me again. This time I wanted him to cum in me.

He fucked me for several minutes until I felt I could have another orgasm.

I whispered in my most sexy voice, “I’m about to have an orgasm and I want you to fill me with cum when I do.”

He started fast strokes and soon both of us were vocal as our bodies sexually strained and shuddered through our orgasms.

I held on to his body to keep him from getting up. I pulsated on his cock to encourage him to stay in this position. While my pussy was pulsating, I thought of how much dad liked me to do that.

While we were cleaning up in the bathroom, Bill said, “Let’s get dressed and go out to eat. I’m hungry after our sexy party this afternoon. I want to fuck you many more times when we come back here.”

I looked at his drooping cock and knew he was finished for the afternoon. He would be more than willing to give me his sperm tonight.

We ate, then went to a place where we could dance. It was about ten PM when he said we should go home.

We were soon in bed with his cock buried in me. As the night got later, he cum in my pussy two more times while I had three or four orgasms. He wanted me to suck him off one time, but I gave the excuse that I wanted to feel cock jerk in my pussy as he cum.

When I had dressed and was ready to leave, he kissed me good by and said, “I want you to come back real soon.”

“Yes, it has been a good afternoon and evening for both of us. I’ll call you when I have time to come back.”

I looked at my watch as I drove in my driveway. It was two PM. I wondered if dad was still awake.

Dad greeted me at the door with a kiss. “How did it go? Did you get his sperm?”

“Yes, Mark, I got his sperm several times. We fucked like rabbits all afternoon and again in the evening.”

I shouldn’t have said it like that because maybe dad believed I liked sex with Bill.

I continued, “What I mean is that I got his sperm as many times as I could. I’m tired and sleepy. Let’s go in the bedroom.”

Dad watch me as I undressed and removed my makeup. Then he sat and watched me brush my hair for a couple of minutes.

We got in bed to kiss and snuggle. He put a finger in me to feel my wetness.

“Yes, Mark, you are feeling some of Bill’s cum in me. Would you like to fuck me?”

He quickly responded, “I can hardly wait.”

Even though I was tired, I got up on top of dad and settled down on his very hard cock. I worked on his cock and quickly let him cum in me. I think I was too tired to have another orgasm. I plugged my hole and didn’t have the energy to go to the bathroom to clean up. I kept my legs together to prevent the tissues from coming out. Later during the night when I had to get up to urinate, I unplugged my hole and let dad’s cum drain out.

Dad and I had sex nearly every night as the week progressed.

Friday evening when I had just finished giving dad a fantastic blow job, I said, “I need to go back to see Bill to get more of his sperm. I’ll call him for a date tomorrow or Sunday. This time I’ll skip the afternoon session of sex and be with him after dinner. He can cum in me twice in one evening, so why spend the afternoon with him.”

“I guess it is necessary to get you pregnant, but I am jealous that Bill has your body and mind for awhile.”

“He may have my body to ravish, but he doesn’t have all of my mind. While he is fucking me, I often think of you waiting for me to come home. I’m sorry to leave you by yourself.”

When I called Bill, he was disappointed that I could not spend both the afternoon and evening with him. I was to meet him at six at his apartment, then go out to eat.

The next day at the scheduled time, I walked into Bill’s apartment. I had been to the beauty parlor to have my hair done and I had dressed up quite a bit. Bill greeted me with a sexy kiss. As he held me, I thought I could feel his hard cock pressing against my body.

Bill began to rub my crotch. I had not planned to have sex with him until after dinner.

Bill said in a sexy voice, “I haven’t had any of this in nearly a week.”

“Can’t you wait until after we eat? I would get my hair messed up and I don’t really want to undress and then get dressed again.”

He quickly responded, “I know a way to keep from messing up your hair. Just pull down your panties and bend over.”

I started to reject his offer, but then I thought I would be getting his much desired sperm.

I said in a positive voice, “All right let me hike up my dress, you pull down my panty hose and I’ll bend over holding on to the chair in front of me to steady myself.”

He said, “Your bottom will have to be a little higher for me. Get up on the couch on your knees and hold on to the back of the couch for support. I’ll get the tissues handy for us when we finish.”

