A Picnic With Her Family

I woke up in the morning, and realized that I was alone. I freshened up and got out of the bedroom, and walked to the dinning room. Breakfast was ready, her younger sister was on the study table, reading up. Her elder sister was watching tv, mother was in the kitchen, I think cleaning up. And my mate was waiting at the table for me. I greeted everyone “Good Morning, ladies”. Replies came in one by one, except her younger sister. I walked up to her, held her chin with one hand, tilted her face and put my mouth on her, and deep kissed her. She was a bit shocked, and embarrassed, but reciprocated my kiss. I kept kissing her and slowly as her hands got around my head, my hands went down her blouse, inside it and started to tweak her nipples and press her boobs a bit. We broke, the kiss and I told her that I am going to make love to her soon, until her turn comes, in her ears I whispered, “think how we are going to make love this time, by force ?”. hmmm.. was her response.

I left her and walked to the kitchen, where her mom was cleaning up. Good Morning, saab.. I smiled and held her from the back. Saab, thank you for all that you are doing for us. Your understanding is very helpful. As I held her tighter, my dick pressed into her ass crack. I turned her around and got my around hands to her buttocks and started to lift her. “So, are you ready to repay me ?”.. “Yes, Saab.. in any way I can”, came the reply. I looked into her eyes, and told her slowly, “let me have milk for breakfast, lovely lady..”. Saab, she instantly held my face “We have a lady who brings us milk, and I she has a lot of milk in her. Would you like to make love to her and drink milk, ? After her you can make love to me if you like”. “Wow, I would just love that. When does she come ?”.. “Saab, she will be here any minute, just sit on the sofa, I’ll bring her to you. Ask her if she will feed you her milk”.

I kissed her with a lot more tongue and walked to the sofa. The elder sister was sitting on it, I sat next to her and lied down on her lap. She looked down and started to caress my hair, I slowly, unbuttoned her blouse, and took one boob out and started to suck. She started to focus on me, and slowly took out her other boob too, and offered it to me.


The door bell rang, and she shook, and started to button her blouse, but I opened it again and started to suck harder. Saab, the milk lady has come.. I looked up and said, its ok, I want her to see me suck your boobs. She smiled and started to caress my hair again.

As the milk lady walked in, I stopped sucking, and looked at her. Hi, I am very happy to meet you. I have heard a lot about you. “Saab, namaste.. What can I do for you”.. “I want to drink your milk, if you let me. I promise to only drink milk, and do nothing else, unless you want to.”. “Its ok, saab, I have milk for you”. “So, I can make love to you ?, wow thats great”. Lets go to the bedroom.

As we walked to the bedroom, I watched her ass. It was round, lovely and just tight. I instantly thought that I should fuck her in the ass. As she sat down, I got her to stand up, I sat down and put my knees in between hers, signally her to spread her knees and sit around me. As she came on the bed, I pulled her saree down and started to kiss her cleavage. It was huge just huge. I got so lost in licking her cleavage that I forgot that she had milk in them.

I started from top of her neck and went all the down her cleavage to lick and kiss it. As I went lower, I kept opening a button. I realized that she did not wear any under garments, so my rod was only prevented entry by her dress, I slowly removed her dress from between us and looked up her eyes, I held my rod and slowly she lifted herself. I positioned and as I looked into her eyes, she kept coming down.

After there was no more place between us, I started to part her blouse and suck her left nipple, milk started to pour in. I held on to her left boob and continued to suck. She was moaning, and as I sucked her I told her, “when you are ready and need to be pumped really hard let me know”.. “Saab, yes.. yes.. anytime you are ready saab.. “.. “Oh, I need more time to love and drink milk from your right breast. “Ok saab, do as you please, you suck real nicely saab, thankyou.” I continued my focus on her nipples and sucked it really hard. I started to now move to her right boob, and I noticed her nipple was ROCK solid. All it needed was a hard bite and suck.

So I gave it all the attention. I sucked milk right out of her boobs. As she continued to moan, “oh saab, oh saab,.. its so nice.. please bite me harder.. She all of a sudden started to cum, she was moaning very loudly now. And she collapsed on me. I was left a bit surprised since I had not pumped her as yet. She almost fainted on me. I rolled over and let her sleep. I slowly took my erect rod out of her and put a blanket on her for her to sleep awap.

Bit unsatisfied, I walked out of the room and noticed, only the younger sister was around. She was cleaning up the house. “Hello saab, want to have breakfast, are you hungry”.. “Yes, darling, I am hungry, very hungry”.. “What can I serve you, there is… “, before she could finish, “I am hungry for some love from you”, I carried her to the sofa. “Saab, please.. I am not ready”.. “but I need it really badly, I want to make love to you, hard and fast”.. “Saab, please I want to make gentle love, can you please spend time with me after you are done making rough love, I want to be held by you, and sucked. You suck boobs very nicely, my boobs wont get bigger if you only fuck me, I also need you to suck me for a long time”.. “Yes, I promised to spend time with you”. And my lips went on her lips and we started to kiss. I pulled down her night pant and panty, and laid her on the sofa. I got on her and her. She moaned a bit, and pulled her top off, and started to make her nipples pointy so that I get attracted to that. But after the milk lady session, I was in no mood, I just wanted to pump, so I started and really hard. I was pumping her as she was “shouting, saab, harder”.. “more saab”.. “pump me harder saab, ahhh”..