I did as he requested. He moved up behind me, dropped his pants and shorts. I could feel his hard erection probing for my pussy. I wasn’t very juicy because we had little or no foreplay. He gradually worked it in by pulling back and going in a little deeper each time. He was already groaning each time he went in a little deeper.

I commented, “I’m not ready for an orgasm, go ahead and empty your load in me.”

He started banging my bottom. It was a good thing I had my hands on the back of the couch or he would have pushed me over. He soon started yelling that he was cumming. I wiggled my butt as much as I could to make it better for him.

We both held tissues as he slowly removed his cock. Since my panty hose was down around my legs, I had to slowly waddle to the bathroom holding the tissues on my pussy. I didn’t think it was funny when he chuckled as he watched me.

He said, “I’m sorry, please forgive me.”

After we had gone out to eat, we came back to the apartment for a couple hours of sex. He was like a tiger fucking me.

It was about eleven by the time I walked in my door at home and was greeted by dad. When we got in bed, one of the first things dad did was to put a finger in me.

I commented, “Yes, Mark, he cum in my pussy three times. I know you can still feel the juice. Now you can fuck me and add yours or would you like a blow job?”

“I want my cock to be in you where Bill was in you tonight.”

Dad crawled on top of me, plunged his cock all the way in and said, “Martha, you are so sexy and I love you very much.”

He fucked me until he cum in my pussy and I had another orgasm.

I visited Bill for four more weeks before I missed my period. I went to the doctor to confirm I was pregnant.

Dad asked me, “Now are you going to break up with Bill? Are you going to call him?”

“I’ve thought about that, Mark, I’ve had a good friendly relationship with Bill for a long time. I feel obligated to tell him in person.”

“But if you see him in person, he will want more sex from you.”

“I know he would, but that would be the last time. I’ll go out to dinner with him and tell him while we eat, then I’ll agree to go back to his apartment for the last time.”

“Alright, if that is what you feel you must do.”

I called him and made a dinner date for the next evening. He invited me to his house at six. In the past, he had made a habit of fucking me doggie style before we left to eat, so I assume he would like it again. I decided to cooperate on our last date.

I arrived at his house on schedule. I noticed he had the box of tissues handy and knew he expected to fuck me before leaving.

We had one glass of wine, then I got up and said, “Alright, you can do it.”

I pulled my dress up while he pulled my panty hose down, then I got up on my knees on the couch as usual. His cock felt good as he banged me. After he had cum and I plugged my hole with tissues, I pulled my panty hose up part way and he carried me to the bathroom. I didn’t have to do the “duck walk” to get there.

While we were eating in the restaurant, I said, “Bill, we are going no where with our relationship. We just have good sex and nothing else. This is our last night together.”

This took him completely by surprise. Then he begged me to move in with him or at the least, keep coming to his apartment. I emphatically told him no. I would go back to his apartment now with him to end our relationship.

Back in the apartment he was very sad. He wanted to keep fucking me and begged me to stay all night which I had never done before. I had sucked him off once and he had fucked me until he had difficulty getting it hard. I did feel a little sorry for him. He begged for me to stay all night.

I relented and called dad to say, “Bill is so downhearted, I’m going to stay the rest of the night with him. He has promised if I stay the night he will agree not to call me or see me anymore for a date. We could stay friends and say hello to each other on occasions.”

Dad didn’t have any choice but to reluctantly agree.

I think Bill stayed awake all night making some kind of sexual advances to me. Now and then I dozed, but didn’t really sleep. I would wake and feel his finger in my pussy, or he would be down in the bed kissing my nipples or my clit. He sexually molested and explored my body in many ways. I already had several orgasms. I noticed the sun was beginning to shine in the window and the one full night with Bill would soon be over. I sucked on his cock one more time to get it semi hard. It was hard enough to get it in me. He slowly fucked me for a long time and I didn’t know if he could cum again. He finally grunted and cum.

I said, “Aren’t you about worn out? Our last night is over and I should get dressed to go home.”

“Please, don’t leave me yet. I want to try one more time.”

I had compassion for him. He didn’t know it, but he was the father of my unborn baby.

I said, “Alright, I’ll try to help you get it hard and if you can, you can fuck me again.”

I took his very small and soft cock in my mouth. It was easy to swirl around with my tongue. I played with his balls, licked all around his crotch, did my best to suck his cock to make it hard.

After trying for about fifteen minutes, I said, “You have fucked me all night and I’ve worn you out. Do you give up?”

He smiled at me, “Yes, you have been wonderful on our last night together. I’ll always remember you.”

I dressed and went home about nine o’clock.

When I got home, I told dad, “I’m very tired and want to go to bed. He kept me up all night. I thought he would never finish sexually molesting my body and fucking me.

“Was he rough with you in any way?”

“No, he just couldn’t seem to get enough of me. When I dozed off a little, I would wake up with him licking my pussy or some other acts of sex. He was very gentle with me. At the very last, I tried to suck his cock to make it hard, but he was worn out. My sexual relationship with him is over, even though I think he is a nice guy and a good lover. He got me pregnant and I thank him for that.”

Dad still had his pajamas on as he walked with me to the bedroom. I quickly undress and got in bed.

I asked, “Are you in the mood and would you like to fuck me before I go to sleep for the day?”

He didn’t say anything but sat down on the bed and put a finger in my juicy pussy. I knew the answer.

“Alright, Mark, I’m too tired to give you a blow job or sit on your cock, but I can lie on my back and let you fuck me.”

I spread my legs as he crawled on top of me. We shared a sexy kiss, then I aimed his cock at my hole. He was very hard. While he was going back and forth in my pussy, I was able to make feeble pushes up to meet his thrusts.

I whispered, “I’ve had several orgasms tonight, so go ahead and cum. I’m not really in the mood right now.”

His groans let me know he was about ready to erupt in me. When he finished, I plugged my hole with tissues and was too tired to get up. I was hoping I wouldn’t leak very much during my sleep. I felt that I had been thoroughly fucked for one long night. I went soundly to sleep.

As the days and weeks passed by, dad and I had sex very often. I was not burdened with having a period, but I did suffer morning sickness. My brother, Jim, and Susan, his wife, visited us about every two weeks. We always went in the bedroom for the four of us to be naked in bed. I still enjoyed a sexual relationship with Susan while the two men watched. Then dad fucked Susan while Jim gave me his big cock. It was always a very satisfying evening when they visited us.

When I was getting fairly big and we were in bed together, Susan would rub my stretched belly and talk about having a baby. It seems they try, but she does not get pregnant. Both Jim and dad seemed to be turned on to have sex with me while I am big. Jim especially likes to lick my pussy and feel my big belly while Susan sucks him.

Dad was wishing for a little girl and he got his wish. My doctor told us I was to have a girl.

It happened one day when I was rushed to the hospital. Dad was in the room with me when Jenny was born. Jim and Susan came into my room to see me cuddling my baby girl, Mark’s new daughter.

Mark proudly said, “I now have a daughter again. Martha, you have given me a new daughter to replace the one I used to call Diane. I love you very much for giving me this daughter.”

“I love you, too, Mark.”

I emptied my glass, allowing the velvety smooth liquid to envelope my tongue. The rich aroma filled my nostrils, before that all too familiar burn comfortably gripped my throat.

I sighed as I leaned forward to place the glass on the coffee table, the milky ice cubes tinkling in hopeful punctuation. There was another half a glass or so in the bottle, I knew. And it called to me. It wasn’t the numbness of the alcohol, I lied to myself. Baileys was her favourite. And every bottle I drank brought her back to me that little bit more.

My eyes fell on the photo frame next to the bottle, and I reached for that instead. I pushed back into the couch, snorting a laugh. She looked dreadful. She always did. But there was something about her that drove me absolutely wild.

The first time I saw her, she was manning the cash register at Subway. I’d left her fellow Sandwich Artist with an instruction to pile on all the salads, and moved along the counter to pay. She was tall and gangly in that ill-fitting purple uniform. Her eyes were self-consciously cast down, and untidy swathes of chestnut hair fell across her gaunt, horsey face. As I watched her avoid my gaze while she shuffled around in the register, I found myself captivated by her. To this day, I don’t know what it was, but somehow, she got to me. For the first time since puberty, I was stricken with a spontaneous erection, right there in the queue of a sandwich shop.