She was shouting and moaning, as I pumped inside her she held her legs around me as she screamed to moan. I held on to her and we rolled off the sofa, and she was now on top and we were kissing. We lay there and her mom and elder sister came back, we did not stop, we continued to kiss. I carried her back to my bedroom and laid her next to the milk lady, she stared into my eyes, as I lowered myself back on her, and started to enter her again. “Oh,, oh saab.. oh saab… oh saab.. ahhh.. ahhh”, as I pumped her again. This time I pumped her for really long, while kiss her and her boobs flat on my chest. As I pumped her, my hands were sometimes on her boobs and sometimes on her buttocks helping her push herself to me as I pumped.

I came again into her. And this time we continued to kiss for a 1/2 hour. The milk lady got up and slowly got her lips to me as I was kissing, and started to kiss me too. I broke and kissed her good bye. She left, I told her to come back again.

I was still joined to the younger sister. And started to caress her hair. We spoke for a while, joined. And she told me that I still had to have breakfast. I am very hungry now, lets go. I put up a night gown and we walked out together. My hands still on her ass.

“My god, you wont leave her at all, said her mother”. “Yes, I love her ass”.. How will she serve you with your finger in her cunt, said her mom. “Well, you come here, and I’ll leave her”.. her mom started to walk towards me, I sat on the breakfast table chair. Her mom sat on me, and I had full assess to her boobs from back. So as I ate breakfast, I was pumping her boobs all the time. As soon as I finished she turned around and sat on my lap, and we started to kiss. I carried her to the ground right there, pulled down her panty and entered her. She was shouting, ahh.. And I was just pumping the hell out of her. We lay in the ground till afternoon, joined in each others arms. As I woke up I pumped myself back into her. It was a great feeling, on the carpet as we woke up.

I dragged her to the bedroom sleepy and we were into each others arms again, I slowly entered her and we went back to sleep while kissing. I woke up earlier to her, and moved her under me, while she was sleeping and started to pump. She hardly knew what was happening, I was enjoying it, pumping her was like great. I held her hands over her head, and her boobs stood up. Really taut nipples. As I pumped, I was enjoying the power of doing as I please with her.

I came inside her and went to sleep over her.

After I woke up, my mate was ready to take me out to a special place. I wondered, but did not want to break the suspense she wanted me to have. She had a scarf around her head and all around her front body covering her boobs nicely. I looked at her and asked her “why cover such lovely boobs, and now your nipples are pointing out, you should let people look at you a bit”. She responded “Well, I have covered it for a special reason, you will understand and appreciate in a while, come lets go.”. So I nodded and started to walk, to my surprise she had a 2 wheeler and I had to sit behind. She sat and adjusted her scarf and started to drive. After about 1/2 hour, I started to get a bit horny so I dug myself into her and hugged her. This is when I realized the value of a long scarf she wore and the front buttoned blouse she wore. My hands got busy and I had her boobs in my hands without people coming to know what I was up to. I was also able to my hands inside her blouse and touch her tight nipples. She turned around and said “so now you know the value of a good long scarf”. I nodded and continued to honk her boobs.

We took a break at a hotel close by, and ordered lunch. She said she had to take a break, and winked at me. I thought to myself, “what the hell am I doing sitting here, let me follow her”. I followed her to the girls room and saw her sitting there on the basin with her panties in her hand, her scarf around her back and her boobs completely open, with just few buttons in the center open. I started to walk towards her, and unzipped my pants, as I reached her I guided my rod into her straight, and my lips went to her lips and my hands to her nipples. This was it, I pumped, pumped violently until I came in her, we continued to kiss and moved down to her boobs and started to SUCK very very hard.

We got ready and walked out for lunch, hands in hands. We had lunch and we kissed in between a few times. In a while her family joined us too. The hotel was a resort with a huge private lawn and a private beach.

We all walked together to the beach and found a private spot between trees and bush’s. As they lay the carpet and food stuff, they all sat first and followed. I guided myself to a lap, her elder sisters lap. She started to fondle my hair, and I started to unbutton her blouse, and slowly reveal her boobs in her bra, I pulled her bra down she bent a bit and stuck her nipple into my mouth. I started to suck. She had milk in them, I was sucking slowly. I moved my hand around until I could find her younger sisters hand. She held my hands and allowed me to guide them to my rod. She unzipped them, I held on to the younger sisters hair, while I was suck her elder sisters milk. And pushed her down to my rod. She put it in her mouth and started to suck it wildly. Elder sister was moaning like crazy as I completed milk in her right boob.