Her cold, clammy hand brushed mine when she handed me my change. Her touch was electric. And in that moment, I knew I had to have her. I held her hand lightly as she placed the coins in my palm, causing her to look up. I smiled at her, and she blushed and looked down again, unfamiliar with the attention.

“Would you like to have dinner with me?” I smiled gently.

Her blue eyes locked on mine, shocked, confused, suspicious. I persisted, as best I could with a growing audience of Subway Sandwich Art Lovers bottlenecking beside me, and the minimum-wage sauce squeezer on the other side of the counter equally surprised. But finally, still blushing, she agreed to go out with me that night.

Even though I had arrived ten minutes early, she was already there waiting for me outside the restaurant. Far from stylish, she wore a beige, thick weave cardigan, done up over a pair of faded blue jeans that were a good three sizes too big for her. Her hair was the same uncontrolled mess, covering her face as she slouched against the wall, wringing her hands nervously.

She was a gorgeous, frumpy vision.

I strode straight up to her, snatched her into my arms and kissed her deeply. She was caught off guard, squealing her surprise into my mouth. I held her tightly around her back, enjoying the subtle taper of her torso. My hands overlapped as I caressed her, then slowly let them rub up into her hair as she sank into the kiss.

Her mouth was so soft and warm, and wet. Our lips pressed firmly together, sucking gently at each other, as our tongues swirled around and around. She was delicious.

“Sorry,” I whispered, eventually pulling away. “I — um — just had to kiss you.”

She leaned back in my embrace, her head tilted to the side, and her face lit up in the most beautiful, confident smile I’ve ever seen on anyone, ever.

The change in her was instantaneous: her body language; the blaze in her eyes; even the tone of her voice. She was radiant.

The rest, as they say, is history. She felt pregnant later that night. And six months later, we were married.

The seashell picture frame in my hand held one of our wedding photos. It was the two of us standing outside the church. Her hair was still badly cut. Her cheap, self-applied makeup was smeared from tears during the ceremony. And that second hand dress, horrifically altered to accommodate her pregnant belly, hung off her like it had been thrown over a hatstand.

She was so beautiful.

My eyes brimmed at the memory, and I replaced the photo on the table. I reached for the bottle, and drained the last of the Irish Cream into my glass.

“Fuck!” I gasped, wringing my eyes shut and throwing my head back.

I missed her so much.

Phoebe fumbling loudly at the door ripped me from my thoughts. It sounded like she was laughing as she fumbled to get her key in the lock. She obviously had one of her friends with her, or at least on the other end of her mobile phone.

It was a bit early, I thought, only eleven o’clock. But at least she was home safe. I quickly drank down the last of the Baileys and took the bottle to the recycling bin under the sink. A quick rinse of the glass before I slammed it in the dishwasher disposed of the last of the evidence.

When Phoebe finally burst through the door, it was clear that she was crying, rather than laughing. She was wailing in loud, hysterical sobs. She slammed the front door behind her and stormed off to her bedroom in noisy stiletto clicks across the tiled floor.

“Phoebe, Sweetheart?” I called after her.

Her bedroom door slammed shut in reply, the sound of her crying on the other side barely muffled.

I knocked on her door, but got no response. “Sweetheart, what’s wrong?” I called through the door. Still no answer.

Pressing down on the lever, I inched her door open just enough to poke my head through. She was lying face down on her bed, howling into her pillow. Her whole body shook with every sob.

“Phoebe?” I called gently. “Sweetheart, talk to me. What’s going on?”

“Go away!” she screamed into her pillow, then turned onto her side so that she was facing away from me.

She tucked her knees up into the foetal position. The little black dress she’d gone out in pulled up as she did, exposing almost all of her long, shapely thighs. She hadn’t even taken her shoes off, the long black stiletto heels threatening to puncture her pale blue bedspread.

I responded as all fathers do when they’re ordered to go away by their hysterical daughters, I went in to comfort her.

Phoebe was racked with violent sobs, whining desperately as she cried. I sat on the bed, placing my hand gently on her bare shoulder. My touch had no effect, so I lay down, spooning up against her and wrapping my arms tightly around her. I buried my face into her mane of dark brown hair, breathing in that coconut and honey scent, while she continued to cry.

I held my baby girl, just letting her express all the painful emotions that had overcome her.

It was several minutes before the sobs eventually subsided, giving way to long, deep breaths and the occasional sniffle. I kissed the crown of her head, after a moment, and Phoebe slowly turned over. She wrapped herself around me, nuzzling into my chest. I stroked her long, thick hair, and planted a soft kiss on her forehead.

“Are you okay?” I whispered.

Phoebe screwed up her face and began to cry again. She shook her head as she buried her face into my chest.

“Hey,” I soothed, stroking her soft hair. “Shhh, it’s okay…”

“It’s not okay!” Her voice was strained and high-pitched into my chest. “I’m a freak!”

I was shocked by the statement, frozen and unable to find the words to respond. “I don’t under…”

“I’m a freak, Daddy!” She lifted her head up to face me. Her eyes were red and swollen, and her mascara was smeared in blurry panda smudges. “No one’s ever going to want me!”

“Hey, slow down,” I breathed. “Tell me what happened.”

“I can’t,” she said, hiding her face in my chest again.

We’d been here before: a daughter in desperate need of a mother, and nothing but me to carry the load. And it cut to the bone every single time.

“Oh, Daddy, I’m sorry,” Phoebe half gasped, half whined. Obviously the wave of grief that washed across me was evident. “It’s just…I don’t know how to talk to you about this.”

“Sweetheart, you can talk to me about anything. You know that.”

“I know, Daddy.” She paused, then swallowed. “It’s just…it’s…about sex.”

I swallowed myself.

I hunkered down with a deep sigh, then coaxed Phoebe into talking to me about what had happened, and what was troubling her. These conversations had always been awkward, but it was so important to me that she felt comfortable about sex.

She explained that she had gone home with a guy who was part of her group of friends. She had been interested in him for quite some time. And after months of flirting, he had finally taken the hint, and made his move.

“He wouldn’t turn off the lights, Daddy,” she sobbed. “He said he wanted to look at me. I told him I wanted to turn them off, but he just wouldn’t.

“I should have just left,” she went on.

“Why didn’t you?”

“I really liked him, Daddy.” Her tears overtook her again, and it took another minute for Phoebe to calm down.

I lay there silently, waiting for her to continue, stroking her hair with my left hand, and her upper arm with my right.

“He started kissing me. And then he unzipped my dress, and I was just standing there in my underwear.” She paused. “And then he undid my bra.

“Oh, Daddy, it was awful,” she wept. “I tried to hold it on, but he pulled it away. Oh, his face! He was so grossed out. He said my nipples looked like pen lids. He actually stepped away from me, like this.” She leaned back from me, holding her hands up in front of her, as if surrendering.

“Oh, Sweetheart,” I consoled as best I could, squeezing her back against me. I had no idea her nipples were so long. Regardless, I tried to reassure her. “Don’t worry what a jerk like that thinks of you. You’re so beaut…”

“That’s not all,” she said. “Oh God, I was so stupid!”

“What happened?” I whispered.

“I said, ‘I can leave my bra on if you want.'”

I couldn’t help but sigh.

“I know, Daddy,” she whined. “It was so stupid. I should have just left. But I just liked him so much.

“But he said, ‘Okay.” And I did my bra back up. We started kissing again, but I could tell he was still really freaked out.” Phoebe took a second, fortifying herself for the next part of the account. “he wasn’t really into it.” She swallowed. “So then I started blowing him.”

I felt my body stiffen at the admission. It wasn’t what I wanted to hear from my eighteen year old daughter, especially with such an ungrateful little prick. She deserved so much better.

“He was into it again,” she went on.

“I bet,” I scoffed.

Phoebe managed to snort a small laugh herself, then continued with her story. “Eventually, he ended up on top of me on his bed. I asked him to turn off the light again, but he just ignored me. And then I tried to get on my hands and knees, but he wouldn’t let me turn over.”

What was coming next, I suspected. My heart began breaking in anticipation.

“He said, I really want to see this.’ And he started pulling down my panties. I really didn’t want him to see me,” she cried.