I saw their mother as I switched boobs to her left boob. This time I held on to her mom and called her into a embrace. She came, I moved my hands to her panty and started to pull, she got the idea and removed her panty. As I started to suck the elder sisters bigger left boob, she was moaning like crazy, I stuck my fingers into her mom’s hole. I started to get up, and lay myself on her mom, and slowly inserted myself into her. As I did that I noticed that both sisters started to kiss and finger fuck each other. The younger sister asked her if there was any milk left, she said yes, “My left boob has some, come drink little babe”. She opened her boob to her sister and they were both on each other, as I started to pump the mother. I started to kiss her passionately more lips than tongue. We kissed and pumped, french kissed and pumped REALLY HARD, she started to scream loudly, and I pumped even harder.

Since I had cum sometime back I was able to pump her longer and harder. We went on till about 25 mins, while taking a break to kiss passionately and finally she could not take it any more and wrapped her legs around me really hard and she was kissing me harder now, real harder now she was cumming really hard and she would not want me to move at all as I think I had hit her G spot really well. I continued to kiss her passionately and I had to pump a few times more, so while I tried, I practically lifted her a bit and fell on her just so that I can get my load off too. And as she was screaming, I too arched my back and came really hard. Finally she rested her legs around me, and we continued to kiss, we were kissing so much that the sisters were done and they went to play in the beach water. But we just could not stop, we kissed and kissed, infact this was the longest kiss ever. We were there for nearly an hour. The sisters came back, hand their snacks and we were kissing like hell.

We hand fallen for each other after that long beatiful fuck. We got up and started to go towards the hotel room, I told her that I wanted to fuck her all day, we agreed and excused ourself from the family. They all giggled at their mom. As we entered the hotel room, we took off all our clothes and got right into bed, with no clothes between us, I told her to turn around, and started to kiss her back and hug her from the back, slowly I got her to the corner of the bed held on to her boobs from the back and entered her doggy style, as I started to pump, I was also honking her boobs and nipples red. I kept pumping her, I guess all the energy came from the milk I just drank. I was pumping like a lion and she was like a sex starved woman just taking it all in. She was screaming loudly now and I came into her and fell on her, with my hand on her boobs. I got my self out of her and we got into bed again. This time to sleep into each others arms. We slept in a embrace with her boobs on my chest.

As I got up, she was getting dressed up. I asked her “Where are you going ?”, she replied, “going down to check on my daughters”. “Well, ok, but what will I do until then”. She gave me a wicked smile, and signaled to the housekeeping maid. “Really, have you spoken to her”. “Yes, she wants to have a bath with you”. I got up and walked to her, she was shaking violently, I decided, in my mind, “no mercy”. I started to remove her belt, and pulled her shirt out of her, and started to undress her, MAN, her boobs were so fresh and tight, they were standing out. I tweaked her nipples, got one finger into her hole, and realized, wow a virgin.

We were both naked, and I carried her to the bathroom where the shower was ready, and we started to kiss under the shower. I was pulling her towards me hard just to feel her boobs on my chest and press against it hard. Her nipples were so hard that they could hurt me. I picked her up and held her towards the wall. And we kissed, slowly I guided my rod into her (she started to kiss harder). I felt the block and I told myself that I will fuck her really hard today.

I asked her if she was in pain. She said no. I said “I’ll love you violently, after your pain is gone, so tell me when you pain is no more, ok ?”. “Sir, I love you, please kiss me more and take me to your bed. I carried her to the bed and stood at the corner, I was in her about 1 inch, and suddenly I fell with her on the bed completely inserting my rod in her in one go. She let out a loud scream and held on to me tight, she kept saying WOW, WOW, aahh aaaahhh, sir, I just love it. Please make love to me, pump me, pump me hard please. I love you. I did not pump and decided to make her wait as she shook really hard.

I went down to her tight nipples and started to suck them. WOW, what a WONDERFUL nipple she had, I was sucking it and sucking it as though milk was there. I was sucking it hard, and then I moved to the other boob and sucked that, all the while she was ahhh.. ahhh.. i love you… and she was pumping herself. I started to match her tempo of pump, as she pumped so did I, I pumped she pumped and it was harder. We were pumping nice and hard, and I was sucking her nipple. I did a bit of biting, and she said, “sir, its not paining, bite me really hard, its ok, I am loving it”. I started to bite really hard. As I bit her and pumped her I came into her. She too came really hard and I lay down and she was kissing me now, and she refused to get my rod out.

Sir, one more time please, I want more. I said ok, let me suck your nipples for more time until I am hard again. Sir, you don’t know, you are hard, I know you are inside me, I know. Ok, then this time you lead. She was anyway on me, and she started to jump hard on me. She was screaming as I tweaked her nipple, I got up and started to suck her boobs as she kept jumping.


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