“I tried covering myself, but he kept moving my hands. And then he pulled my legs apart.” Phoebe groaned, clenching her jaw tightly.

“He was like, ‘What the fuck! That’s so gross! You’ve got a dick!’

“I tried to tell him that it was just my clit. But he was jumping around the room, freaking out all over the place. He was calling me a hermaphrodite, and a fag. And he said he should beat the shit out of me.”

My blood boiled at the thought of my little girl being attacked. I was numb with rage.

“And then he started saying something about a crying game, or something. I don’t know. I just started crying, and got dressed, and ran out. He was like, Get the fuck out!’ and all that. I had to call a taxi from outside.

“He was so mean, Daddy,” Phoebe sobbed. “I really liked him.”

“Oh, Honey,” I sighed. “I know.”

We lay there holding each other until Phoebe fell silent, breathing deeply into my chest. I didn’t know what to say, so I just focussed on the tactile sensation of her hair and her skin. She was so soft.

“What’s a crying game?” she sniffled a few minutes later.

“It’s a movie,” I explained, giving her the twenty-five word synopsis. “But that’s got nothing to do with you, Sweety. You’re a girl. I snorted slightly, “You’re a woman. One hundred per cent.”

“Nobody’s ever going to want me,” she whined, which then quickly became heartbreaking wails.

When the intensity of her sorrow subsided, I sat her up on her bed, sitting up next to her. She slipped off her shoes, and dropped them off the side of the bed. I held her head in my hands, her face only an inch from mine. Behind the puffy red and streaked grey, her hazel eyes were so beautiful — light brown, almost grey, with tiny flecks of green and gold.

“Phoebe, Sweetheart, you are so beautiful.”

“Oh, Daddy,” she dismissed immediately, rolling her eyes so hard, her head flew back.

“Don’t get me wrong,” I shot back. “You look like a fuckin’ train wreck right now. You’ve been crying for an hour, and you’re covered in snot.”

“Oh God!” she panicked, reaching for a tissue on her bedside table, desperate to clean herself up.

“You are beautiful,” I said forcefully. Then with a smile, and the best fake British accent I could summon, “Love, you’re just gorgeous!”

Phoebe wrinkled her nose at me, her brow furrowed. “Michael Caine?”

“No! Gok Wan. You know, How to Look Good Naked.” I was indignant. “You made me watch it.”

She knew where I was going, and sat back defensively. “Daddy, no!”

I gave her a playful grin.

Phoebe squealed, then darted off her bed for the door. I leapt up after her, snatching her up around the waist and spinning her back into the room in a flurry of dark hair and cocktail dress. With her back to me, she was hugging my arms and laughing.

“come on,” I said seriously. “Let’s do this.

She turned her head to face me, meeting my gaze. I could tell she recognised the sincerity in my eyes, and her body relaxed in my arms.

“Okay,” she whispered.

I loosened my grip around her waist and stomach, letting my hands slide around until they were resting on her narrow hips. As we stepped across the room to the mirrored wardrobe doors, I could feel the waistband of her panties beneath her dress, and the flex and roll of her muscles in my hands.

The reflection of Phoebe standing there in a sexy little black dress, bare feet and dishevelled makeup was surprisingly alluring. She was tall, like her mother, with only my eyes and forehead poking up above the top of her head. Thankfully, she took more after me, with none of the gangly awkwardness of her mother. The rest of my body framed her lithe form, with my shoulders extending out past hers.

“Hmm,” she breathed.

“Yeah, you probably need to clean yourself up a bit,” I smiled into the back of her head.

She laughed, and skipped off to the bathroom. The sound of running water, sliding drawers and banging cupboards filtered into her room from the bathroom across the hall. I waited patiently, watching the doorway for her return. And when I saw the bathroom light click off, I couldn’t help but smile.

Phoebe padded back into her bedroom. Her shoulders were slumped slightly, but she looked straight into my eyes as she settled back into position in between me and the mirror. Her face was still a little raw, but otherwise clean and natural.

“Wow. That’s much better,” I smiled, tilting my head around to the side so that she could fully see my face in the mirror. Then again with the accent, “You’re gorgeous, Love. Goctastic!”

She silently laughed at me, shaking her head. Placing my hands on her shoulders, I kissed her on the cheek.

“So, how do you feel?”

“Fine,” she said. “But this isn’t the problem.”

“Okay then,” I said indifferently. And with one, smooth motion, I unzipped the back of her dress down to the base of her spine.

Phoebe gasped. And before she had a chance to react, I hooked my thumbs into the thin shoulder straps and peeled them down over her arms. The material caught briefly on the front of her bra, and I had to slide my hands around her full breasts to free it. The dress fell to her waist, bunching at her hips.

We stared into each other’s eyes through the mirror, and I ran my fingers down her flat stomach, burrowing in between her panties and the folds of her dress. Sliding my hands around to the gentle flare of her hips, I pushed the dress past her curves, and it splashed to the floor, pooling at her feet.

She took a deep breath, her chest and shoulders rising as she took in the sight of herself in nothing but a frilly black lace bra and matching panties. Then she sighed suddenly, with a drop of her shoulders.

“Are you kidding me?” I asked, surprised at her reaction. “You’re stunning.”

“Yeah,” she breathed impassively. “Until these come off.”

I met her eyes in the mirror and sighed. Phoebe lifted her chin fractionally, entrenching her insecurity. Her hair fell about her shoulders, and I combed it back with my fingers so that all the soft, dark strands hung down past her shoulder blades. The cleavage exposed from the top of her bra was impressive.

Flicking the tag out from her bra strap, I looked at the size. “Ten-C? What’s that? I thought it was supposed to be thirty-six or something?”

“Oh God, Daddy.” Phoebe nearly clocked me in the face as she threw her head back in another epic eye roll. “Ten is my dress size, and C is the cup size. Thirty-six and all that is American sizing. I think it’s inches around the chest.” With that, her fingertips traced around the bottom of her bra to her sides.

“Hmm.” I looked up from the tag again. “So you’re rocking a pair of C cups? Dude!” My smile and bobbing head punctuating my impressed tone.

Phoebe groaned with another roll of her eyes, but she couldn’t keep the corners of her mouth from curling up. When our eyes met again, a full smile broke out across her face.

“So talk to me,” I smiled back. “What is it about these perfect breasts you don’t like?”

“It’s my nipples.” Her smile faded away, but her tone was still light. “They’re really big. I mean, they poke out really badly.” She started to cringe.

“Well, let’s get a look at them then.” I kept my tone light, trying to downplay the significance of her insecurity. Then I whispered, “Take off your bra when you’re ready.”

Time stood still, with Phoebe and I staring into the mirror. She wasn’t moving. Her arms hung by her sides, her thumbs twitching back and forth across her thighs.

“Oh come on, Love,” I flamboyantly called in my best British accent. “Get your bangers out and give us a look, yeah?”

Phoebe’s stomach tightened with a single bout of silent laughter. And then when we locked eyes, she laughed again.

“Go on, Love!”

“Okay, okay,” she giggled, reaching behind her back and finding the clasp.

Her bra popped open, and her hands quickly flapped around the front to catch the cups. Her eyes were serious as she looked at me, her head tilted to the right. I gave her a little smile, then peeled the shoulder straps down until they fell into the crooks of her elbows. Then, with one last sigh, Phoebe lowered her hands, letting the bra fall away with them.

“Whoa,” I gasped involuntarily.

Those spectacular , full globes stood proudly on her chest, without the slightest hint of succumbing to gravity. Her deep pink areolas contrasted beautifully with her creamy porcelain skin. And whatever issues she had with her nipples, were a nonsense. They were large, protruding out about an inch, but they were so deliciously puffy and suckable.

In that moment, just for a second, I honestly forgot she was my daughter.

“Sweetheart,” I beamed. “I don’t…what are you…what the fuck? Your nipples are gorgeous.”

She shifted awkwardly, tilting her head and lifting one shoulder. “It’s when they get hard. They’re a lot longer.”

“Okay, so make them go hard and let’s have a look,” I suggested.

Phoebe wrinkled her nose at me, bemused. “I can’t just make them go hard.”

“What about if you pinch them a little?”

She laughed, holding her hands over her breasts. “Dad, I’m not pinching my nipples in front of you.”


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